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About this mod

Extends Skyrim SE Papyrus scripts (or SKSE/C++ plugins) with JSON based serializable data structures like arrays and maps. Embedded Lua interpreter.

Permissions and credits
This is SE port of silvericed's JContainers mod.

Permission to port was based on posts visible on that mod page, on Reddit, on GitHub, on its MIT license and on one star constellation of your choice.

You can always read the original page and its posts for information, or go search somewhere on the web for more information (few links below) - there is nothing major as difference between the port and the original mod.


Target audience of this mod:
  • casual users redirected here by some mod using JContainers (JC)
  • mod developers ready to battle

In the first case, most likely you will need to either install, upgrade or uninstall JC.

To install:
You can use the up-right buttons for download either through Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) or through Manual approach. For Manual mode, you can unpack the JC archive directly in your Skyrim root folder. If you are asked to overwrite some files then this mean that you are most likely upgrading JC instead (like other mod already bundled JC for you).

To upgrade:
Follow the normal installation path - just overwrite everything.

To uninstall:
If using NMM, it will take care to remove any installed files. If you have manually installed JC, you will have to hunt file-by-file. Note however that uninstalling may  break your save game if you have at least one mod still using it.

Mod developers

JContainers is a SKSE plugin, which provides your Papyrus scripts with an way to:
  • Append or erase values from arrays
  • Put an array into an array (i.e. do nested arrays)
  • Put multiple value types into a single array
  • Have associative containers (a.k.a. maps, dictionaries or even graphs)
  • Be able to load or save a data into JSON files (or as binary co-save)
  • Embed scripts based on Lua
  • Interact with JContainers via SKSE/C++ interface.
  • Few other nuggets...

As it makes sense to have the whole documentation in one place, I will strongly suggest that you have a look at the original mod page linked, or start from the forked Wiki's Home page. There you can find overview, samples and explanations. The Posts tab, here on Nexus, can be also used for questions and remarks.

Note that the original author silvericed is not around much and I'm just an user who stepped in to help the porting and tries to payback his debt to this great community.


Excuse me if I missed somebody or mispelled a name:
  • Bethesda for Elder Scrolls series and other great spend-my-life games
  • Good ol' Nexus
  • silvericed and his supporters for JContainers
  • the SKSE team
  • javierhimura, pugwash99, RealAntithesis, and many others who directly or not were part of this port
  • Thanks for my well-being

JC original
JC on GitHub (original)
JC on GitHub (this port)