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zoom your weapon scope view with mouse wheel,work with both stock scope and the one come from weapon mod

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basically,this is a work from my script learning.
it should work with almost every weapon has a scope(stock or attached scope mod,even binoculars),
except the "Red Glare" from Lonesome Road DLC,I don't know why.
as the wiki says "A prototype rocket launcher developed ...", I guess maybe because it's a prototype ;)
but if you know why,leave a comment

knowing issues:
1. doesn't work on Red Glare rocket launcher
2. you can zoom with Paciencia(unique hunting rifle) even it doesn't have a scope
that because Paciencia has "Has Scope" option checked in GECK weapon settings,
I guess dev copy it from hunting rifle and remove its mods,then forget to uncheck the option
to fix this you just need uncheck the option under "art and sound" tab,
or don't touch your wheel when you use this gun
3.this mod may conflict with mods that manipulate the same hotkeys(right mouse button or mouse wheel)

in fallout3 I use "Zooming Scoped Weapons" mod by Artorp
it had a port verison by jnf,somehow he disable the download, so I wrote one for my personal use,
I use Artorp's script and another script from gorey666 as reference
here credits go to you guys,and of course the geniuses behind NVSE

just a single esp drop to Data folder and check
this mod requires "New Vegas Script Extender(NVSE)" to work

how to use in game:
hold down the aim key(right mouse button or leftAlt key),then use mouse wheel to zoom in or out

if you know how to use GECK,you can change hotkey or other settings by your self,
the script name is "ZoomingScopeScript", i do write comments in the code,shouldn't be hard to read