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This is the central hub for Legacy of the Dragonborn support patches for Creation Club content.

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Here you will find various support patches for Legacy of the Dragonborn and Creation Club content.

These patches are NOT all officially endorsed and each one will be individually identified where they are. Officially endorsed patches will include only those that were created by a Legacy team member, verified by one, or made by a trusted 3rd party otherwise they are entirely use at your own risk.

As of v2.0, the Creation Club patches centralise around a new hall added to the museum. Here they are given their own set of displays that will not conflict with other patches for the museum and will provide a more robust base for patches moving forwards. Where a Creation and Legacy (or in the future, Odyssey) share an artifact, Legacy's artifact will either be replaced, or, in certain special cases, the Creation's questline might be tweaked slightly to make everything play nicely together.

Where a patch is listed as "(CC Disabled)" it is required that you have no patches or other mods related to that Creation installed, doing so will cause issues in your game and also voids any potential support.

For support with these patches, do not use the standard Legacy support channels and instead either leave a comment here or contact Jelidity via DM from the Legacy Discord. Comments will be checked fairly regularly for any issues.

Patches provided for inclusion here MUST be an ESL flagged ESP file unless specifically limited by the requirements of the patch, but they should almost always be able to conform to ESL flagged ESP format. To submit a patch, contact Jelidity and provide a link to the work, or send it via a DM on the Legacy or Odyssey dev discord: