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Carlos Leyva

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Batch move unwanted items to any container.

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First you need to "mark" some items so this mod knows you want to get rid of them.

  • Put your unwanted items inside any container.
  • Make sure the game crosshair is over that container (the "Activate" message must be there).
  • Use "mark item" hotkey to remember those items.
  • If you get the message pop-up, your items will now be remembered.

Those items are marked forever.
If you want to add more to the Marked List, just put new items inside some container and mark them using the same steps above.

Whenever you have Marked items in inventory, all of them will be moved to any container under the crosshair.

  • Put the crosshair over some container.
  • Press the "transfer" hotkey.
  • All Marked items will be transferred to that container.

The plugin can be configured in Data\Platform\Plugins\easy-containers-settings.txt.


  • loggingLevel: How much spam do you want in your Skyrim console?
  • Possible values:  - "none": No spam.  - "error": Just errors and stuff like that.  - "info": Detailed info so players can know if things are going as expected, but not enough for actual debugging.  - "verbose": Info meant for developers. Use it for reporting errors or unexpected behavior.You must use that word casing (double quotes included) as is, otherwise you'll get "verbose" level, no matter what.    
  • hkMark1: Hotkey for marking items inside a chest (default num1).
  • hkTransfer1: Hotkey for transferring marked items (default num2).

See DXScanCodes for all possible hotkey values.

Hard requirements
You'll need these mods to make it work.

Do yourself and the rest of us a favor and start using Skyrim Platform to make your mods instead of Papyrus.
The source code for this plugin is here.

I'm no Skyrim Platform developer, by the way. Just a regular guy that fell in love with it.