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Turns every NPC (or only teammates) to unessential by code. Adds pseudo-killcam to companions and followers. Makes weapons and armors playable. Aims to keep realism in combat.

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I like to play in hardcore mode and download new companions, yet its always annoying to see how usually new companions are immortal. This mod aims to fix that by turning them unessential without having to do any configuration.

Classic Fallout considered the chance of death for every character and I like to keep it that way.

Also it will set as playable any weapon or armor item that is currently equipped on the NPC/Companion (Human, Ghoul or Supermutant). It has always annoyed me how they have exclusive items for no reason (they need to be hit first).

INI config file to select the following features:

  • Turns every character/Only companions to essential (by default is all characters*).
  • Sets as playable every weapon an NPC uses.
  • Sets as playable every armor an NPC uses (by default is deactivated as sometimes lets you see tokens made by other mods)
  • Adds an "Epic Death" -kind of killcam- to every teammate and follower. Now you'll be able to see how your buddies die and who killed them (companions are scarse now so you should care). New: Now it also tells you who killed the player.
  • NEW: KeeplPaying fature will let you see how the combat continues for your companions after the player is dead! Press Left click to change angle view, Right click to change companion and Space to stop it.
A clean save is recomended before changing INI settings (in Config folder).

For some characters works on both hardcore and normal mode, for others only on hardcore mode (recomended).  So far it has worked for every character I've downloaded playing in hardcore mode (some of them only die when they got mutilated though). 

*It doesn' t work with children so if you want to make them mortals you'll have to use a Killable Children mod. 

Also check out my other mods: AgonizeHumanize-Brutalize and Darwinize.
Suggestions and bug reports are welcome.

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Go to Fallout.ini and FalloutPrefs.ini, find "bAllowHavokGrabTheLiving=0", change 0 to 1 and save (source).