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A collection of RedBag's Solitude patches, mostly aiming at combining several mods together with Open Cities. I have also included a couple of multi-way patches for the closed-city version that I felt were missing.

Permissions and credits
Ever wanted to combine the Open Cities version of RedBag's Solitude with JK's Skyrim and Dawn of Skyrim? No patch existed until I made one, so here is the result. On top of this, I have made patches between these and several other mods affeting the Solitude exterior, such as Solitude Docks and Legacy of the Dragonborn, and also a couple of Open Cities patches that do not depend on JK's Skyrim and Dawn of Skyrim. Moreover, I noticed that a couple of patches were missing for the non-Open Cities version of RedBag's Solitude, so I have included those as well.

List of patches included in this collection:

Non-Open Cities patches:
  • Realistic Boat Bobbing (resolves conflicts and adds bobbing to a few of the rowboats)
  • Realistic Boat Bobbing + Solitude Docks (conflict resolution for the patach above)
  • Skyrim 3D Rocks (adjusts positions of some rocks)
  • Skyrim 3D Rocks + JK's Temple of the Divines (adjusts positions of some more rocks)
  • Seasonal Landscapes (swaps moss on buildings to Seasonal Landscapes' variants during autumn)
  • Solitude Docks + Fishing (Creation Club) (moves a couple of fish pools away from the expanded docks)
  • JK's Skyrim + AI Overhaul (moves a couple of AI markers)
  • JK's Skyrim + Skyrim 3D Rocks (moves a badly bleeding rock from RedBag's Solitude)
  • JK's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim + Blowing in the Wind (conflict resolution)
  • JK's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim + Storefront (moves the market stand to another location)
  • JK's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim + Legacy of the Dragonborn + Skyrim Sewers + JK's Temple of the Divines + JK's Blue Palace + Blue Palace Terrace + Imperial Mail (combined navmesh patch. If you want this without Blue Palace Terrace and Imperial Mail, get the patch from version 1.6)

Standalone Open Cities patches
  • AI Overhaul (moves a couple of AI markers, and adds a new one)
  • JK's Castle Dour (navmesh conflict patch)
  • JK's Temple of the Divines (makes room for the terrace and modifies the navmesh)
  • Landscape and Water Fixes (removes some rocks that got bad placement with RedBag's Solitude)
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn (makes room for the museum and modifies the navmesh)
  • Skyrim 3D Rocks (OCS version of the patch above)
  • Skyrim 3D Rocks + JK's Temple of the Divines (OCS version of the patch above)
  • Solitude Docks + Books of Skyrim (light-weight version of Domenicus' Another Open Urban Solitude)
  • JK's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim (base patch for the mods below)

JK's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim Open Cities patches
  • AI Overhaul (moves a couple of AI markers; conflict resolution)
  • Bells of Skyrim (moves the bell to fit RedBag's worldspace changes)
  • Blowing in the Wind (conflict resolution)
  • ezPG (conflict resolution on one record, see note in the Comments section)
  • Storefront (Open Cities version of the closed-city version above)
  • Solitude Docks + Books of Skyrim + Legacy of the Dragonborn + Skyrim Sewers + JK's Temple of the Divines + JK's Blue Palace + JK's The Winking Skeever + JK's The Bards College + Blue Palace Terrace + Imperial Mail (combined navmesh and conflict resolution patch. If you want this without Blue Palace Terrace and Imperial Mail, get the patch from version 1.6)

  • The patches are currently built for version 1.41 of RedBag's Solitude. Due to the scope of the 1.5 update, most of the patches here are incompatible with it. The exceptions should be the patches for AI Overhaul, Fishing, and Realistic Boat Bobbing (provided that their dependencies are up-to-date). I will update the mod as soon as I can, but not until all the patches this collection is built upon are up-to-date. As far I understand, that may still take a while, so please be patient.
  • I am aware the combined navmesh patches are probably not very useful for most players, but since I need them for my own build, I provide them anyway for those few that would use them. Given the number of conflicting patches in Solitude, it would take way too much time for me to create patches for subsets of the mods. However, I can provide tips on how to make your own.
  • The Fishing patch would work fine with RedBag's Solitude on its own, but you would need to edit the cell data in SSEEdit.
  • ezPG makes edits to a record that is very prone to conflicts, namely the door to the Solitude Throne Room, and I get the impression they are not anything that can be ignored. I could create a dedicated patch page only to deal with this conflict, but that is not anything I am particularly eager to do. I provided a patch here for RedBag's Solitude + Open Cities + JK's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim just because I had it hand, but if you are using both ezPG and RedBag's Solitude combined with virtually any other mod, you will need to create your own patch. The FormIDs to look for are 00037F3D if you are not using Open Cities, and 0x00C652~Open Cities Skyrim.esp if you are.
  • I created the Solitude Docks + Books of Skyrim patch to be able to incorporate some features from Another Open Urban Solitude without having to make too drastic changes to my existing build. My patch is based on Domenicus' work. This is essentially a patch between Open Cities and RedBag's Solitude Docks updated, which also includes a new placement for the bookstore from Books of Skyrim. If you are only using these mods, you may want to get Domenicus' version instead (but bear in mind that there are fixes in my mod not included in his), but if you want to include other mods from this collection, you would need mine. Regarding the house for sale, I am using an adaptation of Domenicus house script, and that is the only way to get it also in the update for Solitude Docks version 3. The reason is that I preferred that solution from buying the house key from Isabela.
  • Patches for only JK's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim are available for some of the mods here: JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim Open Cities patches.

Performance for the Open Cities version is decent, but you will clearly benefit from a graphics card with a lot of VRAM. At first, I was using a Radeon R9 380 with 4GB VRAM, but then I experienced stuttering in some areas, in particular with the JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim patch. After upgrading to a 3060 RTX with 12GB VRAM, the stuttering is essentially gone. My CPU is an overclocked quad-core i5 4690K. Regardless of which rig you are using, I recommend using my Open Cities optimisation additions file included in Jonado's Open Cities patches for a slight performance boost. If experiencing stuttering, do not try to access the map, since that may cause CTDs.

The Open Cities patches are not compatible with any of the standalone JK's Skyrim or Dawn of Skyrim Open Cities patches (just as for my other Open Cities mods).

If only using a subset of the mods included in the combined navmesh patches, it is likely that you need to create your own patch for them to work together with RedBag's Solitude. RedBag's Solitude Docks Updated will also not be compatible with the Open Cities on its own, but it should not require too much work to remove Books of Skyrim from the patch.

Apart from this, the patches should all be mutually compatible, and also with my other Open Cities mods.

I have provided my own patch for the JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim - Legacy of the Dragonborn combination, since I somehow missed that Czasior had uploaded such a patch on the JK's RedBag's Solitude page. Therefore, the combined navmesh patches here depend on my version, and are NOT compatible with Czasior's version.

The FOMOD installer should be self-explanatory, but there are a few caveats:
  • RedBag's Open Cities file is quite dirty, so I recommend cleaning it with SSEEdit. It also contains deleted navmeshes, which are known to cause CTDs. These require manual cleaning. There are guides for how to do that, but feel free to ask me if you need help.
  • The Solitude Docks + Books of Skyrim patch requires assets from Another Urban Open Solitude. DO NOT INSTALL THE .ESP FILES INCLUDED IN THAT MOD - those are not compatible with the patches included here.

Load order
I am using the following load order for my own build, and recommend other players to do the same (in some cases it is important, in other cases not):

  • Landscape and Water Fixes.esp
  • LegacyoftheDragonborn.esm
  • Blowing in the Wind SSE.esp
  • Realistic Boat Bobbing.esp
  • JKs Skyrim.esp
  • AI Overhaul.esp
  • JKs Skyrim - Rob's Bug Fixes.esp
  • Dawn of Skyrim.esp
  • BluePalaceTerrace.esp
  • JK's The Bards College.esp
  • JK's Castle Dour.esp
  • JK's Blue Palace.esp
  • JK's The Winking Skeever.esp
  • JK's Temple of the Divines.esp
  • SkyrimSewers.esp
  • Bells of Skyrim.esp
  • JKs Skyrim_Dawn of Skyrim_Patch.esp
  • Blowing in the Wind - JKS_DoS_Patch.esp
  • Dawn of Skyrim-AI Overhaul Patch.esp
  • Storefront.esp
  • Bells of Skyrim - JKS + DoS Patch.esp
  • JKS_DoS_Storefront_Patch.esp
  • DBM_JKSkyrim_DawnOfSkyrimDC_Patch.esp
  • JKs BPT - JKs Skyrim patch.esp
  • BluePalaceTerrace-Dawn of Skyrim-Patch.esp
  • BooksOfSkyrim.esp
  • RedBag's Solitude.esp
  • Solitude Docks.esp
  • BluePalaceTerrace-LegacyOfTheDragonborn-Patch.esp
  • BluePalaceTerrace-LotD-Patch - Fixes.esp
  • S3DRocks.esp
  • ImperialMail.esp
  • JKs BPT - Imperial Mail patch.esp
  • RedBag's Solitude - S3DRocks patch.esp
  • RBB - RedBag's Solitude patch.esp
  • Redbag's Solitude Docks Updated.esp
  • JKs Temple of the Divines - RedBag's Solitude patch.esp
  • DBM_RedbagsSolitude_Patch.esp
  • Redbag's Solitude Docks Updated - Skyrim Sewers patch.esp
  • DBM_JKBluePalace_Patch.esp
  • JKs BPT - LOTD patch.esp
  • JKs Blue Palace - JKs Skyrim - LOTD Patch.esp
  • JK's RedBag's Solitude.esp
  • JK's Redbag's Solitude - Dawn of Skyrim patch.esp
  • JK's Redbag's Solitude - DoS + LOTD patch.esp
  • JKs BPT - Skyrim Sewers patch.esp
  • JKs BPT - Imperial Mail - SSewers patch.esp
  • JK's Redbag's Solitude - Bells of Skyrim patch.esp
  • Storefront - Redbag_JK_DoS_Patch.esp
  • JK's Redbag Solitude - DBM_DoS_Sewers_Divines_Blue Palace patch.esp
  • JK's Redbag Solitude - Blowing in the Wind patch.esp
  • RedBag's Solitude - AI Overhaul patch.esp
  • JK's Redbag's Solitude - AIO patch.esp
  • RedBag_Divine_S3DRocks_patch.esp
  • JK's RedBag's Solitude - S3DRocks patch.esp
  • JKs Bards College - Skyrim Sewers patch.esp
  • Fishing - Redbag's Solitude Docks patch.esp
  • RBB - RedBag's Solitude Docks patch.esp
  • Open Cities Skyrim.esp
  • OCS + LOTD5 Patch.esp
  • AIOHisyOCS.esp
  • OCS + Skyrim Sewers.esp
  • Bells of Skyrim - OCS Patch.esp
  • JK - DoS - OCS Patch.esp
  • Food Display Markers - OCS patch.esp
  • Blowing in the Wind - JK_DoS_OCS Patch.esp
  • Open Cities - RedBag's Solitude Patch.esp
  • Redbag's Solitude Docks Updated - tweaks.esp
  • JK's The Temple of the Divines Open Cities Patch.esp
  • JK's Temple of the Divines - Redbag_OCS patch.esp
  • AIO_JK_DoS_OCS_Patch.esp
  • DBM_Redbag_OCS_Patch.esp
  • Bells - JK_DoS_OCS Patch.esp
  • JK's Blue Palace OCS Patch.esp
  • DBM_JK_DoS_OCS_Patch.esp
  • BluePalaceTerrace-OCS-patch.esp
  • BluePalaceTerrace_JK_DoS_OCS_patch.esp
  • BluePalaceTerrace_LotD_OCS_patch.esp
  • JK's Blue Palace Terrace - OCS patch.esp
  • Storefront - JKS_DoS_OCS Patch.esp
  • RedBag's Solitude - JK_DoS_OCS patch.esp
  • Storefront - Redbag_JK_DoS_OCS_Patch.esp
  • JK's Redbag's Solitude - Bells_OCS patch.esp
  • Open Cities - JK's The Bards College Patch.esp
  • ´╗┐Redbag's Solitude - AIO_OCS patch.esp
  • JK's Redbag's Solitude - AIO_OCS patch.esp
  • JK's Winking Skeever OCS Patch.esp
  • Blowing in the Wind - Redbag_JK_DoS_OCS patch.esp
  • JK's Blue Palace - JK_DoS_LOTD_OCS patch.esp
  • ImperialMail-OpenCitiesSkyrim-Patch.esp
  • JK's BPT - Imperial Mail_OCS patch.esp
  • OCS optimisation additions.esp
  • Open Cities - JK's Castle Dour Patch.esp
  • RedBag_S3DRocks_OCS_patch.esp
  • Redbag_JK_DoS_OCS - S3DRocks patch.esp
  • JK's Castle Dour - RedBag's Solitude - OCS patch.esp
  • RedBag's Solitude - OCS - LaWF patch.esp
  • Divines_RedBag_S3DRocks_OCS_patch.esp
  • RealisticWaterTwo - Open Cities Patch.esp
  • DBM_Redbag_JK_DoS_Sewers_JK's Interiors_OCS_Patch.esp

The provided modgroup files should assist further with the load ordering.

My other Open Cities projects

Special thanks to hishutup´╗┐ for the Open Cities patch script - without it making these patches would not be possible.