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Fixes "no firing sound if quickly shot second time" and "stuck in firing animation with no ammo" bugs in a compatible way.

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You may also want to check my other related mods:
Reload Animation Fix
Minigun long wind-up (spin-up) restoration and aiming fix - if you are using this one, read installation part carefully

There is also FOMOD-friendly compilation of my weapon fixes made by axonis, get it here if you don't like to install mods manually.


This mod fixes two bugs associated with F:NV automatic weapons, first is that if you are out of ammo and keep firing button pressed your weapon continues to play firing animation until you release button and second one is that if you stop firing certain weapons and then start firing again right away there will be no firing sound. You can watch the video to better understand what I'm talking about.

Here's list of weapons that were affected in some way by a sound bug, now they are fixed:

Various Miniguns
Various Gatling Lasers incl. Sprtel-Wood
Various Flamers incl. insta-firing TTW BS Flamers
Heavy Incinerator
Ripper incl. GRA Ripper
Thermic Lance
Industrial Hand
Auto Axe from TTW

Best thing is that besides them any modded weapons that use vanilla sounds are also auto-fixed, and even if you use weapons with custom sounds you can manually add them to form lists/edit their sounds a bit and they will be also fixed, or alternatively you can disable selected weapons from auto-fixing, see "customization" part.


This mod requires you to have NVSE and JIP LN NVSE Plugin and will not work otherwise.

To install simply copy esp and Sound folder in [game folder]\Data and enable esp file in launcher.
If you are using my Minigun long wind-up (spin-up) restoration mod you also need to copy Sound folder from Long windup folder, but you still need to copy original Sound folder first.
Do it backwards to uninstall, but make sure to only delete Sound\fx\hz\awfix and not your whole Sound folder.

This mod does not change any vanilla records or files and does all its changes by a script so it should be pretty compatible with anything. If you are using weapon sound overhauls or other automatic guns sound fixes it will most likely overwrite their changes.

There may be slight incompatibility with mods that disable/enable attack control through NVSE functions, like selective fire mods, however:
It will only really affect Miniguns and Flamers in burst firing modes (srsly burst firing them?), and even then it will most likely simply lead to sound fix not working unless you switch back to full auto mode.

Probably not very compatible with Manual Reloading - Firing Animation Fix because it does the same thing regarding 0 ammo bug but in a bit different way.

JIP RWO compatibility is built-in.


VATS and NPCs are still affected by sound bug, tho to a less degree than before.

Sometimes when spamming lmb or playing on low (<30) fps it is still possible for firing sound to disappear tho its very rare.

A few of the fixed weapons now have small delay (~0.5 sec) after you stop firing before you will be able to start firing again to ensure animation is fully stopped.
This is hardly noticeable because delay is very short, only apply if you fire again in the same second you stopped and affects weapons that are already had delay before firing to begin with, such as Miniguns & vanilla Flamers. Weapons that are meant to be rapidly fired again after stop such as Gatling Lasers or TTW BS Flamers are almost unaffected by this delay.

Gatling Laser is now like Sprtel-Wood, there is no spin-up or spin-down sound it just start firing when you press trigger and stop when you release it. Not like it has any real spin-up/down in vanilla, it was purely sound effect and you actually already fired a few shots during spin-up sound.

If you fire Gatling/Sprtel-Wood without releasing the trigger for longer than 12/6 seconds or TTW BS Flamer/any flamers that start to fire instantly for longer than 15 seconds firing sound will stop playing until you stop firing and start again. This is impossible in vanilla unless you are using god mode cheat for infinite ammo.

Bug when automatic weapons sometimes randomly stop firing is not fixed, but now will not lead to silent sound.


NOTE: This mod automatically fixes all weapons that use vanilla sounds and leaves weapons with custom sound unchanged so you should only read this if you are semi competent with GECK and want to add support for your custom weapons or stop fixes to apply for some specific weapons.