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Automatically unequips your arrows after shooting them, then reequips the arrow after pressing the trigger (MCM configurable) over your shoulder.
It also has options for binding different arrows to different buttons, for the position and size of the quiver, and options for attribute costs.
Up to 25 arrow types can be bound at once.

Permissions and credits
Inspired by MageVR's Realistic Archery option.

I made this for myself because I was tired of accidentally triggering MageVR's wrist menus when grabbing my arrows, and I found the size of his quiver to be a little too small (giggity), I kept missing my arrows.

There's an MCM to select which button you want to use for grabbing your arrow, you can choose the A Button, B Button, Stick Click, Grab, or Trigger.

You can now choose to bind different arrows to different buttons. You can change the button that will equip the last arrow, disable that function, and/or choose different arrows to be equipped with different buttons.

You can now choose to bind different arrows to different button tap amounts.  Ie: single tap, double-tap, up to quintuple tap, for a total of 25 different bound arrows at a time.  The button tap timing is also configurable with a default of 0.5 seconds, the same as the Windows double click default timing.

There is now a left-handed option in the MCM

You can now configure the location and size of the quiver in the MCM.  It works pretty well set to the lower back, but I still prefer the default shoulder position.


Install like any other mod; load order does not matter.  Make sure you have the Requirements.

New Version has an MCM to pick your button; if you're using the VRIK controller mapping, select stick click to use the A button for arrow equipping.

Note: The default options should be functional immediately upon installing the mod (you'll see a message), and like all MCMs, the MCM will take a few seconds to register with Sky UI.


Set the mod to disabled in the MCM (this unregisters the VR events), remove the mod, and because this is scripted, use a save cleaner.  Uninstalling is probably fine, but don't blame me if it borks your save.


Follow the uninstall procedures, then install the new version.


I play with a pretty heavily scripted load order, and it works fine for me; it uses VR Tools OnVRButtonEvent and OnVROverlapEvent events, and the OnPlayerBowShot event, so take that for what it is, the OnPlayerBowShot only gets called on bow shots, but the others get called on all button events, but only actually does anything if the event is that you've pressed the A button over your right shoulder.


frazaman's Skyrim VR Tools makes this possible, SKSE made that possible, and AWildMuKen gave me the idea for this with his mod.  And a thanks to isoku for packing his source with his mods, his iNeed MCM taught me a lot.  And to schlangster for releasing Sky UI and to Odie for porting it to VR.

I used PapyrusVR.psc and that Repo's Readme to figure out most of this, Skyrim VR Tools is pretty simple to use, very good work.

I used DavidJCobb's rotation libraries, you can find them at, they made things a lot easier.

Also: If you're here for Lara, you'll gain her ability to reach for arrows in VR and nothing else; if look closely at the picture, you can see that she's pressing the A button to equip her arrow.