Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A city overhaul for each of the five major holds, new and improved for SE.

Permissions and credits
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  • French

**Non-SSE version can be found here.**
Special thanks to Lykann, Shocklizard, and Teabag86 for their hard work providing patches and updates.

Dawn of Skyrim is a script-free overhaul of each of Skyrim five major cities (Whiterun, Windhelm, Riften, Solitude, and Markarth). It features new interior locations including temples, houses, and shops that are fully integrated into the radiant quest system (including the Thieves Guild quests). New NPCs sell new lore-friendly items and have detailed schedules.
*For further descriptions, please check out the screenshots!*


Before installing, please make sure that any existing files from any other versions of Dawn of Skyrim are completely uninstalled from your Data folder.

Install as normal via MO2 or Vortex.

If you install on an existing save and find that some vanilla items have not updated their position (this often occurs in Solitude), please use the pcb command to reset the cells.

In addition to Sigils of Skyrim, I recommend the following city textures (not pictured in screenshots becuase I'm too lazy to update them):
Illustrious Whiterun SE
Epic Gate of Whiterun SE
Pompous Dragonsreach Door SE
Windhelm by CleverCharff 4K 2K
Marvelous Windhelm Door Replacer SE
Marvelous Windhelm Gate SE
Riften in High Definition
Magnificent Riften Door Replacer SE
Magnificent Riften Mistveil Keep Door SE
HQ Solitude
Glorious Solitude Door Replacer SE
Glorious Solitude Door SE
CleverCharff's Markarth and Dwemer Ruins 4K 2K (with Black Stone Option)

The 1.5 update fixes the name of the .esp.  Please do NOT update to this version mid-game or if using compatibility patches that look for the old .esp name as a master file.  1.5 does not add any new features, but any potential future updates will keep the new .esp name.


Q: How much will this impact performance?
A: Your performance depends on a lot of factors and the impact of this mod will vary greatly depending on your rig and other mods. Thanks to the SE engine update, this mod has a lesser impact on performance than it does in LE.

Q: If I send you my specs / mod list can you tell me what my performance impact will be?
A: No. You'll have to test things for yourself. That's just a part of modding. Sorry.

Q: Will you release this for consoles?
A: No, and no you can't port it.

Q: Will you make a patch for / a version without ___ ?
A: Nope! But if you want to make a patch for something, please feel free. I am happy to host patches on this page, and you are welcome to upload patches yourself provided my original mod is required. If you make a patch, let me know so I can provide a link!

Q: Will you make a version of just individual cities?
A: No.

Q: Is this mod compatible with ___?
A: Please refer to the list in the section below. If it is not listed, I don't know.


**Please note that compatibility patches for Dawn of Skyrim (Original Collection) will not be compatible with this version!**

Fully Compatible:
Books of Skyrim
Elianora's Breezehome
Inconsequential NPCs
Legacy of the Dragonborn
Skyrim Radioactive
Skyrim Sewers 4
Snowy AF Windhelm
Towns and Villages Enhanced - Villages
Useless Shop and Interior Overhaul
Whiterun Outskirts Market

Compatible with Patches:
Holidays (see files tab)
JK's Skyrim
Open Cities
Realistic Needs & Diseases
Northern Bathhouses
Storefront (see files tab)
Wind Districe Breezehome SSE
Wind District Breezehome - Reborn

Partially Compatible:
ELFX - minor lighting conflicts in Riften/Windhelm
Nernies Thief Pack - few overlapping structures, easily disabled
RLO - Major City Exteriors
Simply Knock - my new doors don't have knock option
SOS Springtime Overhaul

Nernies City and Village Expansion
Solitude Reborn