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Added: 28/12/2010 - 06:37AM
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Gives you two perks per level. Not such a cheat, really -- there are too many perks to choose from, especially if you add more perks to the game (eg, see XFO Perk Paths at http://newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=39051). More customization!

From the XFO Package at XFO-NV.com -- Not even yet implemented into the main package! ... Still in alpha; feedback is much appreciated!

From the readme at XFO-NV.com (go there for updates and details!):

Now you can gain TWO perks per level! While it may sound like cheating, most never thought that when they went from a perk every two levels to a perk every level. The wasteland is harsh, and perks are fun. Plus, there are so many perk-adding modules (like my own "perk paths" above! :P), it can feel overwhelming to choose and underwhelming how many perks you get. I like it. If I get requests, I'll add a retroactive module (this one only works on levels gained after installation). Similarly, I can add a 3 Perks per level version, etc. Depends on demand ;)

NOTE: Not recommended for use with Swift Learning, at any rank. I've put in a check, so if you have swift learning, you may simply lose a little xp each time you gain an extra perk, but not necessarily, and shouldn't be much at all (whatever passes over the new-level mark will be lost).