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Pursue high-risk bounties across the Mojave Wasteland in this fully-voiced adventure mod.

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"New Vegas Bounties I" is the first installment in a planned series for Fallout: New Vegas. Upon initiating the quest, you'll be tasked with tracking down the most malevolent and vile assortment of outlaws in the Mojave Wasteland.

Your targets will include rogue rangers, fiends, raiders, drug smugglers, cannibals, and pistoleros, to name a few. Your opponents are all designed to be boss-caliber, akin to the fiends in "Three-Card Bounty", and become gradually more difficult as you progress.

At its core, New Vegas Bounties is an action mod; extreme violence and profanity are ubiquitous. In lieu of mind-boggling puzzles or "go collect x or y resource"-type quests, you will be confronted with dangerous opponents who are designed to frustrate and kill you. You will be harried, ambushed, outnumbered, and outgunned. This is the path of a bounty hunter - take it or leave it.

It includes 436 lines of fully-voiced dialogue (as of version 1.2). I will continue to polish the lip-syncing in future updates, as it is a time-consuming process (and I've gained new respect for voiced mods!).

If you love it, hate, or are just indifferent, please post comments. My mods live and die by users who provide feedback!

This is an ongoing project, and I will adjust difficulty and rewards based on player feedback. Currently the mod will grant the player an addition perk for increased DT upon completion. (+ 2% DT)

As of version 1.2, the mod includes the [Taunt] speech option in confrontations with the final boss; when this is selected it will dramatically enhance the difficulty of the fight.

- I try to ensure that my mods are as low-impact/conflict as possible. Besides a handful of remote bunkers and a shack, this mod only consists of NPC's, so it should be conflict-free. Please let me know if anything arises.

Voice Acting: Version 1.5+ introduces an expanded, much-improved voice acting cast:
- Alex: IronsGrasp
- Chesty: IronsGrasp
- Chuck Bowdrie: Sirropoo
- Cullen: PitchPerfect
- Dallas Courtright: Zaf
- Fred: Zaf
- Jack: Ben Britton (The_Yellow_Dart)
- Jasper: Sirropoo
- Javier Sugar: PitchPerfect
- Generic guard:
- Luke McCaffery: Zaf
- Mago: PitchPerfect
- Ricky: PitchPerfect
- Rowdy Dalton: PitchPerfect
- The Judge: MartinPurvis

DavidRiggs: for letting me use his terrific pistol from FO3, "Sweet Revenge"

Sebazz: Fixing the Iron Sights for "Sweet Revenge"

Brigand231: Leveled Lists Fix (v1.5)

Gopher: Iron Sights FOV fix

The Community: BadPenney and other pros on the forums have been a huge help (whether they realize it or not) by posting guides and tutorials for amateurs like me. Thanks!

You: Yes, you, the player who downloads and evaluates this mod. I depend on you to excoriate any failings and praise the successes. Thank you for playing New Vegas Bounties!

Extract the files from the Archive into your New Vegas data folder. This mod requires the Someguyseries.esm.

Please reference the readme if you encounter any bugs or have questions. If the readme/FAQ doesn't help, PM me.

Starting the Quest:
Just activate the plugin in your mod manager or data files, load your savegame, and a message will appear and initiate the quest.

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Version 1.1: Corrects scripting issue in Fields' Shack

Version 1.1 Update:
- Removes the essential tag for Randall
- Quest fails if you kill Randall
- Fred's unarmed skill and HP are boosted
- Hunter's toughness is unplayable, and is now a 2% DT boost
- The quest script stops running upon completion
- Should fix the bugs with the "Now Hiring!" And "Quantrill's Notes" bugs
- Quigley's perception boosted
- Radio added to shack
- Stage issues at Fred's cave resolved

Version 1.1 Update 2:
- Fixes issues with texture paths for meshes
- Removes Coyote's speech check bug

Version 1.2:
- More dialogue choices (with a total of 436 lines of dialogue now)
- More AV/Perk checks
- An optional [Taunt] Speech option that increases the difficulty of the final boss (It's no joke - consider yourself warned)
- More written content, including written copies of each bounty (in case you're not paying attention to Randall's speech - some of you requested this)
- All the audio is revamped and balanced for quality (it's not perfect, but it's definitely an improvement)
- Tony's second line voiced (along with all other dialogue)
- All AV/Perk checks are corrected
- Iron Sights on "Sweet Revenge" are working now (Thanks to Sebazz)
- A few other fixes

Version 1.2 Update 1:
- Not as many "Equalizers"
- Fingers only in the target's inventory upon death
- Payment is included for Bounty #7
- A few extra Notes and Teasers

Version 1.2 Update 2:
- *Finally* adds a map marker for the shack (due to popular demand)
- Jack no longer sits there with his thumb up his ass; he's a veritable killer now.
- Corrects a few grammatical mistakes

Version 1.3:
- More targets are scaled
- Weapons and armor re-balanced
- Wider use of "MarkforDelete" to prevent saved game bloat
- Added unique textures for the Ferguson Rifle and the Archon

Version 1.5:
- Most of the NPC's have been re-voiced
- Moderate re-balancing for certain items and NPC's
- Overhaul of scripting to enhance cleanup and performance
- NVBI now requires the someguyseries.esm
- Weapons have been added to the appropriate leveled lists

Version 1.51:
- Randall's VO re-recorded for sound quality
- Several grammatical errors corrected

Version 1.52:
- The Judge is now fully-voiced, thanks to MartinPurvis!
- Most rewards have been decreased
- All minor characters have been re-voiced in the interest of audio quality

Version 1.53:
- Tied the plugin to the someguyseries.esm version 2.0
- Sweet Revenge is now scripted so that it is "sensed" by other mods

Version 1.54:
- Adjusted Sweet Revenge's FOV based on Gopher's recommendation

Version 1.55+ will be included in the Nexus change log, on the top right.

The Sequel:
- Continue the adventure in New Vegas Bounties II. A link is provided under the "Mirrors" tab.

- The mod is compatible with companions in a technical sense, but I recommend leaving them at home in the interests of balance and difficulty (the final fight notwithstanding).

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. To make a donation, just navigate to the "Donate" tab at my website. There is a link in the "mirrors" tab above. Thank you!

Please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns. I'm very open to ideas for future chapters in this series.
I am known to give out kudos to those who correctly identify historic and/or popular fictional references.