Skyrim Special Edition

Please ensure you have the latest Legacy update (following any instructions, if listed, in the change log) and the latest Legacy patches installed.  Also, please check the most current entry in the change log for issues being fixed in the next update.  You may find your issue is going to be addressed!

Don't forget to check the Patches FAQ for patch-related issues.

Quests and other events aren't starting (airship, heist quest. haunted museum, courier, etc)
First if you have Inigo installed, that is your likely culprit. Follow the spoiler steps below to fix the problem in xEdit. The issue is that a story manager event has not been properly flagged and is acting as a gate keeper to other mods that use the same event in certain circumstances. if you don't use Inigo, review these steps and find any similar event problem in other loaded mods.

When directed to start a new game I just use a clean save from very early in the game.
Do not do that. There is no such thing as an early game "clean save". As soon as you begin a new game, every mod in your load order that has scripts and persistent records is baked into your save. A core native function called OnInit fires across all scripts and saves data to your game. This happens as soon as you hit new game, and therefore is already baked in before you even have the option to make a save. Those burned in records cannot be undone/redone/upgraded, so the early game "clean save" is anything but clean. New game always means from the new game button on the main menu.

There is no bug report tab
All potential issues should be treated like a support issue not a bug report. 95% of the time the issue has to do with conflicts or end-user error, and not an actual bug.  Rather than weeding out the bug tab all the time, we will approach reports like a support issue. If the report turns out to be a valid bug we need to look into, we'll post the issue to our GitLab ticket tracking system and indicate the issue as being resolved in the next version's changelog page, which will be updated as we make fixes for the next version to reflect what has been changed/fixed.

I'm using a guide/modpack/collection and I have questions/problems...
Then you will have to take any game issues up with the maker(s) of the guide.  The Legacy team doesn't at all dislike the guides themselves or the folks who use them, it's simply that such setups add a layer (or more) of complexity beyond supporting Legacy and it's patches, which is challenging enough already.  Also the folks involved with any given guide understand their configurations far better than the Legacy team ever could, so when issues surface (whether you believe them to be Legacy-related or not) please take them up with them.

I notice I cannot use "Download with Manager" from Nexus?
Downloading with a Mod Manager has been DISABLED for Legacy due to in-app downloading breaking the BSA fairly often (which is often true of large mods in general, not just Legacy). You must manually download the mod and THEN install via your mod manager.  Do NOT unzip the archive; choose the "Install from File" menu option, point to where you downloaded the Legacy archive to, and let your mod manager handle it.  Note: occasionally the file may lose its extension during download and appear as a blank page.  The cause has not been determined, but appears to happen more often on Firefox (but not always).  You may either try a different browser, or simply add the extension to the file.

I use a translated version of the mod and/or patches
Since the various translations of Legacy or the official patches are a bit beyond the team's control, we may only be of limited help to resolve issues. You should first contact the team that performed your translation, since they may be of more assistance.  If you do ask for help here or on the Patches Page, please make sure to let people know you are using a translation before asking your question. 

Do you offer support for non-SSE mods?
Any mod which has not been officially ported to SE will not get any support until the author either converts it or authorizes a port

Legacy on Xbox
An Xbox version is now being supported and curated by Rhaella. All support questions should be directed to the Xbox support channel on our Discord server, where Rhaella will be managing the support. No support for the Xbox port of Legacy will be given here on Nexus.

What about a High Resolution Texture Pack?
The textures in Legacy v5 are generally of higher quality than they were in base v4.  There are no plans to create a High Resolution Texture Pack for v5.

Can I request a patch for a mod not currently supported or a new feature be added?
We are not currently accepting any suggestions or requests for patches or features at this time. We have a 3rd party patch review process on the Official Patch Central page which covers submitting patches for use in the Legacy FOMOD as well as 3rd party official support patches for potential museum display space, all of which is covered on the patch central page.

I'm planning on loading every mod that adds a display so I can fill the museum!
While it's certainly true you can try to do this, consider two things first to maybe save yourself some potential heartache.  First, adding lots of material also greatly increases the chances for conflicts in your game.  Second, all Skyrim saves corrupt over time (including straight vanilla) and this will be more pronounced when adding lots of mods.  It is still very possible to add lots of mods and have a stable game over time, but you will need to do a lot more conflict resolution (CR) up front.  For general gameplay, it comes down to your sweet-spot of how much CR you are willing to do versus how much instability in your game are you willing to put up with.  But for a full museum, it means being really thorough curating your load order and doing CR (think weeks or even months, not hours) or your save won't last long enough.

The "Ancient Power" journal for gathering the vampire parts (dawnguard side) isn't there.
You have a conflicting mod such as Inigo which has not set up their story manager events correctly and a patch will have to be made. This quest functions 100% properly and there is no fix inside Legacy that can or needs to be done, the conflicting mod in your load order needs to be identified and corrected by making their event manager events all flagged as "Share event" so that other story manager controlled quests can still run their checks and fire even if the offending mod's event doesn't pass.

Steps to troubleshoot:


console: PRID XX0854C7 (replace XX with your legacy load order index)

book should be at your feet. If it's not then you 100% have a mod that has hijacked the change location event system and MANY things from Legacy and other mods will fail to ever work because of it

Temple of Trinimac -  Tulrin Deathweaver never orders his Falmer to attack and the quest will not progress
This appears to be some sort of vanilla issue that rarely occurs but has not yet been identified.  The issue occurs when the explorers and player (with player controls locked) are present for a scene where Tulrim appears above on the cliff opposite the temple, gives a speech and orders his falmer to attack.  On rare occasions, the lines never get spoken and the scene will not progress.   Console setstage DBM_Excavation03A 165 to continue.

Trial of Trinimac - I'm trying to get to the temple but there is no dig marker and quest won't progress
Try first to reload an earlier game and wait for all explorers to be with you before entering the tunnel section near the end. A scene should fire when approaching it. If it doesn't console SETSTAGE DBM_EXCAVATION03A 205. If that doesn't fire it, setstage 210 to continue.

In "Night at the museum" I place the ladder but the objective doesn't update.
Every stage of the quest gives you 1 in game hour to find the objective (the receipt in this case) before updating to show you where it is. Just keep looking.

I am starting a new game on the most current version, but I'm getting an error screen about updating to 5.5.3
This is from an earlier version of Legacy and was designed as a safeguard to avoid breaking a quest.  It can be safely ignored and will be fixed in a future update.

Displays have fallen to the floor and after picking them up they no longer display.
You have a missing or broken DBM_DynamicDisplayScript in your save or it is missing from your install or overwritten improperly by an unauthorized 3rd party version or older pre V5 version. Verify your installation is intact and you do not have old files left from older versions. If you have added or removed mods and changed your load order mid game, that is likely the cause of this breaking because that can break script properties and there is no fixing this.

What's with the raised buttons in the hall of heroes?
The only clue I give is "The solution lies with the keeper of secrets." And that the entirety of the puzzle is in the hall of heroes cell.

Where is the Hall of Secrets?
It's a secret :)
It is still accessible through the Dragonborn Hall though.

Merging Legacy patches
Merging of the Legacy patches is not supported by the Legacy team.  The patches provided on the patch page are ESL-flagged ESPs and do not count toward your regular plugin limit, so there is really no compelling reason to merge them (unless you use Skyrim VR, but we don't support Skyrim VR).  Moreover, updating patches and then re-merging will re-roll the FormIDs, thus corrupting your save game.  Even users wanting to use Mator Smash can use RAB Smash Splitter to circumvent the 254 limit.  If you have received direction to merge patches from a guide or tutorial, and have done so, please refer to them for further support, as we will not be providing it here.

The workbench to build the Guildhouse is invisible/missing
During the quest 'Room With A View', the quest will target a workbench but sometimes fails to enable it.  This appears to be a conflict of some sort with one or more mods but has not yet been identified.
Solution: Open the console:
Type "PRID XX13D962" (without the quotes and replace XX with legacy's index in your load order) and hit enter.
Type "ENABLE" (again without the quotes) and hit enter.  Close the console.

Auryen won't talk to me or doesn't offer dialogue options I expect
This can be from a game mechanic or a conflict.  If there are active explorer guild or museum quests, you may need to finish any quests before Auryen will have the correct dialogue with you.  Also, read the instructions and make sure you have updated ALL of your patches and add-ons including the Relic Hunter Guildmaster start add-on.  Note: if you upgrade the Relic Hunter Guildmaster start mod on an existing game, you will have to start over, since scripted information baked into your save is incompatible.

Auryen force greets me but doesn't start any topics
There is a 2 minute start up sequence before Auryen's dialog will properly function. If you cheat or rush unreasonably fast to the museum, he won't properly greet you. Even using the Live Another Life dock start at Solitude you are hard pressed to make it up to the museum in under 2 minutes, so slow down.

For the radiant quests Finder's Keepers and Research Project - can't get to the item
Issue: Auryen or the research station sends you to find an artifact and it's inside a wall, quest locked area, or otherwise unobtainable.
Reason: the radiant system checks for museum displayable items (from the base game and the mods you have loaded) that have not yet been turned in; it cannot distinguish what you can and can't get to, only what you don't have.  Tip: while you may certainly use these features anytime in your game, it is often suggested to leave their use until late game to fill in holes in your collection and when everything is more opened up.
Solution: Figure out how to get there WITHOUT using the console. Ask around, investigate, come back when you have the quest that leads you into that area.  If you want to abort the quest and it was given via Finders Keepers, tell Auryen you are having issues finding it and he'll send you after something else. Please note that doesn't mean the original item is removed; it still exists for finding later.  If you want to abort the quest and it was given via Research Project, you will have to roll back to a save before you got the quest.  Tip: if you wish to use the research station, create a save right before you activate it.  That way it's easy to re-roll the encounter if need be.

For the radiant quests Finder's Keepers and Research Project - no map marker
Issue: Auryen or the research station sends you to find an artifact and there is no map marker.
Reason: the item is a worldspace other than Skyrim, such as Solstheim.  The marker will show up on the map when you are in the proper world space.

I just became Thane of a hold and was not given the Thane weapon
(for instance Whiterun and not getting the Greatsword of Whiterun)

Although unresolved conflicts can cause this, the most common cause is that you have not leveled up at least once.  Legacy requires you to be at least level one before becoming Thane so the script will run to give you the appropriate reward. 

Shattered Legacy: Herald of Akatosh issues
Issue: You enter the sanctuary but the Herald of Akatosh just flies around and/or won't talk with you. 
Solution: Make sure you are not still engaged in combat when you enter the sanctuary (if you still hear combat music before entering the sanctuary you are still in combat even if you do not see an enemy).  Also make sure that you are running the current version of Legacy and that you have properly cleaned all scripts identified in the changlelog between versions if you upgraded on a game in progress (and that the save game you clean is from BEFORE you tried entering the sanctuary).

Dev Aveza: Rakis remains standing on the dock
Under certain conditions, Rakis will remain standing on the dock indefinitely after giving you the airship.  This is caused by an undetermined mod conflict.  You can safely disable him with the console to make him go away.

Dev Aveza: Airship is stuck away from its dock and can't be used (often resulting in falling to one's death)
Using a version of DynDOLOD older than 2.76 will cause this issue. If you still are having issues or do not use DynDOLOD, you can disable the animated approach via the the MCM under LOTD Settings, General tab, General Options section, and uncheck Animated Airship Approach.  The ship will merely transport into its final destinations instead of flying in a short distance.

Dev Aveza: Airship will not work after initial use.
From ReeseReynolds:

"FOR ANYONE ELSE USING DIALOGUE MOVEMENT ENABLER: If your dialogue box keeps closing immediately, go into the ini included with that mod and
set bAutoCloseMenus to FALSE it is set to true as default. This seems to have fixed my issue entirely. I can't comment on why its not registering that I have completed the quest but as long as the dialogue box comes up and I can choose where to go, I'm fine."

Museum Entrance - The front door is missing, misaligned, or blocked.
You have a conflict with another mod or patch, or you have not activated your installed patches.   Conflicts can include: mods that are incompatible with Legacy whether a patch is made or not, mods that require a patch but don’t have one, out of date mods, out of date patches, or missing conflict resolution between patches.   Check the Legacy patch page for the most recent Legacy-supported patches and check for v5 compatible patches on the mod author's page.  In the event that Legacy has an official v5 patch and a third party mod page also has one, install the Legacy one only.  If there is no patch available for the mod in question, or you need to resolve conflicts between such patches, you will need to make one.  Start a new game after making any such changes.

From below Solitude looking up parts of the museum appear to be missing or floating
A few different things can cause this.  First, you may have a mod that is screwing up the cell height data for that area which causes the new arch rock added by Legacy to not load.  Check to see if you have one or more mods that affect that area.  Second, if you are using Bethini but not using DynDOLOD, the presets for High and Ultra can cause issues with LOD.  You can test by deleting the Skyrim ini files and rebuilding them fresh from the Skyrim launcher to see if the problem disappears.  Which leads us to: Third, a frequent cause is having graphics quality set too low in the Skyrim ini files. When doing a clean rebuild of those files, make sure to select high or ultra (depending on your graphics card); sometimes graphics cards are not properly detected by Skyrim and it defaults to low. If you cannot choose high or ultra because of graphics card constraints, or if you have done so but still have the issue, install and generate LOD with DynDOLOD and that should fix the problem.  A new game will be required if you installed DynDOLOD.

Unique named Dragons don't drop required scales for Natural Science Display
When killing select unique dragons, they usually will drop "scales of [name]" for the natural science museum. Games which have Legacy installed on a save in progress risk having these scales not drop properly due to how the game handles reserved quest aliases. The only solution is to console "HELP SCALES OF [name]" (including quotes) and then add the required item.  Of course, this will be far from your only issue if you install Legacy on an active game, so you are strongly encouraged to start a new game after installing Legacy instead.

Cannot build dioramas in the Natural Science room
This can happen if you have a mod installed that alters vanilla ingredients, such as Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (CACO).  CACO switches base form types for several ingredients, which makes them unrecognizable for diorama building.  In the case of CACO, Legacy's patch should resolve this issue, but won't work if the patch is not active in your load order, or some other mod or patch is reverting the Legacy-CACO patch's changes.  The solution is to use CACO's MCM setting to revert those ingredients to vanilla.  Note: if the patch was not installed prior to starting your game, don't install it on your game in progress.  Wait until you are ready to start a new game.  If you are having the issue and CACO is not installed, you will need to search your load order for mod(s) that make changes to the ingredients affected.

An item you have in inventory won't display (manually or via check-in)
There are four common causes for this. 
  • The item is quest-locked until the quest is completed.  Simply wait until the quest is complete and then try again.  Note: you may have to wait 24 hours in-game after the quest has completed.
  • You have multiple mods providing an item with exactly the same name - and, of course, Legacy will only accept the FormID of one.  So you might be trying to check in an item that has the right name but is not the one Legacy is looking for.  To check this, open the console and type help "item name" (replace "item name" with the actual name of the item you are searching for in quotes if it's more than one word) and hit enter.  If you have more than one version, take note of the two digit prefixes, which shows the load order of the mods.  More Informative Console is also a useful tool, if you have it loaded.  If you do find more than one, you will have to decide if it bothers you enough to do conflict resolution and start over, or just find the right one in the world and ignore the problem until the next game.
  • You have the item equipped and/or favorited; unequip the item and/or unfavorite it, if you wish to display it. 
  • You have a duplicate or replica (equipped, favorited, or carried) while a second copy or the original is in your inventory at the same time.  In that case remove the duplicate from your inventory (drop it or put it in safe storage), make sure the remaining copy is not equipped or favorited and try again.

Cannot select an item that is on display
Make sure you are using Activate, and not Take, for the item.  Due to constraints of space for placing trigger boxes for so many items, sometimes the Activate option may be difficult to spot.  Move around until it becomes available.

Masks/claws don't display properly
You have another mod touching the meshes and/or textures they use.  Check not only replacer mods, but also player homes, since these often have display areas for the masks and claws, and in turn repackage (and sometimes alter) the meshes and/or textures.  If it's a mod Legacy supports, make sure you have installed and activated the patch for it.  If it's another mod that has no Legacy patch, you will need to create your own patch.  Note: since adding content to an existing save almost always requires a new game, if you do find you are missing a patch, you may wish to save it for your next game.

The activators for Miraak's displays in the Daedric gallery do not appear
There are script conditions tied to completing the Dragonborn quest arc and are therefore linked to Dragonborn gallery. Walk into Dragonborn gallery and the activators for Miraak's gear should enable.

Buttons or raised stones in the museum once pressed trigger over and over in a loop
You have a mod conflict and it is probably Brutal Flora Harvest Fix.  Switch to Wiseman303's Flora Fixes - Revamped or another mod that contains it, such as Complete Alchemy and Crafting Overhaul.

Schneider's Sextant is stuck with a two hour cool-down that doesn't go away

This infrequently happens, though we have not figured out why (may relate to adding/removing/reordering mods on an active game).  Drop the sextant into a container with persistent storage, exit the inventory menu, and then re-access the storage container and remove it.  Wait again for two days and it should restart.

MCM checklist for iron armor has an !error next to the banded iron armor
This is a known error that will not cause issues in your game and be safely ignored. It will be fixed in a future update.

MCM checklists are blank or missing pages or items
Updating Legacy or it's patches, or adding content in the middle of a game (a bad idea) can cause this.  Please try navigating to the Legacy Settings MCM, scroll to the bottom and select the rebuild checklists option.  Wait a few minutes.  If that still does not work, you may have to clean the DBMSupportedModScript from your save game.  If you still have issues, rebuild the MCM menus by opening the console and typing Setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1.  Again, wait a few minutes and all the MCMs will rebuild and repopulate.

Crash During Night at the Museum Quest
During the quest 'A Night at the Museum' some users will experience a crash to desktop when sleeping in the bed for the second time. This has been narrowed down to two issues, neither of which are a fault with this mod;
a) Dismiss any followers - the technical mechanics of this stage of the quest are not setup to support followers. Plus it ruins the experience as you're meant to be alone.
b) Install Low Res Textures - The sequence that follows the second sleep section is very intensive from a graphical standpoint. Some PCs simply can't handle it or can't respond quickly enough to the spike in GPU usage. Reducing the texture resolution should help prevent this kind of crash.

Moonpath to Elsweyr
First, unlike the LE version of Legacy, Moonpath to Elsweyr is not included in Legacy SE and must be installed separately, and before you start your game, if you wish to play Moonpath (link on patches page).  Second, any patches for Moonpath to Elsweyr that alter how it starts will likely interfere with Legacy's support.  These include, but are not limited to, the Bruma patch and the immersive start option in the Unofficial Moonpaths To Elsweyr Patch.  If you do use the Unofficial Moonpaths To Elsweyr Patch don't forget the ‘Way Of The Voice’ quest must be completed before you can travel on the caravan (which is stated on that patch mod’s page).  While your game may work correctly, Legacy support is not designed to account for these mods.

Wryebash shows an error related to FormList Length when making a bashed patch
A hard-coded limiting in Skyrim is that you may not have more than 255 items in a leveled list. If more than one mod adds a lot of items to this list it can be problematic. The most likely culprits are book mods such as 'Book Covers Skyrim: Lost Library' (which shouldn't be installed with Legacy as all their books are built in). 

Auto-Sorter not working correctly
Users have been intermittently reporting that the 'Display Prep Station' and some elements of craftloot have not been working as designed. The user Shadedness very kindly took the time to diagnose it more thoroughly in their setup. The results seem to imply that any mod which repackages SkyUI's scripts (specifically ski_playerloadgamealias.pex) may cause this unwanted behaviour. It has also been confirmed that two culprits of this bug, Wildcat and Thunderchild incorrectly pack these scripts. When experiencing this issue, I would suggest  users extract the contents of SkyUI's BSA so the files are loose and will take priority. Once this is done, cleaning DBM_PrepstationScript2 and any other scripts appears to resolve the issue.

If your game gets stuck on the error "please wait for the current sort/scan operation to complete", and the previous solution did not fix it, try this command from the console:  "Set DBM_SORTWAIT To 0" (without the quotes) and hit enter.  Close the console.

Items changed with the Transmutation Forge do not retain their changes after the game has been restarted
This is not an accident but a limitation of the game.  The Forge is only intended for flavor rather than a mechanic to permanently change gameplay.

Stuck in 3rd person animation scenes, such as at excavation dig sites or building the planetarium
Third person animations are vanilla engine effects that can become stuck in regular Skyrim, let alone other mods that use them, such as Legacy.  If you are having issues with not being able to exit an animation on a consistent basis, it is likely you have an animation mod or skeleton replacer interfering with it.  The mod "Pretty Female Idles" has been reported to interfere with the excavation dig sites.  While there is no sure-fire way of getting out of being stuck, some users have reported success being in third-person view and finding a nearby object to activate.

Crashing or large framerate drop in the Museum
This is usually caused by bad meshes or textures from other mods, which overwrite the one's Legacy has or the vanilla one's Legacy uses.  For example, the following file may cause CTDs in the East Exhibit Hall or the Library, depending on what mod it's from.  Underground is a known culprit:

Objects/displays flickering in and out of view in various places (e.g. Wintersun shrines, jewelry case, or museum exterior)
You have a mod or patch that is creating an occlusion plane conflict with Legacy.  Lux's patch (at the time of this writing) is known to cause this issue, as well as eFPS without it's Legacy patch (link on eFPS's mod page), though there may be others.

Certain perks of Ordinator do not work correctly in the Safehouse
The prompts for things like Gem Dust and upgrading stations to Advanced appear, but the actual effects from them don't apply. This is a conflict with the craftloot system. Simply turn off craftloot via the MCM when you need to use those features and then turn it back on when you are done.  And if you are using The Curator's Companion (TCC), you should not be using craftloot anyway, as stated in that mod's FAQ.  In that case, make sure it's off and leave it off.

I bought receipts from Bits and Pieces for filling out my safehouse but don’t see the furnishings
After you have bought, and read, any furniture options you might wish, interact with the desk in the safehouse to choose which ones you’d prefer.  

Getting followers to live in the Safehouse
  • Make sure you have installed either Nether's Follower Framework or My Home Is Your Home (suggested to read the docs to see which one will best suit you).
  • Buy the relevant upgrade from Bits and Pieces.
  • If you just installed either of those mods listed, start a new game.

Getting adopted children to live in the Safehouse
  • Make sure you have installed Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions.
  • Buy the relevant upgrade from Bits and Pieces.
  • Make sure you use a vanilla home first before trying the Safehouse.
  • Cast 'bless the home' in the Safehouse.
  • If you just installed Heathfire Multiple Adoptions, start a new game.

Crashing in the Safehouse
This has been traced to bad loose textures that a few mods use, overwriting Legacy's.  Delete or disable the following files in your mod manager for mods that load after Legacy:
Note that there may be other files that cause this issue; these are simply two that are well-known.  If you have MO2, the search will be made easier by enabling archive parsing and looking at mods that have conflicting files.

Sudden drop in framerate in the Safehouse
This can occur if a conflicting mod is modifying a vanilla mesh or texture that Legacy uses (most often a mesh).  For instance, the previous version of Growl Werebeasts of Skyrim had been reported to cause this issue (fixed in the current version).

For issues from versions of Legacy older than the previous release, and related upgrade issues, there is a FAQ archive here provided as a convenience.

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