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Distributes bodypaints and overlays, currently from 9 overlay packs by DomainWolf. The distribution of the different sets are customizable depending on faction and race, the applied colors are customizable and sets, either on multiple bodyparts or in multiple layers, are always applied in full.

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Distributed Bodypaints and Overlays


Ever since seeing the screenshots of good overlay packs, I liked the idea of actually seeing them in-game on more than just my own character, especially since I don't tend to switch them all that often. This can, of course, be accomplished by making custom skin textures and applying them to your favorite NPCs, but that requires a lot of work and makes it incompatible with almost anything else touching those NPCs without patches. Since I was tinkering with the overlay system for a different mod idea, I tried to apply the overlays directly to NPCs and it worked. This mod is the result of some more tinkering from that point on.

This mod distributes the overlays from different mods (currently 9 mods by DomainWolf, but I am open to adding others). It does this using SPID, which maximizes compatibility and minimizes running scripts.
The distribution is highly customizable via a MCM menu, where you can select
- which mod's overlays are distributed to which factions and races, as well as which is preferred
- which colors are used in the distribution, which can be completely random or slight variations of defined colors or a mix of both
- wether you want to use face overlays at all (since I can't detect warpaint on NPCs)
as well as various small tweaks to most parts of the system. The standard settings should be perfectly fine if you don't want to spend time tweaking of course.
If the NPCs get overlays you don't like, no problem! There are helper spells for removing or resetting (i.e. remove all previous and apply a random new one) either all overlays or just the face overlays and even a spell for a complete manual selection of overlays to apply to your favourite follower :)
There is also a helper spell which lists the currently applied overlays (on the body), so if you notice a bright purple NPC, please tell me what overlay it has and I will try my best to quickly remedy that mistake in the script! In the meantime, you can use the reset helper spell to apply a new overlay instead of the bugged one. I should have it all working, but with several thousand lines of code and such a typo only becoming appearant when the explicit overlay with the typo is applied in game...


Racemenu and Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID) are absolutely required for this mod to work properly!
Community Overlays 1, Community Overlays 2, Community Overlays 3, Weathered Nordic Bodypaints, Barbarian Bodypaints, Simple Belly Paints SE, Ziovdendian Bodypaint, Yyvengar Bodypaint and Wolfpaint - Face are required for the full functionality of the mod. Their esps can, however, be deactivated as long as you unpack all their bsa archives. They could alse be removed/not installed if you delete them from all style lists in the MCM menu (or set force face overlays to 0 in the case of Wolfpaint - Face). However, I do not recommend this! This mod is best experienced with as many overlays available as possible!

All overlay mods need to have the male and female and face versions installed (UNP or CBBE does not matter). The only exceptions to this are Simple Belly Paints SE, which has only one version (it works with both) as well as Community Overlays 1, Barbarian Bodypaints and Weathered Nordic Bodypaints.
For these 3, the male adjusted textures are overwriting the female ones. You can just ignore the male files of these 3 mods and use the slight seems version of this mod, which will result in slight seams and misalignments when these overlays are applied to men.
Or you can download the male archives of these 3 mods, extract the bsa in Barbarian Overlays and shift the texture files to a new "male" sub-folder while keeping their structure intact. The resulting file structure would look like this:
\textures\actors\character\overlays\community overlays\male\.... (00 ...)
\textures\actors\character\overlays\WNB\male\.... (Arcolis\..., Face\..., Nordic ...)
\textures\actors\character\overlays\barbarian\male\.... (dark set 1 ...)
Installing the male version of these 3 mods in their standard position would result in seams when they are applied to women and would only work with the slight seams version of this mod!


In principle, this mod is compatible with everything else.
The overlays are applied via an ability that deletes itself after its execution and is distributed via SPID, so this does not interfere with anything touching any NPCs. They also look for the first open overlay slot, so it should in no way interfere with any other mod applying overlays onto NPCs unless they fill all available slots or mess with other slots. Since there were issues with the overlays reapplying themselves after reloading the game, the auto-application of overlays does not happen on NPCs with an overlay in the lowest slot! The helper spells can still be used to apply overlays with the caveats described below.
The helper spells are unfortunately not as compatible, since the reset and remove spells remove all overlays applied to the actor. This was done because I apply overlays to all NPCs and didn't want to store them in Formlists, which might cause issues at some point (when this many actors are stored at least) and would definitly be slower. Most mods that do apply overlays do however reapply them at some point, so this should still work out. The manual application helper spell only adds overlays, so it can be used in this case for compatibility.
The mod is an esl flagged esp (espfe).


A big thank you goes to DomainWolf for his awesome overlay packs, without which I would not have been inspired to make this mod (and without which this mod would not be all that usefull at this point).