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This mod will allow the player to access their weapon mods (attachments) and apply/remove them in real time.
Standalone feature from WIP Project B42

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Unexpected, huh? So why have I decided to release one of Project B42's features as a standalone mod? Well, there are few reasons.
First of all, it's one of those features that doesn't require any 3D assets, it works well and it's useful as a part of the vanilla game.
Another reason is, of course, the constant questions: "Where's B42?! When will you release it?!". I don't like waiting myself, I know that feeling.
So here I am, releasing RWMS as a standalone mod.
This feature will be included into B42 anyway. With different look, different feel, but same functionality.
Will I release other B42 features as standalone mods? Maybe, maybe not. We'll see.

This mod will allow the player to access their weapon mods (attachments) and apply/remove them in real time.

To enable RWMS menu: Hold Z key (MCM configurable)
To install\uninstall weapon mods: select the mod with your mouse, and press the attack key (Default LMB).
To move RWMS menu around: Hold RWMS key and use arrow keys or End to reset.

This mod supports vanilla and darnified fonts natively.
Works with DLCs, WMX, WME and any standalone weapon mods out there.
Doesn't require translation.
If any weapon mods don't have a icons (standalone weapons from nexus) - there's nothing I can do about it. Ask weapon authors to add icons.
If you don't have a particular weapon mod - its icon will be grayed out.
If you have a particular weapon mod - its icon will be solid black.

MCM menu breakdown:
Realtime Weapon Modding key: Key used bring up Realtime Weapon Modding menu (Default: Z)
Hide menu background: This option turns off dark background in the RWMS menu.
Hide mods description: This option turns off weapon mods description in the RWMS menu.

Latest NVSE (beta version 5.0b3)
JIP NVSE Plugin version 19 or higher
User Interface Organizer

Install required mods first. They are essential and without them – this mod will not work.
RWMS mod installs like any other mod, manually or using a mod manager.
I recommend the latter for easy uninstallation.
Uninstallation is the same as installation, in reverse.

Bethesda for making new Fallout games
Obsidian for amazing Fallout New Vegas
NVSE team and JazzIsParis for making this mod possible
Jojash, Hitman47101, Ebby Exaspimaru for testing and valuable input.