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Replaces the iconic Skyrim intro screen with a rotating Dragonborn Gallery icon, flame backdrop and custom music. Offer several icon color styles to choose from.

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Sick of seeing and hearing the same old theme at the start of Skyrim? Do you no longer play Skyrim but instead play Legacy of the Dragonborn? Hell, maybe you don't even play Legacy but you think this opening screen is awesome.

Whatever your rationale, this simple addon will refresh your intro screen and make it feel new for awhile.

Please Note: The fire replacer will make all loading screens have the fire effect. If you do not want this, then simply delete the file: intmenufogparticles.nif from Meshes/Interface

Installation and Removal:

  • If using a mod organizer like MO2 or Vortex; simply run the FOMOD installer and choose which version of the icon you want.
  • Otherwise simply install via your mod management program or drag and drop the files into your /Data folder
  • Inside Meshes/Interface/LOTDLogos you will find folders with the alternate color versions of the logo. Copy the one you want and paste it into Meshes/Interface/Logo and overwrite any file there. 
  • If you are using NMM or installing manually and have extracted all your Skyrim BSA files, make sure to back up files before overwriting. (this mod only overwrites the logo and the main intro theme music, both will return to default if you delete the loose files from this mod).

Icecreamassassin - Dragonborn Gallery 3D logo
Tyler Will - Intro music
Brumbek - for use of his spinning Skyrim logo I hooked mine up to
Pickysaurus - FOMOD installer

Feel free to use this as a basis for any other load screen rework and credit others when appropriate but please only use the Dragonborn Gallery logo for Legacy related addons and patches. The music however is reserved and not available for use.