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Overhauls the pickpocket calculations to take target perception and item weight into account, along with uncapping the success chance and nerfing the impact of item value.

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This mod is obsolete and abandoned - iStewiesAI's Tweaks implements the changes at an engine level. Use that instead.

Pickpocket Overhaul
This mod is based on this forum post. DagothRocketeer went through all the game settings related to pickpocketing and discovered that:
  • The overall chance of success is capped at 85% regardless of sneak skill
  • The chance of detection is massively weighted towards item value. You lose 1% chance of success for every 2 caps in item value
  • Despite what the Fallout wiki says, target perception plays no part in success calculations
  • Similarly, item weight plays no part in success calculations

This mod does the following:
  • Chance of success now maxes out at 100%
  • The impact of item value is now massively reduced - 1% reduction per 200 caps
  • Target perception is now taken into account when calculating success
  • Item weight is also accounted for in the calculations

The vanilla formula for pickpocketing is:
40 + (0.6 * Player Sneak) - (Item Value / 2) - (0.6 * Target Sneak)

This is changed to:
40 + (Player Sneak) - (Item Value / 200) - (Item Weight) - (8 * Target Perception)

This is done using the SetOnMouseoverChangeEventHandler in the JIP LN NVSE Plugin to dynamically alter the formula when an item is moused over in the pickpocket menu.

As an example of the change, trying to steal La Longue Carabine (Weight 5, value 1,500 caps) from Corporal Sterling (Perception 8) in vanilla would always result in the minimum 5% chance of success regardless of player skill due to item value being weighted so heavily. With the new formula, assuming a player sneak of 80, this changes to:

40 + 80 - (1,500 / 200) - 5 - (8 * 8) = 43.5%

Not an instant success, but not impossible given the investment in sneak skill.

XP Edition
This has all the same changes as the other file, but you'll receive a small amount of XP when you successfully pickpocket. A notification message and sound will also appear when you exit the menu - I can't do anything about this, it's a hard coded side effect of using the Challenge system. The XP gain is equal to:

Item Weight + (Current Item Value / 100) + Target Perception
Taking La Longue Carabine again, you'll receive the below XP (assuming it's in full condition):

5lbs + (1,500 caps / 100) + 8 PER = 28 XP