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Generated Facegen/Face Tints/Facemods and Bodymods For Various Different Mods.

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This is similar to my other mods for NVCE and FCO expect this is for various different mods.

I have generated the facegen for various mods as it should prevent the need to set bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles to 1 and the white face bug.

If you want any mods to have facegen please leave comment or message me.

There are a few things I should note:
  • I have only generated facegen for mods that have esm or esp flagged as esm that contain NPC data as facegen does not work with regular esp files. I have now added facegen for someguy's mods that required it and intend to add more however you need to flag the esps as esm or my facegen for these mods will be useless however this might cause issues with the original mods but I am not sure yet.
  • All of the mods I have generated facegen for I do not use at the moment but if there is any issues with the facegen please do inform me.
  • I have no plans at the moment to generate facegen for any TTW mod though if do ever get around to reinstalling TTW I will. I have now generated facegen for some TTW mods however I don't TTW 3.3 currently installed. Also some facegen for some of these mods might not work as they maybe updated for TTW 3.3
  • I might do this Fallout 3 mods. I have now done this it can seen here https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/25477
  • The files do not include anything from the original mods and require the original mods to function.
  • I have not put any of the files into BSA as I can not be bothered at the moment however that might change.

List of mods I have generated facegen for:
  • 3DNPCs (This file will also include facegen for the Hope Lies and Velius however they will only work if you add the esm flag to the esps)

Tools and Resources used: