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Randomizes items and equipment in the world and on NPCs, as well as NPC aggression towards each other and you. Very customizable.

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Looking for a Door Randomizer? Try Skyrim World Randomizer by ddmlink!

ToxiRandomizer randomizes items, equipment, spells, and aggression of NPCs and changes loot out in the world.

Video Overview:

Anniversary Edition:

Special Edition ( and below):

Skyrim VR:

I found the VR installation to be a bit tricky, so here's how to get it working:
  1. Download and install the required VR mods using the links above.
  2. The link to SkyUI VR is a third party VR port of SkyUI. Regular SkyUI will not work in VR.
  3. When downloading powerofthree's Tweaks and Papyrus Extender, make sure you are getting the latest SE version that matches the VR version. For example, if the latest Papyrus Extender SE is listed as Version 5.1.1, grab the Papyrus Extender VR 5.1.1 (or,, etc.)
  4. Make sure Papyrus Extender VR overwrites/comes after Papyrus Extender SE.
  5. Make sure powerofthree's Tweaks VR overwrites/comes after powerofthree's Tweaks SE.
  6. Delete po3_PapyrusExtender.dll from /Data/SKSE/Plugins/

While the following is not required, I like to use Alternate Start - Live Another Life, which I also found to be quite tough to get working in VR, so as an added bonus here's how to install that:
  1. Install ASLAL as per usual, then install the VR Patch posted by u/jjensen6823 on Reddit
  2. ASLAL also has USSEP listed as a requirement, but there is no official VR version of USSEP. I had no issues after installing the archived USSEP 4.2.5b for Skyrim SE, but it may be advised to run the Compatibility Patch as well.

VR-Only Issues:

Please view the [Known Issues] section for more information on issues and workarounds for the VR version of the game.
Also I don't know what will happen, but I highly advise against trying to enable the randomizer in the VR main menu/tutorial.

Quick Start:
  1. Start a new game (an existing character may work too, see [Known Issues] below if not)
  2. Wait until after your character is created
  3. Save
  4. Open ToxiRandomizer MCM Menu
  5. Adjust options to your liking in the submenus not labeled Main
  6. Save Again
  7. Check the Enable Randomizer checkbox under the Main MCM submenu
  8. Enjoy?

Options Explained:

There are two ways to disable the randomizer. One is temporary, and the other is semi-permanent.

The semi-permanent method:
To effectively "uninstall" the randomizer, clearing up space in your save file, just uncheck the Enable Randomizer checkbox under the Main submenu in MCM. After a dozen seconds or so, the data associated with the randomizer should clear and new saves will be a smaller filesize. NOTE: This does not revert the game to a pre-randomizer state. Many things that were randomized will stay the way they are, and re-enabling the randomizer will choose new random items based off of those already-random items, instead of what you'd expect from the current seed.

The temporary method:
If you want to pause the randomizer, either to ensure a certain item or character doesn't randomizer, or to prevent a bug from occuring, you just need to disable the relative option in the MCM submenus. For example, if you don't want NPCs to randomize, uncheck Enable Actor Randomization. This will keep all the data required to randomize correctly intact, but just prevent that part of the randomizer from doing anything until you re-enable it.

ToxiRandomizer should be compatible with most if not all mods. There is no use of leveled lists, items are replaced at runtime, so as long as no other mods act the same they should work together.

The randomizer will automatically add modded items and spells to the random item pool, even if they are not added to leveled lists. However, I do recommend versions of content mods that add items to leveled lists, as the more unique items there are in the base game, the more opportunity for unique random items to occur.

Can't get through intro with randomizer enabled

Random CTD

Going to jail gives you extra items

Bookshelves complain when entering player home

Shops take forever to randomize/close randomly

Picked up items don't show in inventory, but increase carry weight

MCM frozen/not working (especially in VR)

Can't see Seed in VR

Mrowr Purr, whose excellent tutorials made getting started with Skyrim modding significantly less painful than it would have been otherwise.
gottyduke, whose scripted template allowed me to get my SKSE plugin working for initial testing.
Color-Glass Studios, whose CommonLibSSE NG Sample Plugin helped me get an SKSE plugin that works for VR as well as AE/SE.