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An exciting quest mod featuring the much loved (and hated) caravan game! Hop into a fully voiced adventure that pits you against 5 unique opponents in a battle of the wits.

Permissions and credits

If you think you have what it takes, participate in an exciting caravan tournament and compete against 5 unique opponents! Including different outcomes for winning, losing, and surrendering, there is 1-2 hour’s worth of content on offer, depending on your caravan skills. The opponents all have their own decks and strategies and prove to be quite a challenge even to the most experienced caravaneers. Alongside the prize pool of 20,000 caps and a special mystery item, there are many new unique caravan cards to collect, alongside a perk for collecting them all. Winning the tournament also grants you huge bragging rights and the completely superficial title of caravan master.

***These 2 things are very important; Don’t push Cas from her position, and do not quicksave while in the chair in the arena!!! You will most likely get softlocked or break something if you do either.***



How do I start this mod?
Listen to the Crimson Caravan radio and follow the instructions, or just go to the Crimson Caravan.

How do I play caravan?
There are plenty of guides out there on how to play, I would highly recommend going to watch those instead of using Ringo's guide as it is terrible. There is actually an alright caravan explanation in-game however. It can be found when you press ESC and find a cool little button called “Help”, where you can cycle through all the tips until you reach the panels that describe caravan. Or here is my scuffed tutorial:

I learned how to play caravan and the mod is still hard! What do?
It is supposed to be a little challenging, especially from the 3rd match onwards :) However to give actual advice, pick up all the cards you see in the mod, adapt and learn from your opponents.

Do you have a handy dandy collectibles guide?
Why yes I do; https://imgur.com/a/lkegM5n

Why is the FPS in the main hall not a stable 60?
It’s a known issue, just simply due to the volume of NPCs and assets in that interior. I’ve already cut it back a lot, so this is most likely the final version, I apologize for any inconvenience. 

Why is the prize 20,000 caps, that's way too much for me!

Install the optional file that gives a lower reward of 5,000 caps if you want to. Recommended for people who have economy mods or like having less money.

Why does the file say it’s a .esp but my mod manager says it’s an .esm?!

It is supposed to be an .esm, and it actually is, I don’t know why the file doesn’t reflect that. Also please do not try to change it since that will most likely break something.

Is this compatible with X mod?
This mod should be compatible with basically everything. If you find an incompatibility, please tell me in the comments. Same goes for any feedback, I would love to hear it! If something is found out to be incompatible, you’ll be able to find it below.


Classic Adobe Buildings in Mojave (Patch included in optional files)
Mojave Open



A basic understanding of how to play caravan, or a willingness to learn it.
A way to fix the mismatched skin tones bug (optional).
Don't be disliked by the NCR.
All non-preorder DLC.
My Core ESM.



VA Credits

Brayden ten Brink a.k.a "TenWise" - Joe
BananaPegasus - Ben
Joe Usher - Robert Hoves
Caitlin - Mary Darrington
Forrest Lee - Steve Kaczynski
Forrest Lee - The Announcer
Richard Gibson - Old Kober
TTS US English; Kendra - Cas

Special thanks to:
Radioactiv03 for helping me learn the GECK + scripting, as well as writing some scripts.
Kungkobra for making Cas’ texture, the cardboard models, and a lot of feedback.
TheIncredibleKraken for converting all the voice files to a more efficient file type.

Linnnnn for help with VA casting and general support during the casting process.
TrashGarbage666 for helping with a huge amount of GECK shenanigans.
Flippo, Scouter408, and everyone in my discord for feedback and playtesting.
G1996R for making the "Classic Adobe Buildings in Mojave" patch.

FalconNL for the custom cards rear texture.