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Get hired by a mysterious man with deep pockets who hires you to take out a New Reno Mob Boss who now has his eyes set on taking the Mojave. Will you follow through on the contract, or work for the Mob Boss yourself?

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
Episode I
Located in a dive bar within the settlement of westside, a Mysterious Man is being hassled by a couple of suited thugs. Feeling a need to intervene with the bar brawl that had ensued, you make a choice to either side with the outnumbered thugs doing their job, or the mysterious stranger being hassled by them. In this quest adventure, you'll either work with an accountant, a NCR Deserter, and a group of diminished gangsters to take down a New Reno Mob Boss, or you'll find yourself under the employ of that very same New Reno Mob Boss and attempt to climb your way up the ladder. Although it might seem that things are easily divided between good an evil between the two factions, you'll soon find yourself walking a fine line in-between. 
This mod is a multi-branching quest mod with two completely contrasting paths. Each path gives the player a companion, as well as offering new weapons, factions, and new areas added to the Mojave Wasteland to explore. There are also several new side-quests added. Some being dependent on which campaign you choose and others being completely independent of campaign choice. The choices you make in this mod will effect how the story changes in subsequent episodes. Choose wisely. 
The Mod can be started by heading over to a bar in westside called Mac's Bar, from there, you'll make a choice on how to continue the quest.

If you'd like to keep up to date on how this mod is progressing or want to throw in any offers to help or just throw in your two cents, feel free to join our discord server. Link below!


All DLC's - Excluding Preorder Packs
Tales of New Reno Redux Choice Recorder
Tales of New Reno Redux: Episode Zero (Play First)


How do I install the mod?
I would recommend installing manually, but Nexus/Vortex/Fomm work fine. Files should be placed in the Fallout: New Vegas/Data folder. Location of this folder may vary depending on where you have your copy installed. Make sure before you start to have ALL mods in the series installed and active.

Do I install all episodes at once?

Where do I start the Mod? 
A New Location in Westside called Mac's Bar. If you don't know where Westside is, I'm not sure what to say.

I can't find my Equipment!
  • Audere Est Facre Quest: You can find your stuff in a locker inside Clarence's Hideout. There is literally a quest marker pointed at it. If you miss that, it's on you.
  • King of the Hill Quest: This one is more understandable, but not exactly illusive. You can find your stuff in the prison pens cell, locked in a locker inside Bruno's Apartment. Everything is clearly labeled for your convenience. 
  • It's not over until the Ghoul Dies Quest: Pyotr will give you your items at the very beginning of the quest. I don't know how someone could miss that, but... if you did here you go!

-Freeside Open
-Milkman Quest Mod
Pipboy Map Crashes
If you're getting crashes from opening your pipboy, I have been able to confirm that this issue is a conflict with other mods and not an issue with the mod itself. If you have iStewieTweaks installed, some people with this issue were able to solve the CTD by editing the following lines.
MapMarkersShowFactijavascript-event-stripped 1 (Change to Zero)
and bMarkNearbyLocatijavascript-event-stripped 1 (Change to Zero)
Others have been able to identify Consistent Pip-boy icons as the issue. I imagine other mods that add several map markers with faction relevance to the current New Vegas worldmap might produce the same issues. It is possible there could be other culprits to this issue, but as of now, I have narrowed those two mods as the sole catalysts.
This mod will remain unchanged from the events of Episode Zero. This is due to the fact that you can complete this mod without playing episode zero if you want to. You can also play episode zero after completing episode one. The events of episode zero and one will take more effect starting on the next installment!

Voice Actors
  1. Connor Miranda as John Cianci
  2. claymarissa as Emma
  3. Forrest McGilvray as Vladimir Granin
  4. Connor as Mikhail Granin
  5. Alecbattaglia as Clarence
  6. Ash Vaykel as Kane
  7. vincanova as Kingsley
  8. Joshua Medlock as Pyotr, and Elias
  9. Cellblock Psycho as Vincenzo, Bruno and Mr. Simms
  10. Suit Yourself as J.C
  11. Alex Zaehou as Frank
  12. Bill as Scout Master Irons and Billy Shears
  13. Michaelmeh as Sport and Legion Centurion
  14. Space Coast Dragon as Bill, Mitch, and Dougy
  15. Natalie Rodriguez as Ivanna
  16. Avpere as Dr. Clearwater, SAM, and Ester Granin
  17. Gatorfolk as Leon
  18. Tarfari Clark as Joe Cox
  19. Chucklebaryfinn as Steve Minh
  20. Anthony Imirian as Emil Antonosky
  21. Arcademike as Bobby and Pete
  22. Dead-vo as Salvatore
  23. Victoria K. as Eva and Cindy
  24. Rebecca as Sweetie May and Kane Cultists
  25. Cinderfxll as Kane Cultists
  26. Vincent eller as Adam, Gavin, Garin, and War Dog Soldiers
  27. Kathleen Russell as War Dog Soldiers
  28. Uuntiedshoelace as Nisha
  29. ihfilms as Mr.Smith, Amazo, Willie the Pimp, and Paco
  30. MarshallsVoices as Terry Kath and Mac
  31. Ashley Lawrence as Nash Williams
  32. Sirsallas as McGilligan and Shean
  33. knight0mega as Melody
  34. Jeichling as Senator Grislin and Cianci Goons
  35. Cari Scholtens as Milly
  36. MischivousMic as Yannis, Sen Lin, and Mr. Soth
  37. Chris Brady as Robby and Wyatt
  38. Dia as Samantha
  39. Walter Olsen as Buckethead, Bounty Hunters, Dr. Murphy Barrows, and Johannes
  40. Noah S.as Clive and Joe
  41. Parker F. as Albert and Gerry
  42. James Nichols as Decanus Romanus
  43. Brandon Fincher as Declan, Crazy Adam and Rico
  44. Cody Hill as Brandon, Thad, and Great Khan Tribal
  45. Kareem B. as Mason
  46. Kavan C. as Bob
  47. PimpMasterBroda as The Prophet of Abstinence and The Holy Gatekeeper
  48. bluemoon654 as Granin Gang Member
  49. Girlypants as Granin Gang Member
  50. Frozenfoe as The Narrator
Team Members
Cellblock Psycho - Team Lead/Creator
Stupid Answer - Created the Title Card
Additional Assets from other Mod Resources
JoOs Modern NCR replacement by JackO - (Wardog Armors)
Xchainsaw by jobra888 and weijiesen - (Kane Chainsaw)
Male Suit For Women by Micalov
ShabbySuits by flamenx01
Weapon Resources by butchcassidy1118, user826, amsoho75gr, xxIsigmaIxx
Wastelander Pack by Shoeburglar
Special Thanks
Suit Yourself - A YouTuber who provided a energetic cameo appearance.
Jason Napier - Provided us with a Sound Studio
Stupid Answer - Created an Intro Card
Tgspy - Support and Cleaning