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this patch is no longer being supported. see full description for an alternative solution.

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This patch is no longer being supported. it had several unaddressed issues and is not compatible with the updated version of Blue Palace Terrace. Going forward, please use leontristan's patches, which were built using mine as a starting point and have done a better job of resolving conflicts. they have my full support! thank you :)

The content of this mod will be left on the nexus for posterity.

Legacy of the Dragonborn has become an essential in my load order, but Blue Palace Terrace was too gorgeous to pass up. I couldn't have one without the other, so i made a patch myself. In doing so, I found myself making patches for a few other mods as well.

i stuck a door at the rear end of the southern terrace and duplicated the whole gallery in an interior cell. this also meant covering up the nice view with walls, since there is no longer anything to see, but logically the Museum would be in the way anyway. i added some decorations to make up for the loss of the view. I also fully navmeshed the whole thing, but this is my first attempt at doing that so it needs to be tested by someone who knows more about it. Your mileage may vary.

There WILL SOON BE several different patches for any combination of these additional mods:
All existing patches between any of these mods and LOTD will be required.

All features of all mods remain 100% intact, probably.
None of these patches are compatible with Open Cities, and at the moment there is no way to make them so.
These will all conflict with other mods that do anything around Solitude.
Super incompatible with Palaces & Castles Enhanced, but I've been told that somebody else is working on a patch for it.

please let me know if there are any issues, especially with the Navmesh (i'm a noob).

Screenshots are more than welcome!

also if anyone is wondering I'm using Cathedral Weathers, Cathedral Vision Reshade, and Soul Spectrum ENB in these screenshots.