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An Unofficial Patch for Legacy of The Dragonborn and Unslaad (by Vicn) Adding 83 quest and item displays (and a second floor) to the Vigilant room in the Museums Hall of Oddities, for the items and events of Unslaad.

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Please note this is an Unofficial patch if you need support please ask HERE, and do not pester the the LOTD team if you need help related to this mod leave a comment and I will attempt to help you to the best of my ability.

This patch adds 83 displays for a large number of items added by Unslaad (in addition to quest triggered dioramas) to the Dragonborn Gallery.  Located in the East Exhibits hall's hall of oddities sharing its space with the official Vigilant display patch.


While the majority of the displays are centered around the newly added spiral staircase, as well as a few on the new second floor (which is planned in time to house Glenmoril's display). A few have taken up residence in the cabinets with Vigilant items. Due to this and other reorganizing which was required to add in the staircase some of Vigilant's existing displays have moved. Because of this and general good modding practices, I do not recommend adding this patch partway through an existing game, while the moved Vigilant displays may update their positions if no item is currently displayed on them. I can not guarantee they will all function or update their positions correctly.

Book covers for the added books are included in the main file

An optional (but recommended) separate file replaces the duplicated Vanilla Dragon Priest masks with damaged burnt out powerless variants. (For compatibility, balance and lore reasons)


Recommended (Unless you Speak Japanese I guess)

General Good Modding Practice 

There is not such thing as a clean save (sorry to break this to you) once you click new game to positions id's scrips ect are baked into your save file. Changing or re-sorting you load order or adding additional plugins will mean information will not be where Skyrim expects it to be when it looks for it, causing all sorts of problems down the line and inevitably will cause your save to fail many hours  earlier.

In addition if you want to have a stable long lasting play through, I'm afraid your going to have to do conflict resolution on your load order. Running loot, creating a bash patch etc is just the first step in that process not the end goal.


You 'should' have no issues updating this mod when new versions release, If a new game is required I will say. But be Forewarned that depending what updates are needed for any future versions of Unslaad, a new game may be necessary.