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Adds a small settlement to Black Mountain, populated by robots. Ice cream guaranteed.

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Thanks for the hot files guys, you rock!

Hello everybody! This is a very small mod that adds a new open-air settlement, Newline Town, somewhere in the Black Mountain area. Fully voiced and stuff.

The file does not require any DLC, so it should be safe for everybody to use. Still, you should always make a backup save before installing ANY mod, in case something goes wrong.

WARNING: This mod uses Imagespace Modifiers for fade-to-black scenes and some other effects. If you use an ENB these will not work as intended. You've been warned with this warning I just gave you.

== WHAT ==
A new town populated by robots. There aren't any quests related to it, but there are a handful of things to do.

Mostly a merchant outpost, Newline has a doctor, a souvenir store, a weapons merchant, a millinery and a rentable bed, among other things. You can repair your equipment, cook and use a reloading bench as well. No player house is available and will most likely never be.

The place will be in lockdown the first time you get there. Simply activate the intercom outside and things will move on from there.

Enjoy the view through the gate while you enjoy some fresh ice cream and turrets keep those mean deathclaws at bay!

The file has been turned into an ESM to prevent navmesh bugs. As this was just something I made for myself, I WILL NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES. I will not add to it or subtract from it. The mod is offered as-is.

== WHERE ==
Black Mountain. There is a fast-travel map marker available, but you need to visit the place first.

== HOW ==
To install, extract the contents of your downloaded file to your "Steam/SteamApps/Common/Fallout New Vegas/Data" folder. Then activate the mod through your preferred launcher by ticking the checkbox next to the esp. Or you can use your mod manager of choice to download the mod automatically. To uninstall, simply delete the files from your Data folder, and you're good to go. Have fun!

== FAQ ==
- I hate [thing] and [thing] and [thing]! You should have done [thing] and [thing] instead! And while you're at it remove [thing] and [thing] and add [thing] and [thing]! And [thing] is NOT LORE FRIENDLY! FIX THIS!
- This isn't a restaurant. If you don't like something, use the console to disable it, remove it with the GECK or FNVEDIT, or sell it off. In other words...

- Indeed.

- Why is the town called "Newline"?
- Because I wanted to use a programming term, what with the robots and all. Not very clever, I know, but I felt it sounded good.

- Why is the download so freakin' big?! I can't be bothered, it's gonna take me ages!
- There are many, MANY unique assets in the mod that were required to achieve the look I was going for. There's also LOADS of voice files for dialogue, sounds, and the like. In other words...

- Everybody in the town is essential, there are two turrets on the roof to fight them off, and the exterior gate has a script that prevents creatures from opening the door, all of this to keep the deathclaws at bay. This can cause some strange issue where the NPCs try to open the gate and they just flicker in and out of sight. Dunno what's with that and I honestly don't care.

- BOOOOOORING! I was done with everything in like 10 minutes! Add some quests or something!!
- I don't wanna. The mod is an ESM so you're more than welcome to make your own. Make sure to upload only your .esp and required stuff (but none of my assets) and send me a link so I can list it here~

- Stromness' name changed to the wrong one when I started the romance quest! HELP!
- Open the console, select Stromness and enter SetActorFullName xx00D33B. Change xx to the mod's load order number.

- Can I use some of these files on my own mod?
- It depends on what you want to use. If you check the permissions and credits tab you'll see a bunch of things I'm using are already modder's resources, so just look around there. I have exclusive permissions for several resources, though, so check carefully before just picking whatever from my mod. PM me if you're not sure who to credit. I made a bunch of the new meshes, however, and those are fair game. I've uploaded a selection of meshes confirmed to be fair game here.

- I ate a magazine/book/consumable added by the mod and got a misc item labeled "empty". What's with that?
- A few unique consumables will indeed give you an empty copy, mostly for hoarding/decorating purposes. I just love collecting books and hate it when they disappear.

-You are reusing assets from other mods of yours! SHAME ON YOU!! I DEMAND FRESH ASSETS EVERY TIME!!11 
- Make your own, bud. I like some of my stuff enough to use it more than once.

- The voice acting is dreadful! What a bunch of amateurs! Redo the voice roles now!
- I fully stand by my voice actors. If you have a complaint about them and desperately need to PM someone about it, send the complaints to me. Afterwards, please find professional voice actors willing to do all of this for free, re-record everything, do the lip-sync, correct the subtitles if needed, upload it to the Nexus and send me a link so I can check it out and link it here on the mod page. Until then...

- The new textures are too low res and ugly! I cannot stand this!
- I downscaled a lot of textures to help reduce the file size, but when it comes to upscaling textures, I am at a loss because I am no good at texturing, so what you see is what you get. In other words...

- I'm lagging all over the place! Help!
- I tested this mod on a heavily modded setup, on a mid-range gaming laptop. Remember that a big chunk of the mod is out in the open, so the game has to render it all alongside the rest of the game world. Therefore, if you're playing on a coal-powered machine, you will definitively have some performance loss.

- I went looking into the mod and I saw you have a truckload of scripts! I don't like scripted mods! Remove these scripts at once!
- The mod NEEDS scripts to work, you silly goose. If this bothers you, remove some of the scripts with FNVEDIT or the GECK, but don't come crying when the mod breaks. In other words...

- I hate everything being static! I wanna pick things up!
- I don't like knocking things around all the time, and New Vegas has plenty of clutter everywhere already. In other words...

- Is this compatible with [mod]?
- The mod is an .esm, so there should not be any problems with mods you may have that make changes to the area I edited. If you find any conflicts, please let me know so I can list them here.

- How come the mod looks different in my game than your screenshots?
- I am using several retextures in my own game, SweetFX and Grass is always Greener, so results may vary.

- The mod is awful/glitchy/buggy/etc. I am going to uninstall it and I must let everybody know!
- Sad to see you go~

- The mod sucks!
- So does a vaccuum cleaner