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Cipscis with MCM support added by Gribbleshnibit8

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Redesigned CASM now using the MCM for configuration. Includes several of the optional save conditions from the Fallout 3 version of the mod.

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This mod needs NVSE

Inspired by vivanto's AutoSave Manager for Skyrim, I went back and updated this mod for the first time in 2 years since the release. It now has most of the features of the Skyrim version, brought back in time to Fallout: New Vegas.

This takes the best of CASM and combines it with MCM for easy and quick configuration of all settings on one page. On top of just reconfiguring CASM to use MCM, I added back a few of the features from the Fallout 3 version.

New features include saving on:
  • Sleep/Wait
  • Fast Travel
  • Entering and exiting buildings
  • Quest Completion
  • Location Discovery
  • Reaching previously discovered locations ǂ
  • Leaving Combat
  • Completing Challenges
  • Crafting Items
  • Picking Locks
  • Hacking Terminals
  • Picking Pockets

There are now also several different save types to choose from.
Autosave: Autosaves use a limited number of slots that are shared between all characters. They are nearly identical to the vanilla autosaves, except that you can have more of them.
Incremental Save: An Incremental Save is exactly like the original way CASM made saves, with the exception of the save starting with the character's name now, instead of a profile. This means that each character gets its own set, no need to remember to set a profile up when you make a new character. Options are still up to 50 saves.
Full Save: A Full Save is a unique save that will never be overwritten. The naming of a full save is as follows:
Character Name - Level - Location - Date - Time

Save/Load INI: This option lets you save your settings to an INI file, and reload them from any other save. This is simply a time saving option so that you can quickly get your settings back when making new characters. There is only one INI, so saving a new set of options will overwrite the old one. There is no prompt to ensure you want to overwrite.

ǂ Location reached discovery is a bit aggressive in detecting locations reached. It looks for nearby discovered map markers, and if you get within a certain range it will create a save. I suggest you leave this as an autosave, and if using it set your save delay to 30 seconds or more, to avoid having it run over all of your autosaves.

Combat end detection is broken due to the functions it uses not working. I guess this has always been the case, and it's never been noticed, but I feel I need to point it out. The option still exists due to my desire to not have to rearrange the MCM again, as well as the hope I can get it working in the future.