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Embark on an adventure south to the town of Lake Havasu City and its surroundings! With over 60 voiced characters, dozens of new locations to explore and a bunch of quests to solve.

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  • Spanish
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- Introduction -

Havasu Blues is an expansion modification for Fallout: New Vegas in two acts. The modification seeks to add about 6-10 hours of content in a brand new worldspace with a bunch of quests and locations. The mod takes place in western Arizona around the area of Lake Havasu City, with the first act being a fairly guided survival experience in an irradiated valley and the second act being more open, revolving around the town of Havasu itself and the surrounding areas.
There are lots of characters to talk to, locations to explore and quests to solve. Come on down to Havasu!


- Requirements -

All DLCs, 4GB Patched game, xNVSE, JIP LN NVSE.
I also recommend the Bugfixing Patch by detra.


- General Info -

Where do I start the mod?
There's a note in the Novac Motel Office starting a quest, or you could go explore the western end of the Searchlight Airport.

How hard is the mod?
The mod is balanced for characters around level 10, and is focused more around exploring rather than combat.

Can I bring a follower?
Not at first, you will be denied followers if you try to start the mod.

Can I go back to the Mojave?
Not during Act 1, when you enter Act 2 (Through the tunnel) There will be an NPC giving you access to travel between the mod and the main game.

Can I add this mod mid playthrough?
Yes, this mod barely changes Mojave areas at all and is completely contained within its own world space.

Will my choices in the mod affect the main game?
No, for convenience reasons all the factions in the mod are separate from the ones in the main game.

Is the mod compatible with X?
Probably yes, unless it heavily modifies the western end of the Searchlight Airport.

I can't find X!
Explore more. Not everything has quest markers.

How do I pronounce Havasu?
To this day, nobody still knows the true pronunciation.

Did I miss anything during my playthrough?
Probably, but I made this Cheat Sheet to help you find the starts to quests and collectibles in the area.


- Credits -

Kungkobra (That's me!) - Did most of the stuff. (Concept, Planning, Level Design, Scripting, Textures, Writing etc etc)
Akarion - VA Director, Writing Assistance, 3D Modeling and Playtesting.

Ricardo Sanchez - Forklift model.
Scouter408 - Converted forklift model.
Skykappa - Fish model.
Unknown Modder - Phone booth model.
Clanfear - Cryolator weapon.
Hopper31 + MadAce - Lit office window model.
NoNoodles - Pew model.
PineappleSurprise - Vehicle models.
Type2Error - Chinese assault rifle model.

Flippo - Playtesting.
Joe - Playtesting.
Trademxrk - Playtesting.

Intro Song: Cowboy Lullaby - JHS Pedals

- Voice Acting Credits -

Ahrcéus - Gustavo.
Alex Dewhurst - Jimmy + Passport Checker.
Alex Orr - Bounty Hunter Leader.
Ann Messier - Ariella Cain.
aTinyHorse - Mystery Man.
BananaPegasus - NCR Camp Guard + NCR Scout + Militia Officer.
Bishop - Core + Hotel Bartender.
Bovin Phann - NCR Medic + Angry Mercenary.
Brandon Finney - Gwenda.
Brayden ten Brink a.k.a "TenWise" - Tod Robertson + Colbert + Ambassador Redford.
Briggs308 - Pierce Clemons + NCR Deserter.
Caitlin - Isabella.
CasualSpeedrun - Supply Officer Edwin.
Charles Ford - Lionel.
Debug - Captain Smith + Clubber + Mervin.
DizzyDummyBoy - Patrick.
ElPascal - Speaker Din.
Forrest Lee - Major Delgado + Johnny + Frozen Man.
Henry Martin - Rally.
Henry Schultz - Paul + Dylan.
Jabo - Evil Voice.
Jack Muller - Legion Guard.
James Oden - Twitch + Big Bradley.
Joeschmo - Cory.
Justin A. - Jacky + The Fun Guy.
Katy Webb - Yuuko + Celeste Ashley.
Laston - Terry + Male Legion Slave.
Linnnnn - Regina Cabrera.
Patrick Jaxxis Conway - Julian Mendez.
Pazure - Horace.
Pieecuu - Depressed NCR Trooper.
RiceGuy - Primus Exenterius.
Richard Gibson - Nigel + The Mayor.
Tammy - Hannah.
The Backburner - Tom Groose.
Tomatoanus - Wolfgang.
Trademxrk - Bounty Hunter + Travelling Merchant.
Triangle City - Comm Officer Frost.
Tunnelfox - Quartermaster Falmont.
Umi Fusion - Rose.
Vivivacious - Miss Rocket + Bank Teller.


This my first endeavor to make a New Vegas mod, from having played countless of them beforehand, and after spending a year from 0 GECK knowledge it turned out like this. A lot of ambition had to be cut down to realistically make it be able to released, since this was mostly a solo effort. I would like to thank Akarion especially for being my friend and trashgarbage666 for helping me understand scripting. Hopefully you'll have fun playing and won't encounter any major bugs!