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Legacy of the Dragonborn automatic quest tracking.

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Officially Endorsed Legacy Of The DragonBorn Mod

MCM Quest Tracker for Legacy Of The Dragonborn
Please take a moment to read the changelog before posting bugs incase your issue has already been addressed.


Full automatic quest tracking covering:
Legacy of the Dragonborn inc. Relic Hunter & Live Another Life
Moonpath to Eleswyr
Helgen Reborn
Moon and Star
The Wheels Of Lull
The Gray Cowl Of Nocturnal
Skyrim Underground

Quest Giver information including any relevant notes on how to start the quest.
Quest Requirements if relevant.

Use this mod alongside my Legacy of the Dragonborn - Relic Notifications mod for a full experience completing every quest and collecting every Museum item!


When you first load up your game with this mod installed, the MCM menu willl automatically find all the quests from Legacy of the Dragonborn and any supported mods you have installed and list them in the "Available Quests" section of the corrosponding mods Page.

As you play through your game and start quests the mod will automatically move the started quest to the "On-going" section.. it does this by tracking the Quests ID and using the quests stages to automatically update.

When the quest is completed/failed, it will move the quest into the "Completed Quests" section and mark the quest complete with a tick.

This mod was developed and will continue to be developed to work alongside Legacy of the Dragonborn, the optional "Modules" for the supported mods will NOT work without Legacy of the Dragonborn and Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches Installed.

there are currently over 221 quests from Legacy of the Dragonborn and supported mods which are automatically tracked and updated in the MCM, there are 6 "Radiant Quests" which do not update automatically, if you dont know what Radiant quests are... they are repeatable side (usually) small quests that can be completed many many times.. ie fetching items, selling wood etc.. with radiant quests you will find that you can toggle them in the menu to manually mark them as complete if you so choose, or you can leave them as available, it really is up to you.

v2.5+ comes with a "Refresh Mod List" button inside the top page "Mod Info", pressing this button will force the MCM to re-check for supported mods that are in your load order and refresh the MCM accordingly.

V2.5+ also comes with dynamically assigned pages, which are assigned on installation and when "Refresh Mod List" is used.. it works as follows:

  • MCM searches for supported mods 
  • MCM then builds a List of the mods found
  • MCM dynamically assigns each page a number
  • MCM builds and structures the pages for display.

This really helps with the overall functionality of the menu, for example if the user only had Mod 1 and Mod 9 installed they would be left with 7 empty pages between them making it more annoying to access the menu you need, with this new functionality all the pages will be grouped together and any mods installed/uninstalled mid playthrough will simply be re-assigned a page number.


New users simply download with your favorite mod manager or install manually into the Data folder,



While I do not recommend uninstalling any mod that contains scripts mid play through, this Mod can be uninstalled fully via Mod Manager or manually removing:

Please note I will not be held responsible for any issues arising from uninstalling this mod mid play through, you do so at your own risk!


Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI - (Information will not display correctly without 'Opt. 1 - Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI')
Dear Diary - (Optional but in my opinion looks cool, the MCM is scaled for this version.)

Hope you all find it useful!

Please consider Endorsing if you like it