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This mod won't let you use weapons if you don't meet all the requirements.

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This mod won't let you use weapons if you don't meet minimal skill and\or strength requirements.
It's a simple mod made by request during coffee break.

Each time you try to equip certain weapon, and you don't meet its minimal strength or skill requirement - that weapon will be immediately unequipped. Immersive message will tell you why exactly you cannot use that weapon.
You can use various items, chems, and food to boost your skills and strength.

Just install and play the game. Adds some difficulty on lower levels.

Latest NVSE (beta version 5.0b3)

Additional info
I will not support this mod in any way.
If there are people who want to improve it in some way - PM me,
and I will give you the rights to edit this page.

Install required mods first. They are essential and without them – this mod will not work.
"Weapon requirements matter" mod installs like any other mod, manually or using a mod manager.
I recommend the latter for easy uninstallation.

Same as installation, in reverse.

Obsidian for Fallout New Vegas
NVSE for all the good stuff
CroftMG for the idea & request