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Every setting tested (12/31/2023) and is either a "Bugfix", "Quality of Life Improvement", or "Makes the Game More Interesting/Less Annoying". Immersion settings used, but not if it makes the game less enjoyable. All while having maximum compatibility with other mods (300+ most popular mods tested), and working as Stewie's Tweaks intended.

Permissions and credits

Have you ever downloaded a New Vegas mod, but you were unsure if it was already included in Stewie's Tweaks or might conflict with Stewie's Tweaks? Now, under any mod page, all you have to do is check under "Requirements" > "Mods requiring this file", to see if the mod is covered by Stewie's Tweaks! This does not mean that this mod covers that mod, but that you can make the change yourself! Let me know if I missed any mods in the comments.


lStewieAl's Tweaks and Engine Fixes
Vanilla UI Plus
Custom Health and AP Visuals - Only needed for the Immersive version, because it removes the HUD.
JAM - Only needed for the Immersive version, because it removes the HUD and JAM adds visible waypoints.


  • After about a year, this mod is considered 100% finished. I did a passthrough of all settings three times or more. I enabled, disabled, and tested each setting. The only thing left is a balance passthrough. While I have tested settings, I don't know if they are good in the long run. They should be though, because each setting made the game more like Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Skyrim, and others. A few changes may appear controvertial, but I put a lot of thought into them, so ask me why I made a change, if you disagree with it. I will only update, if Stewie's tweaks gets new features.
  • Integrated popular mods, like Stewie Tweaks Essentials INI, Stewie Tweaks - Panzermann's Preset (Partially), Mods that are redundant with Stewie's Tweaks (parts of "Redundant ESPs/ESMs" section), all of Qlore's Blue Moon INI, and interior fog remover.
  • Used the Stewie's Tweaks readme.
  • Compatiblity with popular mods, like Vanilla UI Plus, Enhanced CameraD.I.E.O.Save Perks for LaterMAPMO - Main and Pause Menus Overhaul, and Limitless Stats.
  • Similar to Fallout 3 (distortion sounds), Fallout 4 (inventory sorting syncing), Skyrim (jumping costs AP), Oblivion (power melee attacks cost AP), Fallout 76 (no fall damage in power armor, being over-encumbered costs AP), Call of Duty (new, revamped controls), Tears of the Kingdom (some XP notifications disabled), and Mass Effect (disabled XP notification during successful speech checks. You still get XP for a successful speech check.)
  • * = You probably will not find this change anywhere else, because I put a lot of effort into tuning this setting.
  • Skip to the bottom to see the most controvertial changes.



  • All of Stewie Tweaks Essentials INI (this INI was built on top of that INI).
  • Aiming down sights is smoother.
  • Semi Auto Queue Fix.
  • Night vision on scopes can be toggled by pressing the Pip-Boy light button.
  • Mods can be removed from guns.
  • Ground sink fix, for Enhanced Camera, seems to work without enhanced camera mod too. 
  • Ultra Wide fix.
  • Barter shows total caps.
  • Allow partial reload animations, if you have any.
  • Hide the red crosshair on distant enemies that are invisible.
  • Companions always show their location on the map.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Pickpocketing shows your chance of success.
  • Auto-save functionality changed to auto-save once every 7-10 minutes, instead of every time you go through a door or every time you fast travel. Your in-game auto-save settings still effect where that auto-save is going to come from every 7-10 minutes (before fast travel, before wait, on entering a new area, etc.)! If none of your auto-save settings are checked, the game will automatically save every 10 minutes anyway. (Requires Auto-Save Manager this to take effect.)*
  • Auto-save on completed quest. (Requires Auto-Save Manager this to take effect.)
  • Skip hard coded 1-3 second intro. (Requires Faster Main Menu to use this.)
  • Weapon and armor stats are compared to the ones you have equipped.
  • XP for unlocking things with a key.
  • Locks show which key is needed to unlock them.
  • "QuickSave" has replaced the "Continue" button in the pause menu.
  • Activating while seated doesn't stand up (for Mobile Truck Base Remastered support).
  • HUD changes color based on your health or low AP.
  • Custom placed markers disappear when you get closer to them. (Disappears exactly 100 feet away.)* 
  • Bottlecap pickup notification removed, replaced by MAPMO notification (for compatibility MAPMO).
  • Music gets more static the farther away you are from the source, like in Fallout 3.
  • Faster wait, faster sleep, faster exit terminals. (Requires Faster Sleep-Wait to use this.)
  • Modernized controller support, like Call of Duty or Fallout 4: no movement penalty while aiming, no movement penalty while holding a gun, less movement penalty for walking backwards and reloading your gun, better deadzone, turn faster, better sensitivity, and more control while aiming.* 
  • Sort inventory menus with the "R3" button on a controller (or with a keyboard).* 
  • Inventories now show individual weight and value, like in Fallout 3, instead of collective weight and value. This bolsters the new sort inventory function ("R3"). Now sorting by weight and value makes more sense.
  • Two new sounds play when levelling up. (All 3 sounds alternate).* 
  • Map markers show the in-game time to get to a location on the map.

More Interesting/Less Annoying

  • Agility effects player speed and NPC's speed.
  • Show caps as an item in misc. tab. In Skyrim, you can transfer money to a container, but not drop money. Want to experience life as a poor person again? Go for it and dump your caps.
  • Ammo is weightless, like in Fallout 3 and vanilla, not Hardcore, New Vegas. (Even mini nukes are weightless in Fallout 3. It was balanced in Fallout 3, because, you rarely came across mini-nukes. They were limited.)
  • Aid items are weightless in non-hardcore. This is similar to how Fallout 3 and un-modded New Vegas work. In those two, most drugs and stimpacks are weightless. There are some exceptions, the main ones being water bottles and Doctor's bags are both 1 pound. Personally, I don't think managing inventories is fun, and this allows me to enjoy the SawyerBatty or JSawyer mod, and I don't think it's too game-breaking, or too far off from the Vanilla experience. If you don't like this setting, you can just turn on hardcore mode. 
  • No fall damage in power armor, like in Fallout 4 or Fallout 76.* 
  • Double jump with power armor, and a rocket sound will play, like in Fallout 4 or Fallout 76 with a jetpack. (Requires the mod, Double Jump and Coyote Time and the latest Stewie's Tweaks 8.80, to use this feature.)* 
  • Steal things people have equipped, like their clothes or weapons.
  • XP notification has been disabled for speech successes. You still get XP for successfully completing a speech check. So, it doesn't interrupt your conversation, for immersion. Also, so that it doesn't feel like the game is pushing you towards certain decisions, with instantly rewarding XP. This is similar to how it works in the Mass Effect games by the way.
  • Prevent bloody mess dismembering/exploding limbs that weren't hit.
  • Weapons cannot be used if you do not have the skill level or strength to use them.
  • No weapon repair on a weapon that you do not have the skill to use.
  • Locations will reveal an undiscovered marker on the map if you walk close enough to them. (The distance to reveal is the same as the distance of locations appearing on the compass.)
  • Level cap changed to 100 (Compliments Tale of Two Wastelands and a mod that adds perks, like S6S Perks, PerkPackPlus, TTW Traits and Perks, PlatinumShadow Perks, Vegas Elysium Perk Pack, or Limitless Stats).
  • Stats cap changed from 100 to 200 (compatible with Limitless Stats).* 
  • Cook grenades. If held for too long they will explode.
  • Power melee strikes cost AP, like Oblivion and Skyrim.
  • Jumping costs AP, like Oblivion and Skyrim.
  • ED-E requires scrap to repair instead of stimpacks.
  • Overencumbered works similar to Fallout 76. You can still move, but it costs AP.
  • You have full control over your pipboy light, instead of automatically turning off when you go outside, similar to real life with a flashlight or how Skyrim or The Witcher 3 handles torches. Be careful though, if you leave it on by accident, it will make it harder to steal items.
  • Vendors only accept items they sell, like weapons to weapon vendors or food to food vendors.


  • Should be compatible with almost every mod.
  • Any mod listed in the requirements section is incompatible, because Stewie's Tweaks does something similar. They are all outdated mods anyways.


There are two, new, level-up sound effects injected into the game. New Vegas is limited to 255 mods. And, rather than clogging up people's mod list, it makes more sense to merge the small change into a mod most people are already using and is not actively updated, which is The Mod Configuration Menu. If you would rather a different mod be merged, tell me in the comments. Also, a separate .esp file is provided, if you don't want to use the merged patch.



  • Prints guesses as a single line without the 'Entry denied', e.g. HORIZON (1/7).
  • Make 'Dud removed.' ignore guessed words (unless they're the only words left).
  • Disables the player being knocked over in godmode.
  • Smoothen movements of the camera.
  • Toggle individual hardcore features independently of the hardcore setting.
  • Don't unholster weapon when using VATS without selecting a target.
  • Grey out read terminal entries.
  • Pause holotapes while the Dialog menu is open.
  • Prevent the unequip sound when the player dies.
  • Prevent body part explosion sounds when entering cells.
  • Weapon impact effects. When your equipped/holstered weapon gets hit sparks fly.
  • Show effects, like buffout, in NPC health.
  • VATS Dequeue Weapon Shots On Disarm.
  • Show Caravan Cards In Misc Tabs.
  • Prevent firing with an empty clip.
  • Semi Auto Queue.
  • The HUD will show the name of markers you are approaching.
  • Use a separate slider for horizontal/vertical sensitivity.
  • Detached beams. Prevents laser beams from sticking to guns.
  • Melee impact effects follow targets (instead of floating in the air).

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • XP is a percentage in the Data tab of your Pip-Boy.
  • Saves are divided by characters. (Requires Auto-Save Manager this to take effect.)
  • Fallout 4 inventory sorting syncing between you and an NPC or inventory.
  • Terminals color based on your menu color.
  • Barter Show Caps Change.
  • Use different color marker on compass for companions (white).
  • Local map has a different icon for doors to the exterior world.
  • Don't show perk menu, if there are no perks available to choose (works with Save Perks for Later).
  • Map markers show distance.
  • Limit the quantity menu max count when transferring items that would overburden a companion.
  • Quantity Menu Respects barter caps limit.
  • Containers Show Equipped Ammo.
  • If a gun has no mods in the game for it, the mod button will not appear in the menu.
  • Make scrolling to the edge of the screen wrap around to the other side (in hacking).
  • Ignore karma messages and sounds if the change in karma is below this value (20).
  • Prevent a bad karma sound if played within this time (in milliseconds) of another bad karma sound (100ms).
  • Remove the delay between hacking attempt.
  • Add a fatigue indicator similar to the FOD and H2O labels in hardcore.
  • Reloading with a full clips switches ammo type.
  • Add hotkeys 0-9 to select options in the dialog menu (for use with VUI+'s numbered topics setting).
  • Add hotkey Tab to close terminals.
  • Right clicking an inventory item in a container will use the item (excludes armor).
  • Holding shift decreases scope wobble at the cost of Action Points.
  • Add scrollwheel support when allocating skill points.
  • Prevent auto-pickup of items that would encumber the player, unless the player is already encumbered.
  • Alphabetize perk menu, and show available perks first.
  • Hide healthbar on killcams.
  • Clicking on a note on a computer will scroll down or go to the next note.
  • Add "+" sign next to ammo in inventory menus, if you have alternate ammos.
  • Fade heartbeat sound. Resets when taking damage.

More Interesting/Less Annoying:

  • Changed pickpocketing values to be more fun/realistic.
  • If you shoot someone that is about to throw a grenade, the grenade will explode onto themselves.
  • Run slower in water.
  • Drowning cost AP first, then health.
  • Disable target companions in VATS for compatibility with (Stash Organizer)
  • Barter effects repair costs (Tested it. It seems balanced).
  • New location discovered notification moved to the corner, like in Fallout 3.
  • Allow targeting projectiles in VATS.
  • Give projectile splash damage a chance to trigger bloody mess torso explosions.
  • Stealth is updated more frequently.
  • Remove the max bet in casinos and make increments above 1500 increase by 500 (from 100 default).
  • Automatically unlock very easy locks when lockpick skill is maxed.
  • Make sleeping heal the player in hardcore (does not fix broken limbs).
  • Allow scroll-wheel to zoom while using a scope.
  • Prevent the 'worn off' message for food items (chem and drug items still have messages for worn off).
  • Remember ammo count (stored in saves, saves still work even with this option removed later on).
  • Only lose karma when pickpocketing from non-hostile NPCs.
  • Companions are essential and can only be knocked unconscious in Hardcore, as opposed to killed. 


IMMERSIVE - Disabling Speech Checks

  • Makes dialogue more immersive.
  • Makes choices feel more impactful, because the game isn't pushing you towards one choice.
  • Forces you to read dialogue and get more into the story.

VANILLA - Enabling Speech Checks:

  • You will miss out on XP gains, and your player will be far behind. 
  • The wasteland, the mojave, etc. level up enemies at the same time as you. If you are worried about not meeting speech/charisma requirements, just come back to that conversation, or don't start that conversation, until you have maxed out your skills. You can make up XP gains by doing sidequests or killing enemies. 
  • You have anxiety about choosing the wrong decision or not having the required skills to pass a speech/charisma check
  • - With this enabled, now, there is no "wrong" decision. In the same way that blowing up Megaton in Fallout 3 is not a wrong decision. Furthermore, if you are worried about not having the required skills, level up your character first, before entering a big decision.
  • You may fail a speech because of bad luck, because TTW uses % chances. 
  • - You can download TTW New Vegas Speech Checks, or level up your character, so that it is not random.
  • You want a vanilla experience.
  • - Why are you modding, if you want a vanilla experience? It's good to try new things. 
  • You actually have to read to the dialogue, instead of just picking the one choice the game wants you to choose. You can't just turn your brain off, which you may want to after a long day of work. 
  • - True. It makes dialogue a lot harder.
  • The speech checks are there, but you can still ignore them.
  • True. 

In conclusion, the only valid reasons to *not* enable "No Skill Tags" are the last two: it makes the game harder, and you can ignore speech checks, anyway. "It makes the game harder" is not a good reason, however "You can ignore speech checks, anyway" is a decent reason. It may not be for everyone.


  • Your game will freeze for a couple seconds on the first start-up. This is because of removing the 1-3 second start-up screen, bSkipLoadScreenWait = 1. The faster your hard drive speed, the smaller the freeze. Mine is about 3 seconds on an SSD. In the future, there may be no stutter at all.
  • The auto-save function counts time in the pause menu, as well as in-game time. So, if you pause, go to the bathroom for 5 minutes, and come back, the game will instantly save, and you may lose an important, older auto-save. I have reported this bug to Stewie.
  • If you're using a controller, and the "Drop" item button in the pipboy menu ("X") disappears, or the "Delete Save" button disappears in the save menu, I don't know what causes this. But, it is easily fixed by clicking your mouse, activating keyboard controls, then clicking "A" on an Xbox controller or "X" on a Playstation controller, activating controller controls again. This bug happens rarely, if at all.



This section explains the reasoning behind controvertial changes. But still, I can be swayed, and I make mistakes, so let me know if you disagree with my logic.

  • Weightless Ammo - Less inventory management. Less going back and forth between bases and traders. This change is also in-line with un-modded New Vegas and Fallout 3. Even mini-nukes were weightless in Fallout 3. And it was perfectly balanced in Fallout 3, because there were only a limited number of mini-nukes in Fallout 3. Some have a problem with how you can sell stacks of ammo to get rich fast, but this how Vanilla New Vegas worked. You need to get money somehow (to enter the strip)...
  • Weightless Aid Items in Non-Hardcore - Same reasons as above. Drugs and stimpacks are weightless in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. The exceptions are water bottles and doctor's bags, which are both 1 pound. With all that said, the thing that I like about this change, is that all you have to do is turn on hardcore mode, and suddenly aid items have weight again. Want to play JSawyer version of New Vegas, it's just one flip of the switch away. Want to play vanilla version of New Vegas or Fallout 3, it's just one flip of the switch away. The ability to customize the experience, on the fly, to your liking is there for you.
  • Level Cap Changed to 100 and Skills Cap to 200 - Fallout 3 GOTY's level cap is 30 and skill cap is 100. New Vegas Ultimate Edition's level cap is 50 and skill cap is 100. Put those two together, you get 80 and 200. I just bumped it up to 100, because that's a cooler number, and to account for any other mods you may have that add content. But, this change makes less sense if you are just playing with New Vegas, and you don't have extra content, like Tale of Two Wastelands or their respective D.L.C.'s.
  • Double Jump Added - You can only do it in power armor; you need power armor training to use this feature, which will not come until the late game. It's just like Fallout 4 and Fallout 76's jet pack armor. It's not realistic, but it's super fun. You can scale mountains that were obstacles before. In urban and city areas, you can jump on rooftops, and that adds a whole new dimension to the game. You now have new cover that wasn't there before. Stealth is viable! I also customized it so it's just the right height. It's not too low that it doesn't make a difference, and it's not too high that you will get stuck in some place, you are not supposed to be. It is the same height as the walls surrounding the Strip, Freeside, and Megaton. It pairs nicely with a mod like, invisible wall remover. But, if I still haven't convinced you, you can just remove the mod, double jump.
  • Jumping Uses AP - AP was kind of useless outside of VATS. Plus, this is similar to Skyrim and Oblivion. I think it's kind of realistic, because you are not going to have perfect aim/stamina, after repeatedly jumping.
  • Companions are Essential in Hardcore Mode - In un-modded, hardcore New Vegas and Fallout 3, companions can be killed. Now, they can only be knocked unconcious. I actually did not want to make this change, but because of how Stewie's Tweaks works, it had to be changed. Under, hardcore tweaks, there is the ability to heal yourself while sleeping in hardcore mode, which is the setting that I wanted to change. But, if you change that, you also have to change essential companions in hardcore. Leaving it unchanged, causes companions to be killable in non-hardcore, which I did not want. This seems like a bug to me. But, it's not a big deal.
  • Items Show Individual Weight, Instead of Collective Weight - Not only is this more intuitive, but it is more like Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Skyrim. In addition, it compliments the sort by weight function ("R3") added, and now it makes more sense when you sort by weight.
  • No Targeting Companions in VATS - Another change that I did not want to make, but had to for compatibility with Stash Organizer. I actually like being able to target companions in VATS. It's cool to be able to zoom and see details in on their face (or chest area). And it was funny to shoot at them in VATS and see how they would react.
  • Locations on the Map Show in-game Time to Get There - I tested this feature, and it is accurate, whether you fast travel, walk there, or your speed is increased by agility. Originally, it showed distance in feet, but then I realized, you can get the distance in feet through JAM quest markers or through placing a custom marker on the map. So, now you can have the best of both worlds. It feels more immersive too. It will show you if you are going to arrive at night or not, which I think is cool.
  • Fallout 3 Style Location Discovered Message - I understand that some like that dopamine rush they get when discovering a new location, because this special animation and noise plays. It's also similar to Fallout 4's location discovery. But, I changed it for two reasons. The first is to be more like Fallout 3, which I consider to be a better game, and it is more critically acclaimed (it has won more Game of the Year Awards). The second reason is we live in a time of over-stimulation, and I want to go back to a simpler time. In exchange for having a little quiet time, it makes those dopamine moments in the game more meaningful.
  • Show Caps in Misc Tab - You may be worried about accidentally droping all your money in the middle of nowhere or a container, and losing hours of progress because of a silly mistake. Don't worry about that! If that happens, New Vegas on PC has console commands that can restore your lost caps! I have never dropped anything by accident, and I trust that people are not idiots. And I LOVE when games give you freedom. In Skyrim you can transfer your coins between inventories, but you can not drop your coins. Also, consistency in inventory management is great. If you use the mod, ySI Categories and glowing bottlecaps, it's harder to accidentally throw away caps. Want to experience what life is like for a poor person in Fallout again or just have a harder game?? Now you can!
  • Vendors Only Accept Items They Sell - I don't have any problems with the way the economy and bartering works in vanilla New Vegas, but apparently a fair amount of people think the economy is broken. There are quite a few, popular economy mods on Nexus, and Tale of Two Wastelands overhauls the New Vegas economy to be like Fallout 3. This change should make the economy harder to game and more immersive: it gates getting rich, until you find the right vendors, as opposed to just any vendors. If you play the game for a long time, you will learn where the weapon vendors and doctors are located. Some vendors, like the one in Goodsprings, accept all items. But, I totally understand how this could be annoying, and I am tempted to change it back.

Any feedback is welcome.