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hydrogensaysHDT - aers - ousnius - Karonar1 - alandtse - geniusty - HSanMartin - skullgirls - DaydreamingDay - idaan300 - romanicles - igloomod - SesamePaste - jg1 - antpillager - Acro - webspam

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Faster physics for capes, clothes, hair, etc!

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FSMP: Faster HDT-SMP for AE, SE, VR, GOG
(Faster HDT-Skinned Mesh Physics)

It's now 2 years old!!

Help is needed!
A user recently made me aware that I didn't share how much help is needed, so: I need your help!
You can help in lots of different ways, whatever are your modding abilities :)
Like proposing new features, diagnosing and documenting bugs, developing features or bugfixes, documenting features, testing the betas versions, implementing the continuous delivery process...
If you wish to help, just ping me (DaydreamingDay) on discord, the link is just below :)

As the FSMP MCM is now provided with FSMP,
you must uninstall the previous FSMP MCM mod.
Make sure that the esp remains in the same place in your load order to avoid problems with your save.

The Epic version won't be supported as long as SKSE doesn't support it.

Developed by hydrogensaysHDT... Improved by aers, ousnius, Karonar1, alandtse, HsanMartin, DaydreamingDay, romanicles, igloomod, SesamePaste, jg1, antpillager, Acro and webspam!

Hello everybody, this is a skse plugin allowing advanced physics to be applied to actors via xml configuration files.
This mod massively improves performance over the original HDT-SMP, and replaces it totally.

Bug reports are now locked on Nexus, you can submit them on github.


So far, the response to the usefulness of this mod has been overwhelmingly positive, and I must say that I'm touched.
I really didn't think that such a response would happen.

I'll ask users to be excellent to each others, dudes and dudettes 

and I'll be a little bit more restrictive in my moderation of the comments.
First, I will hide comments when the answer is in the description, or if the question has already been answered in the comments.
Second, I will hide comments insulting others or me, even if the insult is implicit, as long as the insult isn't linked to the work provided by modders.
Third, I will block users insulting others or me, even if the insult is implicit, when the insult is linked to the work provided by modders.
Finally, I will block users disputing the DP repartition agreed with the authors (see the permissions if interested).
I will apply this moderation policy on all my mods.

Of course, I'll be moderate, playful banter isn't insult, and I'll make sure the description is informative enough.

sidfu is from now on blocked from my mods.

My heartfelt thanks to everybody who sees value in this mod 

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Credits & thanks

Credits and thanks to aers, ousnius, hydrogensaysHDT, Karonar1, alandtse, hsanmartinskullgirlsidaan300, romanicles, igloomod, Sesamepaste, jg1, antpillager, Acro, webspam and full_inu :)

Thanks to alandtse, HsanMartin, geniusty, skullgirls, idaan300 and DaydreamingDay for the improved compilation :)
Thanks to BullishMarket and nosferatu2007 for the info leading to this mod creation about the github fork of HDT-SMP by Karonar1 :)
Thanks to BullishMarket yet again for his comment about the performance level of the CUDA version :)
Thanks to raziell74 and SaevaVeritas for their simple explanations that I reused in the FAQ :)
Thanks to romanicles for his asking of debugging symbol files :)
Thanks to zhongjiedong and Ogrescar for their comments informing me I had forgotten to include the adequate configs.xml file :)
Thanks to the best part of the users of this mod to have convinced me not to abandon it :)
And finally, my heartful thanks to the regulars of this mod forum (right now, WodoOfSkyrim, Ogrescar, igloomod, and lots of others!)