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Join a pre-war scientist in his mission to discover the site of a forerunner occupation in the Mojave Wasteland in a questline that will take you to many memorable and meticulously detailed settings.

Permissions and credits
Cabot’s Quest! is a sizeable questline involving the Courier’s assistance in Bostonian scientist John Cabot’s search for evidence of ancient alien civilization in the Mojave Wasteland. Arrived in a prototype time machine from the year 2076, Cabot requires assistance to navigate the hostile new environment, construct a vital instrument, and confront whatever he discovers.

The mod includes a series of rich dungeons filled with unique opponents, subtle stories, and, importantly, no shortage of loot for the enterprising prospector! The traversal of these locations should provide a suitable challenge for players between the levels of 15 and 25. But beyond the scope of combat, players will find a handful of storied characters pursuing their own ambitions and holding their fair share of grudges. The particularly perceptive may even trace the intertwining elements of the mod’s subplots back to their troubling source.

The entirety of the mod should take around 3-5 hours to complete.

Citizen of the United States of America, heed this missive from the office of the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States the Honorable President of the United States of America regarding an essential responsibility to be duly discharged in service of the national security imperatives of the Union. Recognize that the duties presently specified within this missive are classified RESTRICTED.

Travel to the specified coordinates and await the arrival of scientific personnel John Cabot. Ensure his safety and assist him to the greatest of your capabilities.

The United States of America expects and applauds your fulfillment of this obligation.

-The mod contains seven fully-fledged quests.
-The mod adds 3-5 hours of gameplay.
-No expansions or other mods are required for this mod.
-All characters are fully voice-acted (by the mod author).
-Several new weapons and a few new armors are included.
-The difficulty is balanced for characters from level 15-25.
-ENBs may disrupt some effects used.
-It is recommended to keep music on.
-Start the mod by following the instructions above.

Playtesters: anewacc, FlameTheHedgehog (FlameSupernova), GamerRick, SCAR.
And thank everyone for playing and for keeping with the Fallout: New Vegas modding community. This has been a long running project and I’m very happy to finally get it out. Please be sure to report any bugs your run into to improve the product and your and others’ experiences.