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Converts all Fallout 3 dialogue to use the New Vegas speech system.

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TTW New Vegas Speech Checks

This mod converts all Fallout 3 percentage based checks into New Vegas style speech checks, ensuring that there is parity between New Vegas and Fallout 3 when it comes to dialogue checks. Additionally, some speech checks have been changed to use barter where appropriate.


To install this mod, you can either install it using a mod manager of your choice, or you can manually install it yourself by placing the ESM and BSA in your New Vegas data directory. To remove it, just remove them using the aforementioned methods.

Compatibility/Load order

This mod should be compatible with most other mods, however, mods that edit dialogue may overwrite this mods changes, therefore, it is good practice to check FNVEdit to resolve these.

Disclaimers and other general notes

- All facets of this mod have been tested thoroughly to ensure there is no breakage of vanilla dialogue trees.

- This mod contains no UDR's or ITM's, making it safe to use.

- The mod has been built off of TTW 3.2.2, making it fine to use with the latest TTW versions.