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Provides consistency with Legacy of the Dragonborn's Moon and Star patch while optionally integrating the various Morrowind-themed Creation Club items into Moon and Star.

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Inspired by Moon and Star - Creation Club Consistency and Immersion Tweaks, I've decided to overhaul this simple replacer into a full integration and consistency mod, with additional tweaks for Legacy of the Dragonborn. Now includes a version without the Creation Club requirements!

Legacy of the Dragonborn-specific Changes:

The Keening, Sunder, and Wraithguard replicas in Kagrenar are replaced with Legacy's replicas (that you normally need to craft).

Other Changes:

Mandyn Hlaalu wears Chitin armor with no helmet.
Morag Tong Assassin wears Morag Tong Assassin armor.
The Dunmer villagers (except Selyse) wear Dunmer robes.

Creation Club Version Changes:

The Nerevarine wears a full set of Indoril Ordinator armor from Ghost of the Tribunal.
The MAS Sunder and Wraithguard replicas also have the CC models in addition to the above LotD specific change.
The MAS versions of Trueflame and Hopesfire have the CC models, stats, and enchantments, yet are not obtainable.
Bal-Ran wears Netch Lether armor with no helmet


Moon and Star (the Cleaned Plugin Replacer is also strongly recommended)
Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE

CREATION CLUB REQUIREMENTS (if using that version):

Ghosts of the Tribunal
Netch Leather
Sunder and Wraithguard


GTheGenerous for inspiring the overhaul and some of the integration