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This mod is inspired by "Dual Sheath Redux" by Neovalen which is only available on Oldrim. This will show your equipped left hand weapon on your back or hip and equipped shield on your back when you are not in combat.

Permissions and credits
I really liked Dual Sheath Redux by Neovalen for Oldrim so I decided to recreate it for SSE. This mod uses the same mesh design as DSR but the script is entirely my own work.

This is a beta so I'm hoping for some good feedback from the community so I can improve on it.

Models Included
Included in this mod is support for the following weapons and armor. The models are create by me or ported to SSE by me unless otherwise stated:

All Vanilla weapons and shields
Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation by Darkjesusmn - models by Slothability
Ancient Nord Pickaxe Replacer by Billyro - models by Billyro
Arming Swords Skyrim HD by Moraelin
Armory of The Favored Soul by L3st4t - models by Slothability
Azura's Shield SE by Ronnie Magnum  - models by Slothability
B-D-Y-E-B Shield Mod Special Edition by Batleth777 - models by TheMalfazar
BillyRo Ultimate Swords Anthology by L3st4t 
  • A Month of Internet Deprivation Weapon Pack - models by OrixFrost
  • A Second Month of Internet Deprivation Weapon Pack - models by OMFrostWolf
  • Alacrity - models by BillyRo
  • Billyro's old weapons collection models by Slothability
  • Cataract - models by Slothabilitye
  • Clarion - models by TheInquizitor
  • Crag - models by OrixFrost
  • Crecy - models by OrixFrost
  • Daemon
  • Dawnbreaker redone 2 - models by BillyRo
  • Duelist models by OMFrostWolf
  • Epoch Weapon Pack - models by OMFrostWolf
  • Fenrir Blades - models by Zerospyro
  • Fetcher's Knife - models by OrixFrost
  • Fiore models by OrixFrost
  • Galebrand - models by Battleslut
  • Leaf Dagger - models by BillyRo
  • Legerity - models by OMFrostWolf
  • Leviathan - models by Slothability
  • Marauder - models by BillyRo
  • Mordant - models by BillyRo
  • Niofroeia - models by OMFrostWolf
  • Revenant - models by Slothability
  • Sand Scorpion - models by OrixFrost
  • Solvistapp - models by OrixFrost
  • Stalwart Axe - models by OrixFrost
  • The Serenity - models by OMFrostWolf
  • The Viceroy - models by BillyRo
  • Torus - models by OrixFrost
  • Traveller's Shield - models by TheInquizitor
  • Wraith - models by Slothability
  • Xena Callisto Sword - models by OrixFrost
Daedric Frozen Shield by Elioplasma
Daedric Plasma Shield by Elioplasma
Daedric Solar Shield by Elioplasma
DCR - King Crusader Mega Pack by Angilla - models by Slothability
Dovah Nord Weapons SE by Billyro
Dunmeri Leaf Swords by Billyro - models by Billyro
Electorate Saxonian Round Shield 15th Century by Hannes821
Ennead - Shields by Studio Kasumi and Tarshana
Epoch Weapon Pack by Billyro - models by BillyRo
Fenrir Blades by Billyro
Galanterie  - German Inspired Longsword by Billyro - models by Billyro
Heavy Armory - New Weapons by PrivateEye
Hephaestus wheel of reflection SSE version by ClipsyMoon
Immersive Armors by Hothtrooper44
Immersive Weapons by Hothtrooper44
IMMERSIVE Nightingale Forever by Freexworde
Imperial Sword 4K By Billyroby slashisthebestrock - models by Billyro
Insanitys Celtic Katana SSE by sa547 - models by OAyameO
InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack by calthrop
  • The Thegn - models by Slothability
  • Models for all other weapons by me
Iron_Dragon shield by ClipsyMoon
Iron_Head tower shield by ClipsyMoon
Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection SSE by Isilmeriel
Lore Weapon Expansion by InsanitySorrow
Lux and Noctis Katanas by Elagabalaus - models by Elagabalaus
More Weapons Please by Relinquish
Morgynn Ashcroft Sword Remade SE by billyro - models by OMFrostWolf
Mystical and Continuum by N7R
Nameless Light by Scythe42 - models by Slothability
Necross SSE by ClipsyMoon
Peacemaker by ClipsyMoon
Real Silver Swords - Standalone and Replacer by docteur87 - models by Slothability
Regent Armory SE by backstept - models by Slothability
Rogue Shield by visorium
Rustic Weapons Pack by MihailMods
Shield of the Bull SE by HerbertTheTurbot
Shield of the Stallion SE by HerbertTheTurbot 
Shields of the Holds v1.85 by JohnRose81
Skycutter by Scythe42 - models by Slothability
Skyrim SE Expanded Skyrim Weaponry by Lrsamways - models by Slothability
Solvistapp SE by ChaoticLogic - models by OrixFrost
Spellbreaker Remesh by lolpeura - models by Ifterich
Staves of Skyrim by Kearsage
Sword of the First Ember by N7R
Talos Housecarl Armor Pack by maty743
Templar Shields by cerberus610
The Lionheart SE by johnskyrim
The Secret of the Silver Blades by Dar0ne45
The Witcher 3 Weaponry SE by Oaristys
Toussaint Knight Shield Pack by Medtech
Tribal Scimitar by ImsumDave - models by Slothability
Unique Uniques by calthrop
Vikings Weaponry SE - Johnskyrim by johnskyrim
Voam Sword SE by Billyro
Warmonger Armory by Dovahdork07 - models by Slothability
Weapons of the Third Era SSE by angryglock
Witcher Shields SSE by herdustisverypretty - models by Slothability
Ygrayne by Scythe42 - models by Slothability
Zikoru Swords Collection by zerofoxer
  • Luna - models by Mat_C
  • Mars - models by Slothability
  • Sol - models by Mat_C
  • Terra - models by Mat_C
  • Venus - models by Slothability

The following mods have DS models included with the mod or provided by another other.
Animated Armoury by NickNak - Animated Armoury DSR Patch by ManyStrongWords
CL's Weapon-replacer's by Crazy Lion - models are a separate download
CL's Lord Harkon's Vampire Blade by Crazy Lion - model included with the main mod download
Elemental Staffs SE by Carnage2K4 - Zhalroth's Dual Sheath Redux Patches by Zhalroth
Light refracting Glass armor and weapons by Skysan4298 - Zhalroth's Dual Sheath Redux Patches by Zhalroth
Refracting Stalhrim Armors and Weapons by Skysan4298 - Zhalroth's Dual Sheath Redux Patches by Zhalroth
Elvarheims Weapons by Hilli1 - model included with the main mod download
Hammerfell Armory SE by Farinelli and SirJesto - model included with the main mod download
Katana Crafting - SE by lautasantenni - Katana Crafting Pach Dual Sheath Redux by Noeliaka
Katanas by China by Froloff007 - Katanas by China - Pach Dual Sheath Redux by Noeliaka
Kyne's Breath - Weapon Pack by ZunaSW - Kyne's Breath - Weapon Pack Dual Sheath Redux Patch by cocdieselkev
LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons SE by LeanWolf - model included with the main mod download
Nordic Wanderer Equipment SSE by Billyro - models are a separate download
Somewhat Historically Accurate Weapons and Viking Gear by Hilli1 - model included with the main mod download
Sword of Ancient Tongues by Hilli1 - model included with the main mod download
The Scarlet Vengeance by Corvalho by Hilli1 - model included with the main mod download
The Loners Sword by Hilli1 - model included with the main mod download
Blade of Evil's Bane SE by johnskyrim - model included with the main mod download

Additional mods with available models (not included)
The following mods have DS models available but they are not include in the default patch. You'll have to run the patcher if you want these mods included.
Fulcimentum - More Staves and Wands of Skyrim by tak_oz - models are a separate download
Cathedral - Armory by JonnyWang13 - models are included in the main mod download
Guards Armor Replacer SSE by DanielUA - models are included in the main mod download
Tower of Stendarr Shield by hype1 - models are included in the main mod download

You will need SKSE64, JContainers SE, SkyUI, and XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE. For the targeted debugging options you will also need PapyrusUtil SE. If you are not using targeted debugging the you will not need PapyrusUtil SE. The only other required plugin is Skyrim.esm.


UPDATING: If you're updating it's best to completely remove this mod.  From the MCM menu disable the mod then save. Remove this mod then reload your save. You should get a warning about missing content. Click "Yes" and let the game load. Make a new save. That should be enough but to be sure you could run FallrimTools on the last save file.

1) Follow the SKSE64 installation instructions here STEAM Community - SKSE64 Installation Guide or see this video by Gopher.
2) Install JContainesrs.
3) (optional) Install PapyrusUtil SE
4) Install XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special  Extended:
a) (optional) Install RaceMenu.
b) Install Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE
c) Install XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special  Extended:
5) Install SkyUI.
6) Install Ecotone Dual Sheath.

For the above weapon mods all you have to do is install this mod as normal using a mod manager that supports FOMOD installers. It includes "Ecotone Dual Sheath Patch.esp" and "Ecotone Dual Sheath Patch.json" for all the above mods.

Make sure that "Ecotone Dual Sheath Patch.esp" comes after "Ecotone Dual Sheath.esl" in the loader order. Other then that load order shouldn't matter but more testing is need to see if there are any load order issues. You don't need all the above mods installed, just the ones you want.

For some people it doesn't work right away after installing. If that happens you need to go into the SkyUI menu and reset the mod. If that doesn't work try disabling the mod, give it about 30 seconds, then enable the mod again.

I created an xEdit patcher script to use if you have additional mods or if you just want a customized install. To add additional mods you must create or acquire DS models for the mod or running the patcher scrip will do nothing. You can find some excellent videos by Slothability on how to create models on dptheslothking's A Lot of Dual Sheath Redux Patches mod page.

Merging Mods:
Do not merge this mod. The main plugin Ecotone Dual Sheath.esl is and ESL and you should never merge ESL plugins. After you merge your weapon and/or shield mods you must run the patcher to create a new Ecotone Dual Sheath Patch.esp and Ecotone Dual Sheath Patch.json so there is no point in merging Ecotone Dual Sheath Patch.esp.

Creating a custom patch
The patcher script is an xEdit script. You will need SSEEdit. Make sure you have the v3.22 or later version of SSEEdit. If not you will get a "Undeclared Identifier TJsonObject" error. Only use the SSEEdit.exe not SSEEdit64.exe. If you use SSEEdit64.exe you will get an error "Type of expression must be integer". Follow the instruction here Tome of xEdit - Overview to install SSEEdit.

There will be a sub-folder of the SSEEdit folder call "Edit Scripts" (ie. D:\Skyrim Tools\SSEEdit\Edit Scripts). Download the "Ecotone Dual Sheath - Patcher Script.7z" from this mod page and extract the four files into the "Edit Scripts" folder.

Start SSEEdit. The first thing that displays is the plugin selector.

Right click anywhere and click "Select All", uncheck "Ecotone Dual Sheath Patch.esp", click OK and wait for the "Background Loader: finished" message in the right hand panel.

Select all the plugins in the left hand panel by clicking CTRL-A.

Right click on any of them and select "Apply Script...".

At the top of the "Apply Script" dialog select Script "CreateDualSheathPlugin" then click OK.

The armor slot selection window will display.

Choose the armor slot you want then click the "OK" buttion.

When the script is finished close SSEEdit. The "Saved changed plugins" dialog will appear:

The only plugin in the list should be "Ecotone Dual Sheath Patch.esp". Save the newly crated "Ecotone Dual Sheath Patch.esp".

If the patch file can be an ESPFE (it has less then 2048 records and the max form ID is 00000FFF) then it will have the ESL flag set.

Now you are ready to play.

I hope to create a helper app in the near future to simplify the patch process if possible.


This mod doesn't come with any animations but XP32 Skeleton has good animations included an there are other animations that may work as well. You should try them and choose the ones you like best. Make sure you run FNIS after installing new animations .

This mod uses armor slots 60 and 44 by default but you can choose different slots by running the patcher script. This mod will conflict with other mods that do similar things such as Auto Unequip Shield to Back and Visible Favorited Gear and anything else that uses armor slot 60 or 44 (or the slots you choose). Other then that I don't think it will conflict with other mods but there are too many to test them all. Only time will tell.


I would like to thank the following community member:

dptheslothking for giving me permission to port all of the DSR models from his A Lot of Dual Sheath Redux Patches mod.
billyro for giving me permission to port all the DSR models for all his weapons mods.
The many mod authors and DSR model authors listed in the "Models Included" section above.


First make sure you have the correct version of SKSE64 for the version of Skyrim SE you are running.
Second make sure you have the correcter version of JContainers for the version for Skyrim SE and SKSE64 you are running.
This mod will not function if SKSE64 and JContainers are not functions properly.

Before attempting to make a custom patch install the default patch that comes
with this mod then load the game and try it with vanilla weapons and

If you are using Realistic Ragdolls and Force make sure you only install the Force options. If you install the ragdoll options you will overwrite the XP32 skeletons and loss the required features. Your weapons and shields will be at your feet.

If weapons or shields are at your characters feet there are two possibility:
  1. An error in the model. If only one item has the issue then it is the model.
  2. You have the wrong skeleton. You need to figure out what is overwriting the XP32 skeleton such as Realistic Ragdolls or Racial Body Morphs.

Make sure that "Ecotone Dual Sheath Patch.esp" comes after "Ecotone Dual Sheath.esl" in the loader order.

If you are having trouble I need to know what's happening in your game in order to help.
Turn on logging in the Skyrim.ini file. For NMM the file is located here:

"C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\my games\Skyrim Special Edition\Skyrim.ini"

For MO2 use the "INI Editor" under "Tools".
Look for the [Papyrus] section. If there isn't one then add it. Add or change these values:


Load the game.
Go to the MCM menu and turn on "Enable Global Debug Messages".
Equip some weapons and/or shields that you are having trouble with.
Draw the weapons.
Sheath the weapons.
Unequipped them all.
Go to the MCM menu and turn off "Enable Global Debug Messages".
Exit the game.

Edit Skyrim.ini again and turn off logging by remove or change these values:


Contact me by PM and I will send you a link where you can send the files.