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jsawyer - Roy Batty

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TTW version of jsawyers mod, tweaked for TTW and uploaded with permission from Josh Sawyer.

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This mod is an edit of jsawyer's mod. It is NOT jsawyers mod exactly. I was given permission to upload it here under the agreement that I make it clear that it is NOT purely his mod.

This mod is not intended to be an exact compatible only version of his mod! His mod also contains a few errors and bugs which I've fixed.

This mod is intended to bring the jsawyer experience to TTW with only slight changes to make it less aggrivating in the Capital Wasteland. The only changes are to base health, carry weight and level cap for reasons of balance. It is otherwise the same. It is NOT configurable in any way as that destroys the intention of the mod which is take it or leave it. For gameplay overhaul features, see ROOG.


  • Bug Fixes and redundant changes included in TTW are removed.
  • Power Armor training is handled by the vanilla function instead of removing the flag from armors which breaks the idle stance.
  • Level Cap removed.
  • Weight limit restriction reduced as Fallout 3 has 10 times more combat than New Vegas does and running home to get ammo every 5 minutes is not fun.
  • Pre Order pack items placed in appropriate locations around the first few hours of game play in the Capital Wasteland. New Vegas Locations remain. That means there are two sets of the pre order items available.