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Last updated at 2:56, 10 Nov 2010 Uploaded at 4:17, 7 Nov 2010

Cipscis' Automatic Save Manager: New Vegas - CASM:NV

CASM:NV replaces Fallout: New Vegas' saving system so that you no longer have to rely on only a single autosave or quicksave to fall back on.

This is achieved by cycling through a certain number of saves, so that older saves are still overridden but there are also always previous saves available if you need to reload a save earlier than your last one.

CASM:NV creates saves in two ways:
- Automatically after a certain length of time
- Manually with a hotkey (F4 by default)

To install CASM:NV, simply place CASM.esp in your Data folder and activate it in the mod manager of your choice.

CASM:NV requires NVSE (New Vegas Script Extender), so you must start Fallout: New Vegas via the NVSE loader in order for CASM:NV to function correctly. NVSE can be downloaded from its homepage:

To uninstall CASM:NV, simply deactivate CASM.esp in the mod manager of your choice.

In order to reach CASM:NV's settings menu, hold down your hotkey for 1 second. The menu allows you to change various settings within CASM:NV
- Number of save slots
- 1
- 5
- 10
- 20 (Default)
- 30
- 50
- Profile
- 5 profiles to choose from. Each profile uses a separate set of save slots. Profile 1 is used by default.
- Interval between autosaves
- 1 minute
- 3 minutes
- 5 minutes (Default)
- 10 minutes
- 30 minutes
- 60 minutes
- Show message when autosaving
- Yes (Default)
- No
- Save while sneaking
- Yes (Default)
- No
- Save with weapon out
- Yes (Default)
- No
- Minimum health percentage at which to save
- 0%
- 10%
- 20% (Default)
- 30%
- 40%
- 50%
- Show message when quicksaving
- Yes (Default)
- No
- Remap hotkey

CASM:NV 1.0.0 - 7th November 2010
- Initial release
- Compiled with NVSE v1.0 beta 1

CASM:NV 1.0.1 - 7th November 2010
- Save interval menu now functions as expected
- Quicksaving message now works

CASM:NV 1.0.2 - 7th November 2010
- Autosaving now works

CASM:NV 1.0.2b - 10th November 2010
- Compiled with NVSE 1.0 beta 4 to support New Vegas' patch

Please don't upload CASM:NV anywhere without my permission.

If you wish to use anything that you find in CASM:NV, feel free to do so without my permission. If you use assets directly, please give credit.

Thanks to Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel and Paul Connelly (ianpatt, behippo and scruggsywuggsy the ferret) for NVSE. You guys make this stuff possible!
Thanks to Bethesda Games Studios and Obsidian Entertainment for Fallout: New Vegas and the New Vegas GECK
CASM:NV was made by Mark Hanna, a.k.a. Cipscis

Thanks to The 3rd Type for reporting the bugs fixed in v1.0.1
Thanks to RJ the Shadow for reporting that I hadn't uploaded the correct files in my initial upload of v1.0.1
Thanks to FiachDubh for reporting that autosaving didn't work in version 1.0.1

I'm often very disorganised in my correspondence, so if you contact me and I don't reply please don't take it personally. If you contact me again after a few days I should get back to you.

You can contact me via PM on the Bethesda Games Studios Forums as Cipscis
You can contact me via PM on the Nexus Forums as Cipscis
You can email me at [email protected]

For troubleshooting, bug reports, or feature requests, the comment thread on New Vegas Nexus or the release thread on the BGS forums would both be good places to let me know.