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Adds NCR Paratroopers.

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Welcome to Part 3 of 3 of my NCR Special Forces series. The grand finale!

With the war with the Legion reaching an all-time high, and casualties mounting in the Mojave, the NCR has decided it was time to mobilize its fledgling air force. With a good few pilots around, and only a slightly larger amount of idle vertibirds captured from the Enclave and Brotherhood, the NCR realized they needed a new type of soldier. A shocktrooper that could drop in out of nowhere and sow chaos from the middle of the battlefield.

Hence, NCR Paratroopers.

Formed from a strict volunteer basis due to the extremely high casualty rate associated with their equally extremely dangerous missions, the NCR Paratroopers are a hard hitting, hard fighting infantrymen that deploy from vertibirds in the middle of shootouts. Trained at the various surviving US air force bases in California, including the one near The Boneyard, these infantrymen have been deployed all over the Mojave to strengthen the various garrisons and aid in assaults.

But these men don't just drop in to defend or attack. Some are deployed to patrol high-risk areas near NCR bases, or even rescue squads that are pinned down by overwhelming hostile forces.

Furthermore, the Paratroopers are afforded nothing but the best armor and weapons in order to improve their odds in the field.

Overall, these are the toughest Special Forces the NCR has to offer.

This mod adds in NCR Paratroopers to various NCR camps and bases past Novac - with a preview group briefly spawning in at the Mojave Outpost (with low level weapons and unplayable equipment :P ) to aid the regular NCR Army in the war effort.  These Paratroopers will, often times, ride in to the area via a Vertibird and deploy once it lands - often times under heavy hostile fire. Other times the paratroopers will have already been deployed long before you arrived. Some will even be deployed during the NCR assault on Nelson, or to patrol Fiend territory, or to even rescue trapped NCR Troopers in Khan territory (hintity-hint-hint).

Most Paratroopers will not respawn upon death, but the Paratroopers that will patrol the Fiend's territory will - as to allow the player to witness dynamic fighting as their game progresses.

Yes. I know. Paratroopers drop from high altitudes. But since no parachutes exist in FNV and any NPC that drops from a far height will die on landing, I had to have the vertibirds land and allow the paratroopers to disembark normally.

If you don't like it, well. OK.

Compatible with pretty much everything. Only a couple vanilla records are altered, and all of them are patchable with Wrye Bash.

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Requires Dead Money, Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Gun Runners Arsenal.

Attention: The textures, while created just for this mod, are licensed as a Modder's Resource! That means you are free to use the textures as you see fit barring commercial gain. Just let me know what you use them for! It'd be exciting to see what's being done!

Armor textures provided by NTM Fallout Productions!

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