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Customisable rework of health visuals and AP visuals. Compatible with ENB. I worked on this for two years, so you should download it (unless you want my suffering to go unrewarded, which, that's cool, too; you do what you need to do).

Permissions and credits
After two years working on this, I can finally release it.  It's been tested into the ground, but there's a lot here, so if you come across an oversight, let me know. 

This mod approaches health visuals as something that starts off feeling negligible at full health but gradually makes you feel closer and closer to being on your last leg as your HP depletes.  It's highly configurable, though I confess I did initially intend it for a more hardcore game set-up.  To display health, we have IMODs for things like blurred vision and and other various effects that I incur when I wake up each morning with a migraine (FUN FACT:  The effects are inspired by my headaches), IMODs for colours (mostly red and black), XML for colours in case you're using ENB, and a 'blood frame', a decent amount of blood (depending on your settings) that encroaches on the centre of the screen from its edges as the player's health decreases.

For AP, you have a tonne of options: 3 Ink varieties, Scanlines, Light Rays, Old Film, TV Static, and support for up to three Custom displays.  You can change colour, brightness, speed, and so on.

Look, is Videos:
HP/AP Demos:

Combat Demos:

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Definitive Camera Hotkeys.
Resident Evil 4 Laser Sight.

Configurable Stuff:
I think the best way to illustrate all the things you can do is to paste the (slightly altered) contents of the INI file here for you to peruse.

Installation is standard.  If you have any trouble running the mod, it's possible the 4GB Patcher is needed.  To uninstall, just remove everything.  Can be installed and uninstalled without starting a new game.

How It Works:
I usually like to be more specific about this, but it's just too much.  What I want to stress however is that unlike older health visuals mods, this one uses a lot more event-based scripting.  Unfortunately, there's no event that simply tracks changes in health, only one for heath damage, so there is a running script, but it only updates every 1 second, instead of .1 or .01 as some of the other health visuals mods do.  There are other scripts that will run faster, but they are not generally running for very long, with the exception of the (totally optional!) Blood Frame script.  Needs to update every 0.1 seconds for its animation.  No impact on performance during testing.

Custom AP Animations:
To use the Custom Styles for AP, all you need to do is
1.  navigate to textures\PostHUDWorld\APEffectAnim - Custom1 (or Custom2 or Custom3)
2.  You will see image files called PHWAPAnim*.dds where * is a number between 1 and 14.  Just replace these with your own images.
3.  If you need to use more than 14 images, then just name them accordingly (PHWAPAnim15.dds, PHWAPAnim16.dds, &c.).
4.  Select the same number of animation frames in MCM or INI that you added in that folder.

Advice on Making AP Images:

Other Stuff
Perk - There's a perk you can take to reduce the severity of the visual effects.  I made it before I made the mod so configurable.

Oxygen - There's a drug called Oxygen, intended for use when the player's settings make seeing with low HP really difficult.  It's highly addictive but you ignore pain for thirty seconds, including crippled limbs, and your vision will be totally clear.  Ignoring pain doesn't mean you don't take damage, however; you take just as much damage as you normally would.  There are a few perks you can take to craft Oxygen, and to improve the type you craft.

You can remove Oxygen from your game by turning it off in MCM or INI.  It will still leave whatever instances of it have already spawned that the player never picked up, but there shouldn't be too much of that because it's relatively rare to begin with. Oxygen the player is carrying, however, will be removed to a safe place and will be returned to the player should they turn the option back on.

Crippled Limbs - When your limb gets crippled, there are optional sounds that can be played. One of them is what the game normally plays if you fall from a great height and take damage (the sound of a gorgeous hunk of man breaking celery sticks at an even gorgeouser microphone), and the other is a bunch of sounds I recorded that my bones make when I get up in the morning. I recorded my bones hundreds of times for your benefit.

You can change the limb sounds I recorded and swap them for a different file by going to
and replacing it with a different mono WAV file.


Do what you want but credit me, and ideally, contact me, just because it interests me to see what people are doing with my work if they found it useful in their own work.  I don't mandate anything, but not crediting original authors is kind of a wrong thing to do, and what you want to be is correct, isn't it?  Exactly.