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Allows you to bypass the lockpick and hack minigames if you have the proper skill by pressing Z.

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Are you tired of wasting time in the lockpick or hacking minigames? Your character has the skill, so why can't you just get through with it? Well I present to you "Bypass Minigames", the all-in-one way for easy minigame bypassing, without having to open their interface at all! Just press Z while you're looking at the terminal or locked door/container.

Requires NVSE!!!

What it Does:
Press Z while looking at the locked terminal/door/container with the correct skill level or higher to bypass the minigame completely, however there are some side effects, for starters you will not gain experience for bypassing a minigame, period, secondly bypassing a physical lock has a chance to break a bobby pin depending on player skill vs lock requirement, so you need at least one to unlock doors and containers.

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