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An Auto potion system with effect hotkeys using Skyrim Platform

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This mod will no longer be updated, for the latest and greatest please use Swift Potion NG (Click Here)

Rapid Auto Potion (RAP) is an auto potion system in similar vein to my already existing Swift Potion Reborn mod. The major change is the migration to Skyrim Platform. This increases the efficiency of the potion system ten fold and allows a very precise use of potions without papyrus script lag or saving Form IDs for later use. With such sweeping changes to how potions are used and the new platform, I decided to make this mod fully my own with a new name to boot.

When your Health/Magicka/Stamina reaches a level that you define as too low, a potion/food item will be used. A delay system will prevent potions from being used rapidly in succession. Effect hotkeys allow you to bind an effect to a single key and use any potion that has that effect. Here is a list of the current features:

- All Potions Will Be Used
This new system now looks through your inventory for potions with the correct effects. This new system completely eliminates CTDs caused by trying to equip forms that no longer reference the correct potion, and also the dreaded NPC in inventory bug.

- Configurable Interface - SkyUI
An interface has been designed to let your customize the system to it's fullest. You have control over every aspect in the automatic use of potions, and effects through hotkeys

- Potion/Poison Hotkeys
12 Hotkeys have been made available to bind any effect to a hotkey. You can bind them to use either Poisons or Potions

- Auto Use Delay
You have control over the gap in between potion use in the auto system. This is helpful if you have mods that change Restore effects into heal over time.

- Highest, Lowest and Optimal
New options are available to use your Highest or Lowest magnitude potions first. Optimal will use the restore potion that comes the closest to restoring the health/magicka/stamina you're missing.

How To Use
Simply activate the mod and run the game! The hotkey system will only register the potion effects as you get them into your inventory. So if you don't see an effect listed it is because you have not had a potion with that effect in your inventory since the system was installed. You can use the MCM menu to customize many aspects of the system itself

Unless otherwise stated, you will be able to upgrade mid-game without any issues. In some cases you may need to re-initialize the mod via the MCM menu.

To access the configuration menu Open up the Main Menu and go to Mod Configuration -> Rapid Auto Potion. You will now see a few new menus. Each one should be pretty self explanatory, and every option has info text associated to it.

You can simply remove the mod. If you want to remove the records from jContainers you can use the Uninstall option in the MCM menu, but this isn't a requirement.

There seems to be issues with potion drinking animation mods.

SKSE64 -
SkyUI -
JContainers -
Skyrim Platform -

Thanks To
Papitas - Helped out quite a bit as worked through Typescript
YesMan - Helped in fixing a compatibility issue with animation mods