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A perk at every level.

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This Mod gives you a perk every level from the time you activate it. It does not give retroactively, if you want to add the perks you missed you have to use console commands and the perk code. http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_3_console_commands

Example: player.addperk 58fdf - add Power Armor Training

Installation, simple, just drop the esp in the data folder, check in data files.

as for how you install on steam, well you have to go to where you installed steam, look in its folders for steamapps>common>fallot new vegas, and then drop the esp in your data folder, start the game, it'll come up, play, options, data files, click on data files and check this mod.

Alright, for those haveing the problem of getting a perk every other level, it seems that that happens when you have a level cap increase mod, they clash. If you want both, go into my mod in the geck, click on gameplay at the top of the menu, then on settings. This will bring up a dialogue box. In the filter, type Maxchar, this will show the line iMaxCharacterLevel, with a value of thirty, if you set this to what you want, then click save, then it should fix the problem of getting perks every uneven level, just make sure that you turn off the mod that raised the level cap before, please get back to me if this works, for I personally don't use a cap raiser.

Feel Free to check up my other mods, though if you wait long enough I will somehow upload the wrong files on this page... *facepalms*