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Dislike seeing faces being eaten by mold spawned from a cosmic horror? A lot of characters (usually with darker skin) are affected by an unsightly green tint, though it can affect characters with lighter skin as well. This mod gets rid of those tints. Mostly, hence the not very catchy title.

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The faces in Fallout 3 and New Vegas may be ugly, and well, they're still ugly, but now they're ugly with less green and other assorted colors! It usually looks better, I promise. First, credit to this thread over at the TTW forums for the information about EGT files.

Why not use the files linked in that thread? It comes down to a matter of opinion, but the edited EGT files provided there end up loosing too much of the detail present in the original textures. It doesn't look bad, but a little too bare for my taste. With my EGT edits, I tried to take a middle ground between the ugly colors and detail. The downside is not all of the ugliness is corrected, but it is much better than it was originally.

The files included in the download cover the vanilla game plus the DLCs, with basegame faces (no mods). And if you're on TTW, the same applies. If you want the changes to apply to NPCs with faces edited by mods, or new NPCs entirely, you'll need to download the optional file with the EGTs and generate facegen in the GECK.

If you're using New Vegas Redesigned 2 Revised by Qolore, there's a "patch" (really, just regenerated facegens) that you can use, no GECK required.

The main download includes a dummy ESP to load the BSA with the textures. You can extract the BSA and delete the ESP if you'd like, at the expense of load times, unless you have a fast enough PC in which the difference might be unnoticeable. 

Note on TTW: The file should still work when 3.3 releases, though I will update if necessary. 

The optional file is my edited EGTs for use with the GECK.