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Here is my collection of patches for Sky City - Markarth Rising, including patches for Greater Markarth Expansion and Open Cities!

Permissions and credits
One of the still most popular city expansions for Markarth is the classical mod Sky City - Markarth Rising by reindeer51. A few years ago, it was ported by kazopert to the Special Edition, but something I noticed is that there are hardly any patches available for this mod. While quite compatible with other mods affecting the Markarth worldspace, it is not really as compatible as kazopert indicates. Therefore, I started out this mod by making compatibility patches for a few (combinations of) popular mods. I also included one bonus patch to resolve another mod conflict. As of version 2.0, I have expanded the project by combing Sky City with a newer Markarth Overhaul: Greater Markarth Expansion by Domenicus7. On top of this, the Open Cities version of Sky City that was once created for the Oldrim mod can no longer be found, so I created my own. Thus, all relevant patches come with Open Cities versions as well. Enjoy!

Details about the Greater Markarth Expansion patch:
This is a bit more than a simple patch, since I aimed at integrating the features from both mods in a seamless manor. Therefore, I have not tried to preserve every single feature of either mod, but rather keeping what works well together. Rest assured, most things still remain in both mods and I have not cut on anything functional. The final patch is a quite big and in my opinion quite nicely looking expansion of Markarth, without going over the top. Also note that the changes make my patch incompatible with the Balthazar's Books patch at Domenicus' page.

Detailed features:

  • Removed or reshuffled some (most inaccessible) building structures from Sky City that were either clipping into or obscuring objects from Greater Markarth Expansion.
  • Covered open faces in structures from Sky City with stone blocks etc. so one would not see through the mesh when viewed from above.
  • Created a means to access the old watchtower (Forgotten Eyrie) from the city. I also renamed the building, since it would not be plausible that it would be "forgotten" in the new setting.
  • Renamed a couple of other interiors to fit the new setting.
  • Removed the passage to Silverblood Manor from Greater Markarth Expansion and opened a new path from the balconies added by Sky City.
  • Reused the old entryway to the passage as a new entrance for the inn.
  • Remade one of the lift interiors to fit its new entry points in the exterior better.
  • Removed all new map markers added by Greater Markarth Expansion (sorry, Domenicus), since I found them excessible.
  • Added guard patrols to Sky City balconies, making the new guards utilise buildings from Greater Markarth Expansion when out of duty.
  • Edited Borace's AI package, so he will have dinner at the new inn instead (it is closer to his home).
  • Temporarily fixed a bug in Greater Markarth Expansion until Domenicus has fixed it himself.

Other patches included on this page:
  • RS Children (mostly to get rid of the black face bug - feel free to improve on it)
  • Simplicity of Seasons (resolves landscape conflicts in the Open Cities version)
  • JK's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim (navmesh + a few clipping objects)
  • Greater Markarth Expansion + Legacy of the Dragonborn + JK's Skyrim + Dawn of Skyrim + Skyrim Sewers + Balthazar's Books (navmesh patch)
  • Bells of Skyrim + Immersive College of Winterhold (resolves conflict between these mods by moving the teleportation marker to one of the new areas)

I have not made individual patches for JK's Skyrim and Dawn of Skyrim, as I am not using those for my own build - sorry. Neither do I think I will have time for it. I am not going to provide individual navmesh patches for the mods included in the combined patch either, but I am still providing older version without Greater Markath and Balthazar's Books as a separate file. It will not be maintained, though.

Simplicity of Seasons has a similar conflict with the non-OCS Greater Markarth patch as for the Open Cities patch. In fact, the same patch can be resused for that mod, if swapping masters. For the time being, I am not planning to provide two separate versions, though. The reason is that Simplicity of Seasons is a buggy mess that I can not recommend in its current state, which is something I was unaware of when I created the patch. I am working on fixing all issues with the mod, as well as finishing the work, but it has turned out to be a tedious project and is likely to still take a couple of months.

Performance for the Open Cities version is decent, but you will clearly benefit from a graphics card with a lot of VRAM. At first, I was using a Radeon R9 380 with 4GB VRAM, but then I experienced stuttering in some areas, in particular with the JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim patch. After upgrading to a 3060 RTX with 12GB VRAM, the stuttering is gone (although the frame rate is far from 60 FPS everywhere). My CPU is an overclocked quad-core i5 4690K. Regardless of which rig you are using, I recommend using my Open Cities optimisation additions file included in Jonado's Open Cities patches for a slight performance boost.

I believe most mods are compatible, as long as you are using compatibility patches with (and between) the individual mods included in this collection.

The patches provided here are compatible with Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods and Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen out of the box (but the original mods might not be).

Load order
I am using the following load order for my own build (including other relevant patches), and recommend other players to do the same (in some cases it is important, in other cases not):

  • LegacyoftheDragonborn.esm
  • JKs Skyrim.esp
  • Dawn of Skyrim.esp
  • SkyrimSewers.esp
  • Domenicus Markarth Mod.esp
  • Bells of Skyrim.esp
  • JKs Skyrim_Dawn of Skyrim_Patch.esp
  • DOM MArkarth JKs and DOS patch.esp
  • Bells of Skyrim - JKS + DoS Patch.esp
  • Sky City.esp
  • Fishing - JKS + DoS patch.esp
  • DBM_JKSkyrim_DawnOfSkyrimDC_Patch.esp
  • Sky City - JK_DoS_Patch.esp
  • Dom Markarth - Sky City patch.esp
  • MarkarthBookstoreSE.esp
  • Sky City - Dom_DBM_JK_DoS_Sewers_Bookstore_Patch.esp
  • SoS_Seasonspatch_Markarth.esp
  • CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp
  • CWI_Bells_Sky City_Patch.esp
  • Open Cities Skyrim.esp
  • OCS + LOTD5 Patch.esp
  • Sky City - OCS Patch.esp
  • OCS + Skyrim Sewers.esp
  • Bells of Skyrim - OCS Patch.esp
  • JK - DoS - OCS Patch.esp
  • Bells - JK_DoS_OCS Patch.esp
  • Greater Markarth OCS Patch.esp
  • Greater Markarth - JK_DoS_OCS patch.esp
  • Greater Markarth Expansion - Sky City OCS patch.esp
  • DBM_JK_DoS_OCS_Patch.esp
  • Sky City - JK_DoS_OCS_Patch.esp
  • Fishing - JKS_DoS_OCS_Patch.esp
  • CWIOpenCitiesSEPatch.esp
  • CWI_Bells_Sky City_OCS_Patch.esp
  • MarkarthBookstore_OCS_patch.esp
  • SoS_seasons - Sky City - OCS patch.esp
  • DBM_JK_DoS_Sky_Dom_Sewers_Bookstore_OCS_Patch.esp

The provided modgroup files should assist further with the load ordering.

My other Open Cities mods
If using Open Cities, make sure to check out my other Open Cities mods, available here: Jonado's Open Cities patches, JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim Open Cities patches, Open Capital Whiterun patches, Open Capital Windhelm patches, RedBag's Solitude patches with Open Cities support, and Blue Palace Terrace Patch Collection. Several patches from the second one will be needed if combining all the patches included on this page (they are all included in the list above).

Special thanks to hishutup for the Open Cities patch script - without it making these patches would not be possible.