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Welcome to Part 2 of 3 of my NCR Special Forces series.

With the war with the Legion reaching an all-time high, and casualties mounting in the Mojave, the NCR has decided to act with drastic measures. Recruits aren't exactly lining up, and the conscription efforts in the home states are drumming up civil discontent in cities such as Arroyo and Vault City - after all, not many support the continued campaign in the Mojave. As such, a penal division of the NCR Army has been established: NCR Marines.

Formed from raiders, the imprisoned children of Enclave Remnants, deserters who were caught but spared execution, captured Brotherhood Paladins, Knights, and Scribes, civil servants who were arrested for various thing such as scandals, corruption, and cowardice, and the more agreeable of inmates from the various NCR Correctional Facilities, the NCR Marines are a division of infantry under the branch of the NCR Army.

A penal division, the soldiers involved are often sent on suicide missions, such as garrisoning Camp Forlorn Hope, protecting Sloan, and forming a barricade of bodies between the Fiends and Camp McCarran. They are not expected to survive, but if they do, they have been promised both amnesty and freedom. A real far cry from the pre-war United States Marine Corps.

This mod adds in NCR Marines to various NCR camps, bases, and important locales such as Sloan and the 188 Trading Post. Their roles within the NCR's military are to act as guards for areas that are low on the NCR Army's agenda and act as canon fodder for attacks and garrisons. They aren't good at much else, as a result, but to avoid a potential PR scandal for sending prisoners into battle practically against their will, the NCR has equipped them with heavy and damaging armaments such as Marksmen Carbines, Incinerators, Assault Carbines, and even rarely Missile Launchers. However, penal soldiers don't often make the best soldiers - especially when they are fighting against their will.

With that in mind, NCR Marines are not the bravest nor the most loyal of the NCR Army. Often fleeing from battle once the tides begin to turn. To counteract desertion, every Marine is under the command of a Commandant, and every region has their own Commandant.

NCR Marines will begin to spawn from Primm and Sloan onwards, but their location determines their equipment. No Marine in the Goodsprings/Primm area will be equipped with anything better than a Single Shotgun or a 10mm Pistol, any Marine from the Mojave Outpost and onwards will be not be equipped with anything better than a Hunting Rifle or Grenade Launcher. The best equipped Marines will only appear at Hoover Dam.

In addendum, if you wish to sow desertion and weaken NCR Garrisons, then it might be of importance to locate and assassinate the various NCR Commandants. By killing them, the Marines in their region will desert/be transferred to other areas, effectively eliminating completely the Marine presence in those regions. The only regions you cannot remove Marine presence from is Hoover Dam and Searchlight, with the former's Commandant being located within Oliver's Compound and the latter's commandant being a ghoul - the surviving Marines there can't go anywhere since they are under constant watch by the surviving, law abiding Troopers.

Compatible with pretty much everything. Only a couple vanilla records are altered, and all of them are patchable with Wrye Bash.

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Requires Honest Hearts, Lonesome Road, Classic Pack, Gun Runners Arsenal.

Attention: The textures, while created just for this mod, are licensed as a Modder's Resource! That means you are free to use the textures as you see fit barring commercial gain. Just let me know what you use them for! It'd be exciting to see what's being done!

Armor textures provided by NTM Fallout Productions!

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