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No more opening every book or checking its value to see if it increases a skill or gives you a quest. This mod renames skill books and quest books so that you can identify them quickly by just hovering with your crosshair. It also renames some journals, notes, and letters with the same purpose.

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Yet another rename books mod. I know there are a couple of mods that do the same around the nexus, but I made this for myself and thought I should share. I got annoyed with checking every book to see if it was a Skill Book, a Quest Book, or a book that adds Map Markers to the game, so I've renamed them to be able to quickly tell if they are important books just by hovering with my crosshair.

Some examples of Skill books:

  • (Alchemy) A Game at Dinner
  • (Alteration) Daughter of the Niben
  • (Archery) The Gold Ribbon of Merit
  • (Block) Death Blow of Abernanit
  • (Conjuration) The Doors of Oblivion
  • (Destruction) Horror of Castle Xyr
  • (Enchanting) Enchanter's Primer
  • (Heavy Armor) Hallgerd's Tale
  • (Illusion) Incident at Necrom
  • (Light Armor) The Rear Guard
  • (Lockpicking) The Locked Room
  • (One-Handed) The Importance of Where
  • (Pickpocket) Purloined Shadows
  • (Restoration) Withershins
  • (Smithing) The Armorer's Challenge
  • (Sneak) Three Thieves
  • (Speech) A Dance in Fire, Vol. 6
  • (Two-Handed) Words and Philosophy

Some examples of Map Marker books/notes/journals:

  • (Map Markers) An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim
  • (Map Markers) Daynas Valen's Notes
  • (Map Marker) Deathbrand
  • (Map Marker) Letter from a Friend
  • (Map Marker) Note to the Authorities
  • (Map Marker) Note from Jaree-Ra
  • (Map Marker) Small Note

Some examples of Quest books:
  • (Quest) The Legend of Red Eagle
  • (Quest) Lost Legends
  • (Quest) Boethiah's Proving
  • (Quest) Sinderion's Field Journal
  • (Quest) The Aetherium Wars
  • (Quest) Ahzidal's Descent
  • (Quest) Lusty Argonian Maid Folio

Some example of Bounty notes:

  • (Map Marker) Bounty: Bandits
  • (Map Marker) Bounty: Forsworn
  • (Map Marker) Bounty: Giant
  • (Map Marker) Bounty: Dragon

Two alternatives, choose one:

1st. Click the DOWNLOAD WITH MANAGER button. Activate with the NMM and you're good to go.

Manual installation: just open the file and copy the .esp file to your Skyrim\Data directory. Then activate the file using the NMM.

As a general rule, any mod that changes or modifies skill/quest/map marker books names won't be compatible with my mod.

  • Grinmir (@ DeviantArt): for providing the old books image for the title.

  • Kyujiko (@ DeviantArt): for providing the image in the title's background.

  • LSiwora (aka Lunanella): for providing the image in the installer last page.