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You thought your dealings with the people of New Reno were over. Little did you know, they were just beginning. A infamous mercenary has stolen valuable documents from the New Reno Crime Families in order to save his own skin. In doing so, he has started a worldwide manhunt for himself. Track him down for your bosses before it's too late.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
Episode II

You thought you've finished in your dealings with the New Reno Crime Families. It's been quite a while since you've heard but a peep from the bosses, until one fateful day you get a  urgent message on your pip-boy about having to meet someone at the Tops. You've been hired by the Crime Families to track down a Ill-Fated Mercenary who made the major mistake of stealing some important documents from the Granin Family. He was last sighted heading through Zion, and is believed to be in a remote area of the deserts of Utah known as the Canyonlands. Your task, bring back the mercenary alive and with the documents he stole. However, be warned, you won't be the only person after this mercenary. They'll do anything to get the reward for this bounty. 
You'll be surprised to what this installment of the New Reno series offers, as a multiple branching main questline is not the only feature. New Weapons, New Armors, New World spaces (That's right, multiple world spaces), Several Side quests, and 5 New Companions!

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Stay Tuned for Episode 3
All DLC's - Excluding Preorder Packs
Tales of New Reno Redux Choice Recorder
Tales of New Reno Redux: Episode Zero (Play First)

Tales of New Reno Redux: Episode One 

How do I install the mod?
I would recommend installing manually, but Nexus/Vortex/Fomm work fine. Files should be placed in the Fallout: New Vegas/Data folder. Location of this folder may vary depending on where you have your copy installed. Make sure before you start to have ALL mods in the series installed and active.

Do I install all episodes at once?
I really wish people would read the description instead of asking these questions on reddit.

How do I start the Mod?
First, complete Episode One of the Series. After a few minutes or so of playtime, you'll get a message to meet someone at the Tops Aces Theater on the New Vegas Strip. If for some reason, your game doesn't start the quest, or you just want to skip the first mod, first type the following into the console.
set TNR1Choices.CianciPlaythrough to 1 (Cianci Storyline) or set TNR1Choices.GraninPlaythrough (Granin Playthrough)
setstage TNRMQ01 5
There is also a savestate that you can download here:https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/78944

This has been adjusted to change the mod depending on what you played. If you played Episode One and not Episode Zero, characters from Episode Zero will not appear in this mod. This mod will recognize if you sided with either Mr. Cianci and Mr. Granin in the end. You'll get the same main quest either way with small factors changed. I did this mainly to test if I could carry over choices, and because I didn't want to do massive diverging paths among the massive diverging paths evident in the mod itself. Depending on your choices in Episode Zero and One, some characters may like you, some may not. Others may not even appear in the game period if they met their ultimate demise. In some cases, you may even miss out on certain side quests if those characters were never met or never survived. Characters should also have different opinions dependent on your actions. Choose Wisely. 

-Does not work with Freeside Open
-No Honest Hearts Reborn either
(Mod requires you to travel through an unaltered Zion)
(Not Required but suggested you complete Honest Hearts before playing)

Pipboy Map Crashes
If you're getting crashes from opening your pipboy, I have been able to confirm that this issue is a conflict with other mods and not an issue with the mod itself. If you have iStewieTweaks installed, some people with this issue were able to solve the CTD by editing the following lines.
MapMarkersShowFactijavascript-event-stripped 1 (Change to Zero)
and bMarkNearbyLocatijavascript-event-stripped 1 (Change to Zero)
Others have been able to identify Consistent Pip-boy icons as the issue. I imagine other mods that add several map markers with faction relevance to the current New Vegas worldmap might produce the same issues. It is possible there could be other culprits to this issue, but as of now, I have narrowed those two mods as the sole catalysts.

Voice Actors
  1. Brandon Fincher as Declan Stanton, Grendle, Worm, and Carver
  2. AlexZaehou as Black dog
  3. Ash Vaykel as General Erickson, Mullins, and Brian Cox
  4. Girlypants as Morgan, Scribe Lin, Head Scribe Trelawney, Samantha Reed, Regina, Sari, Sarah Kath, Lizzy, and Pitstop Residents
  5. Kathleen Russell as Chelsie, Mary, Christina Reed, Die-Ann, Scribe Williams, Compound Mercenaries (Ghoul), Brotherhood Soldiers, and Vault 68 Residents
  6. Razi the Red-AWEstep as Shrap, Foreman Toggle, Knight Apollo, E.R.OS, and General Jacobus
  7. Zack Otto as Paladin Keetz, Sherbert, Mike, Knight White, and Hale
  8. Alex Orr as Initiate Warren, Harlen, Karus, Bad WolfGarret, The Pimp, and Judd
  9. RMP321 as Doolin, Captain Ramos, Landon Hughes, War Dog Soldiers, and Brotherhood Soldiers
  10. Dongobot as Pheonix, Initiate Pendleton, Darzian, and Himself
  11. BabyAteMyDingo as Jonathan Reed, Maddox, Knight James, and Brotherhood Soldiers
  12. Ollyoxen as Saidow Tribals, Tim, David, and Himself
  13. AmericanWeirdo as Galahad, DeeJay, and Stanley
  14. SpaceCoastDragon Jean Braun, and Vault 68 Residents
  15. Mickannese as Cole, Leonard, and Edward Reed
  16. JimmyRyder as Manny DeCampa, Eustace, and ARGUS
  17. Jonathon_vo as Mark Sheppard, Dr. Roberts, and Mickey
  18. Jonathan Franklin as Marx, Patrick, and Sheriff Rotface
  19. Malkavian Grin as Abner, Clem, and Jameson Morrow
  20. ChasMandala as Tony Sirco
  21.  DanteFettman as Sgt. Wiggs, Nuntius, and Awan
  22. Anthony W. as Cato Nemodia, Alvarez, and Old North
  23. John D as Don Eladio and Paladin Williams
  24. Claymarissa as Emma
  25. FrenchDipp as Doug Tramour, Roland, and The Ark
  26. Preston Hardin as Tovar
  27. person0129 as Jesse and Suicidal Mercenary
  28. Joshua Medlock as Davin ,Giovanni, and Stansfield
  29. Parker F. as Alden
  30. Ztef as Carrie and Meadow
  31. Paddy2077 as Dana
  32. Wyatt Henry as Eagles and Halden
  33. Forrest Lee as Amadeus and Knight Apostle
  34. Cellblock Psycho as Dr. Dutchman and Vault 68 Residents
  35. ReeveCedric as Vault 68 Residents and War Dog Soldiers
  36. Maisie P as Riley Tramour and Kathy
  37. Amelia Rika as Red
  38. Max Million as Nish Fudds
  39. SwoloJolo as Vulcan
  40. Sorceress737 as Krissy
  41. Pinchy17 as Buddy and The Ark
  42. Ashley Lawrence as Luke, Compound Mercenaries, and Brotherhood Soldiers
  43. Lapis26619C as Olivia
  44. joannaeve as Mildren
  45. Jholms as Preston
  46. Coolfiend as Devin (Rambler Radio Host)
  47. JamesXavier as Dr. Barnes
  48. MainStMerryMedium as Alyssa
  49. Rianna McIntosh as Paladin Lucifer
  50. Bhikshu as John Dixon
  51. Mrflufaluffakins as Knight Drew
  52. ameangelofsin as Anna
  53. theov3rseer as Wasteland Ghoul
  54. Clayton Brown (ArmsDealer) as Emmet and Edward
  55. OldManMammoth as Bald Headed John
  56. ThatKidWhoDoesStuff as Balthazaar
  57. MichealMeh as Christian Ortega
  58. Derek Aronow as Carl
  59. Mark Bessette as Ron
  60. Kasia as Dawn
  61. SkoomAddict as Scribe Yue
  62. CDO947214 as Robert Sanger
  63. Thog as Trepadon
  64. firerat as Jimmy James
  65. IHSFilms as Dominus
  66. skullface as Indagator Iustiate
  67. Father Hill as Edik Gregory
  68. Cari Scholtens as Antonia and Bea
  69. Lee Richardson as Rocko
  70. Kinsmarck as Dirge
  71. DomhnallofZena as Vedit
  72. freyapapaya as Joan and Allison
  73. Mr.NKB as Cato Viribus, Diego, and Pete
  74. bohisokay as Cato Aspectus
  75. cccPW121599 as Boris
  76. Charkiboi as Dr. Ventus, Paladin Morgan, Darren Cross, Marcus, Garther, and Steven Dunruff
  77. Ryan "C_Squint" Do as Lars
  78. Chad Noss - Art Dad Chad as Mushroom
  79. Repzion as Nate
  80. SethEdwardChar as Erman, John Lamb, and Zed
  81. Wilbo as Winston
  82. HenryMartinVA as Malik, Kaden, Drug Dealer, and Army Ghoul
  83. Burn The Night as Jim
  84. Lawrence Trotti as The Ark
  85. Dhippi as The Ark
  86. Spencer Coles as The Ark
  87. MackTheParty/JeremyHarderVO as Ezra Hanson and Brother Soldiers (Deathclaw)
  88. Raven2236 as Brotherhood Soldiers (Ghoul) and Amanda
  89. RandyVirdenVO as Paul
  90. Sandra W. as Scribe Whitle
  91. Backstreet-Racoon as Frenzy and Jonathan Reed
  92. JSmith as Luca
  93. malcolmthemad as Guster
  94. Dirty_byt as August
  95. Dia as Alyssa
  96. Thee BurNs as Cassidy McCormic
  97. KatyWebb as Sondra
  98. grantthehierophant as Justin
  99. creeper2750 as Owens
  100.  opalreflections as Rachel, Kendra, and Lt. Alenko
  101. FrozenFoe as Asher, Loach, and Random Brotherhood Soldiers
  102. bluemoon653 as Brotherhood Soldiers, Compound Mercenaries, Hyper-Dan, and Jauncy
  103. ElPascal as Zulikas
  104. arnedarvin as Isiah
  105. Jerhico_Bull as Kane
  106. BonesMcGee as Killer
  107. kirstenriaa as Roxanne
  108. lady_theta as Garcia
  109. Pomen as Junction
  110. Kris Clausen as QuietStep and Issachar
  111. KingAndrew as Judah
  112. GoldenBrockVO as Elder Hoode and Fred Cohen
Developer Credits
Main Crew
Cellblock Psycho - Creator/Project Lead/Writer
StupidAnswer - Interior and Exterior Design/Quest Design
AmericanWeirdo - Quest Design
NazenTheDark - Quest Design
RadioFloyd235 - Music
pieecuu - Audio Engineer
TB bbs - Writer (Additional Lore)

Winters - Interiors (Legion/Brotherhood Player Home, Sector B Waste Disposal ARK)
Scout - Texture/ Mesh Edits (Kane Dagger, and Ranger Outfit)
Huwu Struwul - Interiors (Sector A ARK Facility)
Blacksoul501 - Interior Clutter (Vault 68, Berkshire Mansion)
gHillie - Exterior Design (Area behind brotherhood outpost)
Zetrax - Interior Design ( Virgilwood Sewers)
ElPascal - Worldspace Design (Enemy/Allied Patrols)
MagnuMspec - Quality Assurance
TwilightKhan - Testing
Random411 - Interiors
Devastatin' Dave - Faction Icons

NexusMods Assets used
JoOs MODERN Armory - JackoO
ST Robot Race - SmileyTops
Moraelins Machete Replacer - Moraelin
Courier Six Clothes - DestructionAres
Wasteland Opportunist Armor - Zeus_II
Midwestern Power armor - Hereticus DaiShi AnOneTwo
TeslaArmor Pack - Hereticus
Weapon Resource Mega Pack - butchcassidy, user826, amsoho75gr, xxIsigmaIxx
Midwestern Power Armor - Arkaan
Midwestern Combat Armor - jojonexus and FavoredSoul

Special Thanks
Tgspy - For Some Great Advice and a few bug fixes to the Mod
Nazo the Dark - For work above and beyond added to this project despite working on many more important projects.
The Fallout Modding Community
Outlander - For Helping port some meshes
MickeyVPN - For greating some custom meshes for the game
Master of unlocking - For providing us with a new creature design
All of our Voice Actors!
YouTubers - For being a part of this project, and offering great support!