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This removes message boxes that pop up during the tutorial, as well as one-time help pop-ups, repeating corner-messages.

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2.0 modifies the script to feed in from .ini files. New messages can easily be added by a user or add-on mods, or re-enabled if you don't want them disabled, all without needing to modify the script. 2.0 requires Johnny Guitar NVSE with the bLoadEditorIDs option enabled in JohnnyGuitar.ini. 


This removes message boxes that pop up during the tutorial, as well as those that occur once during a new game, and repeating corner-messages.

The Tutorial quests for Sunny Smiles still work, this just removes the messages for those who have played the game before.

An optional add-on (Tutorial Killer - Factions) also removes the one-time tutorial pop-up for Faction armor, changes the every-time pop-up to a corner message, and removes the repeating reminders about wearing faction armor.

The example images are, obviously, vanilla examples of what's removed; you'll never see them with this mod. These removed messages include:

Repeating corner-messages

Beginning corner-messages for basic controls

Automatic "Help" messages (the big VDSG message boxes)

One-time Message boxes


  • Compatible with everything