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A mod for a mod enhancing your experience with the criminally overlooked Zion Trail by Hwiccian! Adds music, foliage, ambience, and much, much more!

Permissions and credits
Initially starting with my mod to add music to the worldspace of Hwiccian's Zion Trail, it has now evolved into a light overhaul enhancing many aspects I felt could be added to!

This mod makes a number of changes all directed towards filling-out some of the more "empty" feeling aspects of the otherwise mastercrafted mod. While my initial idea was to add music, I have expanded it to the point that I feel justified releasing this as a whole new mod rather than just updating my original "Music for Zion Trail" mod, which I may set to hidden soon.

With this mod you can expect
-Music in several locations and setpieces of course, with more than the original "Music for Zion Trail" mod.
-A LOT of new handplaced bits of vegetation and rocks to flesh out the rather empty roadsides. This added flora makes the experience of moving through the map much better.
-A few more handplaced wildlife encounters to spice up some empty ares, none too crazy.
-Experimental use of the ambient noise concepts found in TheKetzku's ATMOS Ambient Sound Overhaul, including metal creaking, flourescent lights, bangs and echos, etc. This ambient noise mod looks very promising and I hope to see it come to New Vegas!

Just install and allow this mod's edited ZionTrail-NV.esp to overwrite the original Zion Trail version. If you already have vurt's WFO either allow this mod to overwrite it or not, either way you should have the assets you need.

This requires the original Zion Trail obviously, just install this one over the OG.

Please use with the Honest Hearts Trees and Plants Replacer located under Wasteland Flora Overhaul!

If you think that this looks TOO lush for fallout please consider that in the screenshots I am also running Vurt's Wasteland in Bloom, which has a big effect. If you do not use that mod the grass will not be as prominent.

Assets used
TheKetzku - ATMOS Ambient Sound Overhaul - Assets used with permission
vurt and Momo77- Wasteland Flora and Terrain Overhaul - Assets used with permission
Yossarian22, Siegfried, Disturbed742, Illiana, and Jakhajay  - Tree Pack - Modder's Resource and Various Meshes Resource - Modder's Resource
cambragol - Vault 24 - Modder's Resource
RageBear1984 - Poster Expansion Pack - Assets used with permission.
EdgeUK90 for permission to use the cars from his additional scrap cars mod
TrickyVein for Dry Canyon and San Fran - Modder's resource

All assets used in this mod were obtained with permission, from modders resources, or availabile under creative commons.

Credit to these amazing artists whose music I used. 

Mark Morgan - Original Fallout 1 and 2 soundtrack, already present in game's files and free to use for fallout mods
SurfSolar/Frank Schimski - Creator of Mark Morgan inspired fallout-esque music, in this post on NMA he allowed all his music to be used in fallout mods under creative commons
Bensound - royalty free music creator
Kevin MacLeod - royalty free music creator
Nobody's Nail Machine -  Music used with permission

Proof of Permission

Hwiccian - https://imgur.com/a/ucEcHJk 
TheKetzku - https://imgur.com/a/GdXj1VX
Vurt - https://imgur.com/a/SLt37Es
Nobody's Nail Machine - https://imgur.com/a/LdWdmxx
RageBear - https://imgur.com/a/FVYLGfw
TheFrontier Team (cobwebs and Vehicles) - https://imgur.com/a/3cmvCmY and https://imgur.com/a/h1xBN7E
asXas - https://imgur.com/a/ygueFND