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Adds sewer systems to Solitude, Whiterun & Windhelm and a couple of forts

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[size=15]Skyrim Sewers 4.12 SSE[/size]
by Viltuska
Version 4.12 requires Skyrim Special Edition

Updating from the 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 should not require clean install or a fresh save, but is something I would highly recommend just in case to get updates kick in. To make a clean save, deactivate skyrimsewers.esp/esm, wait 3 days ingame and save, activate the the new esp/esm and play. But as I said, this isn't probably necessary, just a safe caution to make sure everything gets updated. If you are using the BSA and have an older version of Skyrim Sewers installed, you might want to remove these files just to be sure:
OR download the batch from miscellaneous files.

NOTE: There have been varying reports of instability around Whiterun area while using Skyrim Sewers 3 along with SkyTest (this one more than the others), Grayledge Manor, Build your own home and PL Loot Overhaul. Disabling one of these mods or using Skrim Sewers v. 2 might help you avoid these conflicts. Also make sure that your mods are made for the latest version of Skyrim (atm 1.8) to avoid conflicts in the NAVmesh department. Also playing on a outdated or pirated version of the game is not recommended with this mod. You might also try the ESM-replacer for Skyrim Sewers, which has helped people with certain memory-related issues. Since I'm no longer able to do maintenance on this mod, anyone is free to make patches and their own versions of the mod (applies to all of my mods).

The current version of this mod adds an accessible sewer system to the town of Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm and Markarth (from v.4.0 on) and also small sewage tunnels to Fort Sungard and Greenwall. The Solitude system has three exits to the outskirts of the city and several others into dungeons and other buildings. Windhelm has also two main exits and connections to other dungeons. Whiterun has 3 main exits outside the town walls. Markarth Sewers, which is the smallest one has one exit into Left-Hand Mine. This mod also includes 4 custom weapons and some unique books.

- The pit exit to the Pit of Bzarhk does not always work (should work 90% time though). Just ~ + TCL up until you get back to the auto-load door or reload a save above the pit and leap again. Or type in "coc ssewersMRKpit" to the console.
- Sometimes the Skeevers start "jumping around" in narrow walkways. Nothing game breaking, just looks stupid.

I'm trying to apply my modding philosophy on this one as good as I can. That is to create content that fits Skyrim rather than contradicting it. In other words complementary stuff that tries to make the game experience better rather than different.

The Navmesh-bug should be fixed from 1.6 on, so the esm is no longer needed to fix that. ESM is still valid if Skyrim's memory limit for esps causes problems on your installation.

Apart from some potential minor bugs, this mod should not break your game or make your computer explode so I'd say it should very safe to use. There might some unknown conflicts though. Reporting them is greatly appreciated.

I would mostly recommend this mod to people who know what they get into when installing a mod. I hope downloaders will accept the very minor risks involved in playing this mod (which should be insignificant though since no scripts are included or edited). Big thanks to Shadowmann for the russian translation + general assistance with this mod!

Here's a youtube-review of my mod by Saiodin:

Another one by Gkalian

Extract the contents of SkyrimSewers40 (the esp and the mesh and textures folder) into your Skyrim's Data folder. Activate the esp in NMM or Skyrim launcher.

If you come a across any bugs please report them to me, I really appreciate that. My nexus ID is viltuska and I'm known as viltuska_rebooted at Bethsoft forums.



Q: OMG, my game crashes on loading a save / starting a new game
A: That means you probably have a heavy load order and Skyrim does not reserve enough memory for all the esps. You'll probably need to download the ESM and activate it (and disable the ESP)

Q: OMG, the manholes have no lids! I can't enter the sewers!
A: What you need to do is:

1) Download the MAIN file (the one that includes both the esp and the bsa)

2) Download the ESM version (which only includes only the esm)

3) In NMM (or whatever you are using) disable SkyrimSewers.esp and make sure that SkyrimSewers.esm is activated.

Q: Does this work with Open Cities?
A: A compatibility patch has been released. It's on the Open Cities DL page:

Q: Does this work with Undeath?
A: Check the compatibility patch here:

Q: The game freezes when I exit the sewers into the cities!
A: That's because the gaming console oriented settings have a max count for interior objects stored in the memory (not true for SE anymore). Add these lines line to the Skyrim.ini under [General]:
uExterior Cell Buffer=36
Note: The SkyrimSewers.ini includes these ini-settings from version 4.0 onwards, so with the latest version there should be no need for separate edits.

Q: Will there be version 5.0?
A: Most unlikely. I've poured so many hours into this mod that it's really starting to take the fun out of it. When v. 4.0 is more or less bug free I'll look into making quest mods.

Q: Your mod is kinda lackluster. I bet I could make it much more better.
A: Feel free to do so. You can use my mod as a base just as long as you give proper credit (ie. don't be an a-hole is a great general rule in all life.)

Q: Is this on Steam Workshop?


Version changelog
Adds a sewer system to Solitude + a hidden dungeon

Adds a sewer system to Windhelm + a hidden dungeon + some minor bug fixes and aesthetics to the Solitude sewers.

Adds a sewer system to Whiterun + fixes and aesthetic improvements to the former sewers.
- 3.01 Does some small cosmetic fixes and adds a book that I forgot to include (The poem "Song of Ulvaak" is originally by Patton Oswalt).

- added a passage to Blackreach in the Windhelm subterrane
- Visual and level design fixes
- minor adjustments to some of the enemies
- fixed some grammatical errors in the books
- note: Will likely require Skyrim 1.6.89! I'll upload a new version just in case when 1.6 becomes public

- cleaned up some navmeshes in Whiterun sewers
- adjusted some of the lightning to a bit more darker tone in some of the sewers for realism
- set the sewer entrances to "minimal use" to avoid AI using them
- gave the sewers proper "location" values

- added Markarth sewers
- added dealers/peddlers to each sewer system
- added radiant quest markers to sewers
- added tunnels to Fort Sungard and Greenwall
- you now need to have met Spetimus Signus before you can use the tunnel to Blackreach beneath Windhelm.
- added Dragonsreach Substructure to Whiterun
- added Old Canals to Windhelm
- added a new sword to Markarth sewers
- replaced the model for Honorblade of Whiterun to slightly better one
- added a few more enemies to the sewers
- general aesthetic improvements to all the sewers (lights and clutter)
- fixed some typos left in the new books
- rearranged some of the navmeshes around the sewer exits.
- cleaned the mod with TES5EDIT
- added SkyrimSewers.ini to avoid the maximum object count freeze when exiting into cities.

- general aesthetic fixes and improvements
- fixed Stormfang's orientation in the inventory menu
- fixed some typos in the books
- added hidden passage to Nchuand-Zel in Markarth sewers
- added a stairway to Old Haafingar's chasm
- made some chests locked that were unlocked in previous versions
- added some missing facegen-files to the BSA

- added tunnel connections to Solitude Lighthouse, Whitewatch Tower and Fort Kastav.
- added two books (Tamrielic History Illustrated & Brynjolf's notes on the sewers.)
- minor aesthetic fixes (added stonework around the manholes for instance)
- renamed Stormfang to Mournbringer (due to Dragonborn adding a weapon of the same name)
- resolved the minor conflict between Skyrim Sewers and Markarth Undercity Beta

- added some aesthetic details to the sewers
- adjusted some of the roombounds
- manually removed some of the unnecessary navmesh edits in Tamriel worldspace made by the CK (Thanks to Arthmoor for pointing this out).
- added a book 'Rochelle, Rochelle', fixed some minor typos from other books
- added another exit to the Reach from Markarth Sewers

Here's the thread about Skyrim Sewers mod at BethSoft Forums:


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Undeath Skyrim Sewers Patch SE