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ySI - Categories it's a small addon for ySI - Sorting Ycons that adds new categories to the inventory menu.

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ySI - Categories

This mod have 2 versions. FULL and LITE.
FULL version touch Weapons, Apparel, Aid and Misc menus.
LITE version add categories only in Aid and Misc menus.

Make sure your install all Requirements
If you want LITE version download ONLY "ySI - Categories LITE". Inside .7z archive choose your language and unpack it in Data folder, or install throw your favorite mod manager.

If you want use FULL version make sure your install JIP LN NVSE Plugin
Download "ySI - Categories FULL". Inside .7z archive choose your language and unpack it in Data folder, or install throw your favorite mod manager.
Than download "ySI - Categories Tweaks". Inside .7z archive choose tweak for vanila game, VUI+ or DarNified UI - TTW and install it.
Than download "ySI - Categories.esp" and install it.

  • DON'T USE DarNified UI from moddb (old version), use this DarNified UI - TTW (MIRROR)
  • If you use DarNified UI - TTW YOU DONT NEED TO INSTALL "ySI - Categories.esp". Script added by "ySI - Categories.esp" already exist in "DarNifiedUINV.esp".
  • Also if you use VUI+ and in VUI+ installation you choose "wasd compatible" don't install "ySI - Categories.esp" from updates files, instead download "VUIPLUS wasd compatible fix" from updates and install it.


"E" - back button, you can change this key in game (settings -> controls -> action mapping -> activate).
"X" - back button, ONLY If you use VUI+ and wasd compatible patch from optional files.

This mod compatible with any mod that add any items in game, but it requires additional patches. Good example of how to create tags and icons tags HERE.
NOTE, all icons tags "****" provided by "ySI - Sorting Ycons" attached to new categories from this mod (you can look at them in .json file). That mean if you attach items from mod to already exist icons tag from "ySI - Sorting Ycons" it would work good, but If you create new icon tag "0000" and attach to him items. That items dont be in any category added by that mod, you need to manually attach exist category from this mod to created by you icon tag "0000".
Example of attached category to icons tags from "ySI - Sorting Ycons" you can also find in "ySI - Categories.json".

  • The Weapon Mod Menu - bug with annoying popup window, and not compatible with .esp from this mod. Good solution to this is using almost the same weapon mod menu from Stewie Tweaks. Change this options in nvse_stewie_tweaks.ini

bUnequipWeaponMods = 1
bHideModButtonForNonModdableWeapons = 1
bItemModMenuShowUnownedMods = 1

Message from me
Firstly I want to thank all the fnv modding community for not giving up on the game and making it only better.
Among other things I am not a professional in .xml editing and papyrus scripting, so If there's a bug in the mod, there's a good chance I won't be able to fix it.
Also, English is not my native language and there may be errors, send me a message and I will correct them.