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Allows you to save the skill levels and gold from an existing character and transfer it to a new level 1 character

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This is a bare bones "new game+" mod where your existing character's skill levels and gold can be transferred to a new level 1 character.


  • ESL-flagged plugin (does not count towards base plugin limit)
  • Controlled via SkyUI mod configuration menu
  • Only gold and skill levels are saved
  • 1 button to save
  • 1 button to load
  • Can only save if your character is higher than level 1
  • Can only load if your character is level 1
  • Cannot load twice on the same character
  • Perk points and levels will come from skill levels if you are playing vanilla style leveling
  • Legendary skill levels are ignored; they won't contribute to your perks and level

Q and A
Q: Why not pass items?
A: Passing items to a new game has the potential to break quests. It is also way more difficult when you have to account for player created items.
If you want to pass items along between characters, you can use a mod such as Extra Dimensional Storage.

Q: Is this compatible with mods that add more perks or give more perks per level?
A: Yes. Unless your perk mod doesn't use skill levels to level and give you perks via leveling, then I don't see why not. This mod saves skill levels. As long as you don't legendary your skills, you should get the same number of levels and associated perk points awarded by those skill levels. When you load the skills, your character basically gain skill levels the normal way.

Q: Does this mod count extra perks I got from a modded mechanism such as dragon souls for perk points?
A: No. It is very difficult to count spent perk points, especially if you are using mods that add more perks. We only count skill levels, not perks points.

Q: Is this compatible with mods that disassociate skill levels with levels such as experience?
A: No. We only save skill levels.